10 Best Massage in Bali Legian

Enjoying relaxation and refreshment in a spa or massage is certainly a fun thing to do among the busy day-to-day busy. In the island of Bali there are various kinds of traditional spa and massage spots that you can enjoy. Enjoying the service of spa services would require a spa place that supports and the […]

10 Traditional Spa in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a city famous for its traditional Javanese tradition. If you visit this city, you will always find something unique related to Java, traditional herbs, or traditional food. Traveling around Yogyakarta will make you a little tired because the weather in Yogya is a bit hot and polluting. Every now and then, you also […]

10 Great Effects of Balinese Massage

Massage is a healing technique by pressing and massaging pain points such as muscles, joints and nerves. Massage is also an attempt to restore fitness, due to exhaustion, stress or accelerate recovery after hospitalization in the hospital. Massage is part of traditional healing methods that are classified as ancient. This method is trusted since the […]

9 Popular Types of Massages in Indonesia

The human lifestyle becomes more complex day by day, the increasing productivity nowadays has contributed to the emergence of various diseases. As we know that consuming medicine too much for a long time is not good for health because medicine contains chemicals particles. Luckily there are one method which is not endangering people which is […]

8 Massage Etiquette in Bali You Must Know

Bali is a place with heterogeneous inhabitant. Many foreigners decide to stay permanently in Bali because its beautiful nature. Although there are a lot of new comers in Bali, the culture of Bali will never fade. It is because the traditional culture is like the soul of Bali. It could not be separated from Bali. […]