8 Massage Etiquette in Bali You Must Know

Bali is a place with heterogeneous inhabitant. Many foreigners decide to stay permanently in Bali because its beautiful nature. Although there are a lot of new comers in Bali, the culture of Bali will never fade. It is because the traditional culture is like the soul of Bali. It could not be separated from Bali. When you visit Bali, you don’t need to blend to the culture, you just need to follow the rule as the authorization in Bali.

Once you arrive in the exit door in airport of Bali, you would find many girls wear traditional clothing offering the massage service. While you are interested to have a massage in Bali, make sure you have to follow these following etiquette.

  1. Booking a massage

When booking a massage in professional massage service provider in Bali, you should do a reservation first, especially on weekend or holiday. All of the therapists are probably busy.

While you don’t have time to take any reservation, you should be patiently waiting because they must take at least thirty minutes to prepare a massage. It would be better for you not to contact the therapist privately. You should contact to the customer service of a massage professional service provider.

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  1. The etiquette toward the therapist

When you feel comfy to the therapist you have ever used before, you could request the same therapist for next. Tell to the therapist whether you want to be massaged strongly or weakly. The therapist would be pleasure to follow your request.

Don’t forget to tell to the therapist if you have bruises or injury on the part of your body. Tell the therapist if her massage is too strong or too weak. Don’t bear any pain if you feel uncomfortable with their massage. For a massage service provider, the satisfaction of the customer is important. The good communication would give you a satisfaction.

If the therapist does not service properly, you could ask to stop the massage. Then, contact the customer service.

  1. Tell your health condition before doing a massage

It is important for you to tell your health condition before doing a massage. While booking a massage, don’t forget to say the detail of your health condition. As the example, you don’t want be massaged on your tummy because you still have period. Or you have the lung disease, so your chest must not be massaged.

There have been many cases of the death people after being massaged. It is because the customer did not tell the health condition in detail. So, it would better or you to avoid this case happen.

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  1. Choosing the underwear for the massage

For the man, it would be better if you use the short pants while having a massage. While for women, you should take off your bra, so it would not disturb the massage service. The therapist will cover your body with a thin blanket. They would just open your part of body that will be massaged.

Don’t be totally naked, unless the therapist will not massage you as you considered as impolite. Prepare another under wear, as if it would be dirty while being massage.

  1. Don’t try to ask a sensual massage to professional therapist in Bali

Almost of massage service provider in Bali will not allow you to request a sensual massage. It is because Bali has a culture which strongly struggle their polite value. You may not request a sensual massage unless you will be judged as impolite.

If you do it so, the therapist will stop the service and explain that it is not the part of her job. In the end, the therapist would ask a full payment and you will be black listed from their costumer.

  1. Don’t be angry while your body is not well recovered

When you find your body is still not being well after having a massage, don’t be directly angry to them. Massage could not cover up your tiring instantly. You need to do it routinely. Don’t blame the therapist and make it as their fault. To get the maximum result, you should have your body massage continuously.

It is not good for you to give them bad judgment about their service. You should have a consultation to them about what you should do next or what you should do after that.

  1. Keep your belongings in a security box

To avoid the stress and worried feeling of your precious stuff, you should keep them safe in a security box if it is available. Don’t bring all of yours stuffs in the massage room since it should be tidy and clean.

If there is no security box, you could put it into cloakroom with a key. Don’t put your precious stuff carelessly. The theft is possibly happened everywhere. That is why you should be careful of your belongings when you visit massage service provider.

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  1. Order a therapist to your hotel/resort

Ordering a therapist to go to your place will be quite efficient. You don’t need to go anywhere and the therapist will come. It is so practice.

While you want the therapist to go to your place, make sure to make a reservation before. It is because they will need more time for preparation and travel to your place. Don’t give any complain if it needs a long time for them to arrive. While you have a massage at your hotel or resort, don’t act impolitely to the therapist, unless he or she will stop their service.

Those are the eight massage etiquette in Bali. Almost the massage in Bali is done in a closed area. It is because having massage in outdoor seems impolite for Balinese. You should understand that Bali is a place with a lot of polite values. That is why there is much etiquette that you must obey. Feel free to read How to be Safe in Bali for further information