9 Popular Types of Massages in Indonesia

The human lifestyle becomes more complex day by day, the increasing productivity nowadays has contributed to the emergence of various diseases. As we know that consuming medicine too much for a long time is not good for health because medicine contains chemicals particles. Luckily there are one method which is not endangering people which is massage.

There are some advantages in massage such as: 1) it is cheap, 2) reliable as a treatment to overcome various diseases, and 3) there are no side effect from massage like chemical medicine. The massaging techniques are also varied, here are some types of massage in Indonesia.

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1. Indonesian Massage Therapy 

This massage therapy method is beneficial to heal, revitalize, calming, and soothe the human body.

The method itself is brought by Buddhist monks and the local people improved this massage type by adding herbal medicines, inspired by the ancient Chinese. Some diseases that can be heal by this massage technique such as sore stiff muscles, headache, and even stress-reliever.

The massage can be blend with coconut oil which is used to release toxins, relieve tension, and improves blood circulation.

In conclusion, you will not only find that this massage is therapeutic but also corrective because it can soothe the stiff muscles as well as some abdominal problems such as constipation, indigestion, bloating, heartburn, etc. You can find this traditional massage in village. If you went on vacation to Bali and want to have massage in Bali, please read this first Massage Etiquette in Bali You Must Know

2. Reflexology Massage

Different with Indonesian massage, Chinese has a massage technique called reflexology. Reflexology emphasis on the strong pressing towards certain neutral points, it can be done with several techniques, such as : plastic, empty hand, wood, full blooded needle, or rubber.

In order to do reflexology massage, the therapists should have to master the human’s nerve point which is located around the feet soles and palms. This reflexology massage can cure heart disease, digestion, or as the relaxation for fatigue and stress.

3. Shiatsu Massage

This massage comes from Japan, shiatsu itself derives from Japanese language which means finger pressure.

The technique of shiatsu massage is almost similar with reflexology. The person who massages someone is directly pressing to the particular human nerve point. However the media used in shiatsu is different with reflexology, shiatsu use fingers or hand palm meanwhile reflexology use some equipment.

The shiatsu massage experts should obtain enough knowledge and should be aware of human nervous system. The advantage itself is to repair the organ disorder such as leg or hand sprain, aches, bent bone, etc. Besides, shiatsu can also cure back bone aches, headache, over anxiety, lessen insomnia, re-energize tired body, relieve stress, and relieve depression.

4. Hot Stone Massage

Named after hot stone massage because it use heated volcanic rock as massaging media, the hot stone is shaped round, flat and smooth. This technique was used since ancient time in Indian Arizona, United States.

The stone itself is going through heating process and it is not directly placed in human body. The stone needs to be cooled down for about 10 minutes until the stone temperature is getting warm.

The stone can be placed on the shoulders, back, and waist. The purpose of the stone placing is to dilate the blood vessels so the blood will flow smoothly. Another benefit from this hot stone massage is for detoxification, it can help to remove toxins in human body. In order to make the stone works, the therapists press the stone on the human body. This massage technique will helps your mind to be fresh again and will clean your body from toxic.

5. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is also popular in Indonesia, this technique contains less pressure, not too hard, and tend to be soft. This massage is introduced by Per Henrik Ling in the early 19th century and it still exists until now, it is well-known not only in Indonesia but also European countries.

The massage technique is emphasized on hand palm which gives pressure on the muscle and bones.

This massage is usually done with the help of electric media. Countries which use Dutch language known this massage as ‘Swedish Massage’ and the rest countries use the term ‘Classic Massage’. This massage has so many benefits like to make every part of human body relaxed, detoxification, improving the joints flexibility, relieving stress by decreasing the number of cortisol hormones, healing wound, improving blood circulation, and lessen the human dependency towards pain killer medicines.

6. French Massage

When heard about French, we cannot help it but thinking about French girls which has proportional body.

Evidently, one of the secrets of their beauty is this massage type. French massage has the ability to maintain body shape and to radiate the beauty aura. This technique using aromatherapy candles as the main secret weapon.

In addition, French massage also use essential oils and cream scrub which is essential to be functioned as a fat lever in the body. This massage also cleanses the dead skin cells and can help you to relax your mind. Many sayings stated that a calm mind combine with an inner beauty can influence the aura of the beauty. Read also about Indonesian Lifestyle


  • Bekam Massage / Cupping : This massage has a characteristic, it will leave black marks on the patient’s body. This massage was existing since ancient Egyptian era. Its development has been expanded to Asian mainland and Europe. This massage style is functioned to remove dirty blood from human body without requiring medical equipment. Dirty blood will appear out of the skin surface with a blackish color, and then that dirty blood will be accommodated in the glass. Since the dirty blood is released, it can makes the body healthy again and this method is good for illness prevention.
  • Thai Massage : Thailand massage is no less interesting compared to others. It is relying on the body’s energy, your body will be pulled gently until your muscles are stretched, In order to make the muscle flexibility becomes maximal, the therapist use his/her foot. This massage type is very beneficial for relaxation and to keep the couple’s harmony.
  • Hawaiian  Massage : This technique is kinda hard, your body part will be pressed hardly by the therapist. The therapist is using his/her elbow and will be pressed firmly to human body in order to relieve pain of tiredness after finishing your works.

Massage can help to cure various physical illness, a right massage treatment can overcome various health problems. Not only that, massage will also helps you to relieve pain, stress, and depression. Moreover in some cases, massage can help those who have insomnia and has trouble in sleeping.