Underrated Cities in Indonesia Which Have Paradise – The Best 13

Indonesia is indeed a large country. It has more cities than Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, or the other neighbor countries. All of them are inhabited with people of different races, religions, and culture. Some of you may know the famous ones like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, or any other top spots of the provinces. Read also: Regulation […]

The 15 Wonderful Attractions in Bali for Adventurer

So, in the previous articles, we already told you about some tips to travel to Indonesia, like the traveling tips when you exploring the country during the rainy season, the places you must visit and Jakarta, and many more. Now we want to take you back to Bali island to visit other wonderful places there. […]

List of 17 Natural Things in Bali Indonesia

If you’re a worker, looking for money by working for someone, of course, you are very familiar with stress. Yes, this little thing can lead anybody to bad things, even death. Treating your stress level is very important because, with the level carefully maintained at a tolerable level, you can work and live more happily. […]

The 15 Natural Wonders in Bali Indonesia

Prepare yourself, the end of the year is near. In the time like this, people are scheduling their activities, fulfilling all their jobs to finally be able to enjoy the sweet free days on the New Year. Usually, the holiday starts from Christmas to the last day of December, which is a week or so […]