Underrated Cities in Indonesia Which Have Paradise – The Best 13

Indonesia is indeed a large country. It has more cities than Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, or the other neighbor countries. All of them are inhabited with people of different races, religions, and culture. Some of you may know the famous ones like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, or any other top spots of the provinces.

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But this time is different. You know, surely not all cities in Indonesia are bad. Some even have the hidden pearls that none of them has. Even though those cities are infamous, the “hidden secrets” that they have may interest some people around this globe. And this one is the list of underrated cities in Indonesia which have paradise. So let’s just dive in to the first city.

1 – Bukittinggi

The first one on our list is this city called Bukittinggi. This city is still included inside West Sumatra island. Even though not so many people know about this place, especially the foreigners, but who knows that it can be the most beautiful one in the province. The city looks like Jakarta, with so many people live around there.

Even though highly populated, the city management is still capable to making the city looks so cool and comfy. But, most people are coming to Bukittinggi for hunting the natural view. The most known ones are the gorges. There’s one called Sianok Canyon, which is said to be only second best to Grand Canyon.

2 – Mataram

The eastern part of Indonesia is always a good part if you’re looking for the best place to do watersports. There’s a city called Mataram. The city is not only known by its interesting history, but the natural attractions are greatly supporting it to be the best city for enjoying water sports besides the famous Bali island.

The ocean water is really clean and clear, colored with the eye-catching corals that inviting everyone to swim. The city which is also the heart of Lombok island is included inside the top 10 cities in Indonesia that have the most beautiful sea ecosystem. Until know, it’s the competitor of Bali island.

3 – Ambon

Next one on the list of underrated cities in Indonesia which have paradise is Ambon. Ambon is the city in eastern Indonesia. It’s actually one of many famous cities in Indonesia, even though not that many people are visiting it in real life. The city is the birth place of famous hero of Indonesia, Captain Pattimura.

It indeed has a very interesting history, especially the history about colonialism in Indonesia and the struggle for independence. Aside from that, Ambon city is the most advanced city in the area of eastern Indonesia.

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4 – Padang

Now we move to the west side of Indonesia again to see a city named Padang. Padang is surely can be the best option to look for the natural attractions. The city is capital of West Sumatra province. It’s mainly known for its traditional culture in the forms of Gadang Traditional House and foods.

But, there’s one thing that usually missed here. Padang is actually having an island, the small one that looks seemingly familiar to Bali island. It has the most aspects of Bali, including the exotic and hidden beaches.

5 – Jayapura

Jayapura, a beautiful capital city of Papua that became one the most beautiful cities in the country. Maybe you’re wondering now, why this city is said to be the beautiful one? Well, the reason is because it’s really natural, even today. Most areas in the city are stil covered in green forests.

And those forests are inhabite by the tribe, some tribes. They still live in their own unique way of life that you can’t even copy. But usually they are friendly enough to meet new people, especially the foreign tourists.

6 – Manado

As said on the previous paragraphs, the eastern side of this country is known for the natural attractions. In fact, all the Indonesian “gems” are found there. And still, there are so many of them, waiting to be uncovered. However, there’s also a city in there called Manado. Like many other areas in East Indonesia, Manado also ready to spoil the tourists with the wonderful underwater attractions.

The view of marine parks in Manado is one of a kind. You know, there’s a location called Bunaken, which is the famous marine park in Indonesia. It’s still having more and more tourists today, including the foreign ones.

7 – Solo

Now, we’re entering the Java island to meet some of the best cities that we included on our list, including this one, Solo. The city of Solo is the one city of many located in the province of Central Java. It’s located not far from Yogyakarta city, which is more populated than this city. But, Solo has its own shining beauty.

People are interested to visit Solo to try the true “Spirit of Java”. Yes, the city is the best one if you want to learn all about Javanese culture. Their culture is still so thick, even today. The city is also known to be the historical city.

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8 – Bogor

Bogor, the city of rain. A city where everyone feels much better because of its cozy weather, thanks to its strategic location on higher lands. This city is in the province of West Java, located near to Jakarta. Even though the location is near, but the hotness of Jakarta city thankfully doesn’t reach Bogor.

Most of the famous locations from Bogor city are the hills. People even built some business on there, like the forest cafes and restaurants, serving the best foods with the best view for the customers. For you who have visited Puncak, you can find some there.

9 – Bolango

Now, for the next one in underrated cities in Indonesia which have paradise we’re gonna mentione some locations which may not very familiar in our ears, even for Indonesians. Starting from this one, a city called Bolango. It’s located inside the Gorontalo province. It’s the result of Gorontalo expansion back in 2003.

For now, it has about four different districts that famous for the underwater potential. All of them are catching the eyes of many people, nationally and internationally. Some even prepared a special schedule for visiting all those interesting locations like Botutonuo beach, Olele Marine Park, and the others.

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10 – Bengkayang

Are you familiar with the title Lalaland? In Indonesia, you can find a place with the same name, Lala city in the province of West Kalimantan. Even though it was named Lala, but many people in that region are familiar with its secondary name, which is Bengkayang. And if you live nearby, this location should be visited.

The reason behind each visit to Bengkayang area is because the natural landscape in here is one of a kind. You can see the waterfalls in their glorious and magnificent forms. Plus, because the area is not that famous yet, the condition of each attraction in Bengkayang is mostly good.

11 – Tapin

Still in Kalimantan or Borneo island, we want to take you to the south side of the island to a province called South Kalimantan. Aside from all the cities that located in that very province that mostly notable, there’s one hidden city, unfamiliar and mysterious city called Tapin. For anyone who seeking the true natural heaven, this is the place.

If you happen to arrive at the exact city, you can see all your surroundings are actually the greatest natural attraction spots on earth. From the waterfall up to the earth panorama, forming a mountain-like hill that surely catching all the attentions.

12 – Semuna

Semuna is not only one area of a city. It’s the combination of three different areas, forming a great combination as a place serving the wonderful locations for the visitors. Those main areas are Seluma, Manna, and also Kaur. All of them deserve a lot more serious efforts to be promoted for both nationally and internationally.

Mostly the interesting locations are the one related to water, like waterfalls, lakes, and some rivers. The water is so clear and refreshing. It’s also good to build a camp for some days here.

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13 – Anambas

Like you may know already, Indonesia is included as maritime country with hundreds of exotic island. One of them is Anambas, located inside the province of Riau. If you have a dream of vacationing on a private tropical island, Anambas should give the same experience to you, even though not totally private.

The island has some interesting locations to visit such as the line of giant stones on a beach, the water biota that can be seen without doing diving or snorkeling, and groups of starfish that like to hang around the beach.

Those are the underrated cities in Indonesia which have paradise that may interest you to visit them sometimes. Yes, even though they have flaws here and there, they could be a challenge for the true backpacker to find the true paradise that can truly satisfy them that exist in those underrated cities. Make sure that you also find your best one. Cheers.