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List of 17 Natural Things in Bali Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

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For example, you can have some hobbies, like swimming, snorkeling, playing billiard, playing games, and many other activities that can give you much joy and excitement. Aside from those activities, you can also try traveling somewhere. For example, traveling to Bali island in Indonesia to see all the natural things in Bali that can give you relaxing moments. There are actually so many that you may lost count. But we here are ready to guide you with the list of natural things in Bali.

1. Musi Village

As for the first one in the article of natural things in Bali now, we want to include another hidden canyon. This one is not located in Sukawati Gianyar, it’s in the Musi Village of Gerokgak, Buleleng regency, Bali instead. Even though it also has the hidden canyon that everyone’s looking about, but the popularity of this place is lesser than the one in Gianyar.

Even though this place is mainly popular with locals only, this hidden canyon can give you the exact experience. For example, there’s also a small waterfall that forms a small river right in the middle of the cliff. However, to go to this place, the only thing you can do is asking for direction from the locals who live in this Musi village. They can gladly show you the way.

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2. Pinggan Village

Aside from covering the Musi Village, we also have the other location that located near a village. This village named Pinggan village and the attraction is not the hidden canyon, but it’s the hill that located on the upper land. If you walk a little bit from the Pinggan Village to the hill located just above it, you can see the great magical view of Mount Batur and its environment.

The Mount Batur that located in Kintamani area can be seen clearly from this very spot. Sometimes, people are going to the hill just before the dawn to the sunrise. Both the sunrise and sunset look really great from Pingan Hill. However, because most tours are skipping the Pinggan Village, the village itself is not actually crowded with tourists. They will go straight for the hill instead.

3. Belong Hill

The next one that includes inside the natural things in Bali is the Belong Hill. Just like the hill that located in Pinggan village above, the Belong hill can also give you the experience of seeing the wonderful view of Bali island. But this time, the view is not the Mount Batur, but it’s the view of the green rice terrace instead. The environment looks more colorful because of the rice fields existence.

Because people come in here not for the sunrise and sunset, the Belong Hill usually just visited by some. Thanks to that condition, the situation around is really calm and peaceful. All you can hear is the sounds of bird and wind. About the location, the Belong Hill is located in the Gunaksa highway of Dawan, Klungkung regency, Bali.

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4. The Campuhan Ridge Walk

Bali is indeed full of interesting places. For example, this Campuhan Ridge Walk can give you a unique experience. Basically, it’s just a small road that can fit up to two people. However, the road itself is special because of its unique and refreshing environment. Right on the right and left side of the road, there are some rice fields, local houses, traditional huts, and even the beautiful villas. It can be said as a very romantic view for two.

If you want to visit it, you better come when the time is right, which is in the morning. You can order a room at the nearest villa and come to the Campuhan Ridge Walk in the morning. The place can be crowded though, because this spot is very romantic, even though looks pretty simple. Aside from seeing the natural views mentioned above, sometimes you can also meet the butterflies that inhabit the area.

5. Suluban Beach

The island of Bali is long known for having the beaches that suitable for all divers and surfers. That’s why they want to spend their money on doing their hobbies in the most beautiful place possible like in Bali island for example. About the surfing hobby, there are several beaches that suitable for it, like this Suluban beach that located in Bukit Peninsula.

The surfers can be happy in here because the satisfying waves that big and strong, but not that dangerous even for the newbies. Aside from the nice surf location, Suluban beach also has the cave, which looks so mysterious and wonderful at the same time. People are always visiting the cave in order to have the full experience of vacationing in Suluban beach. If you exploring the cave long enough, you can end up in Uluwatu Temple, one of the greatest in Bali.

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6. Nyang Nyang Beach

The next one is the Nyang-nyang beach. Many people would call this as the private beach for everyone. But what does it mean? The place has the nickname, “the perfect private beach”, because the location of it is indeed far away from the crowd. It’s located neatly and surrounded by the cliffs that covered in green moss. You can also find some moss on the beach too.

However, you can easily go to the Nyang-nyang beach by seeing the guidance by the road that says “Nyang-nyang Surfing Beach”. Even though the beach seems to be a great place for surfing, most people who come in here usually want to bath in the natural pools that exist on the beach. The visitors can also take some pictures with the shipwreck near the beach.

7. Nusa Dua Waterblow

In the seventh place, we have the Nusa Dua Waterblow. If you want to a place that is pretty unique, this one can be really suitable for you. Like its name, in this place you can see how big the waterblow. Basically, it’s just the water that comes from the ocean that crushing the cliff, but somehow it’s really wonderful to see it directly.

The people who watch it don’t usually go too close to the water. The height and the size of the waves can really harm the visitors if they are crossing the safe border. So, basically the visitors will be told to keep the distance about few meters from the splash. With a decent camera, the wonderful moment of waterblow can be captured beautifully.

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8. Kelan Beach

And for the last beach in this first list, there’s the Kelan Beach. For anyone who wants to visit the most romantic place in Bali, they can go here. The Kelan Beach can provide you with the best spot to see the sunset, the romantic time of the day. If the view of the sunset is not enough, you can also the planes there because the location is actually close to the airport.

Every single day, the beach is never empty of people, both the local and foreign tourists. They even booked a place at the nearest hotel just for this beach alone.

About the activities, the visitors can do some stuff like surfing, beach volley, and even canoeing. If you want a calmer situation, you can come in the morning.

The nine locations above are not enough? Don’t worry because we always prepared the other list that contains the remaining natural things in Bali that you can visit in your holiday. Surely they also look as great as the nines and can give you the pleasurable moments when you spend your time in there. So, we have these eight different locations, such as :

  1. Melasti Beach
  2. Tegal Wangi Beach
  3. Angel’s Billabong
  4. Pasih Uwug
  5. Sanur Beach
  6. Kuta Beach
  7. Lake Batur
  8. Lake Tamblingan
  9. Candidasa Lotus Lagoon

So that’s the seventeen in total, the natural things in Bali island, Indonesia. Bali is always surprising people with its best attractions. With the locals that also helping to maintain the natural attractions, those beautiful locations can exist up to this day with the greatest condition as possible. The tourists can visit it of course, but they also need to take a responsibility to keep the place still clean and neat. With that, all of us can get the true benefits of the natural things in Bali above.

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