The 15 Wonderful Attractions in Bali for Adventurer

So, in the previous articles, we already told you about some tips to travel to Indonesia, like the traveling tips when you exploring the country during the rainy season, the places you must visit and Jakarta, and many more. Now we want to take you back to Bali island to visit other wonderful places there.

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We’re not gonna review some cafes of resorts this time. Instead, we’re gonna tell you about the great places that suitable for people who really love the natural attractions. Visiting Indonesia wouldn’t be a waste of time without visiting the green locations. On the island of Bali, there are some places that you should visit. We have the list of attractions in Bali for adventurer like you all that can see right below :

1 – Mende Hill

As the first location on the list of attractions in Bali for adventurer, the Mende Hill really stands out. Mende Hill is one hiking location in the area of Subaya Village, Kintamani, Bangli, Bali. This place is really suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy a pleasure of natural attractions on the island.

It’s time to be free without any usual things we can find everyday. Wifi connection is nowhere to be found. An automatic coffee machine is none. The only thing you can find is the wild that can refresh your mind and body in away. If you want to have much better connection with your partner or friends, this is the place to go.

2 – Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Next one we’re going to somewhere fresh and eye-opening, a place called Tukad Cepung Waterfall. To be able to reach this beautiful place, you required to hike for minutes. That’s why you should wear decent shoes to protect your feet. Especially during rainy season like this, you must be extra careful.

However, the location of this waterfall is in the Tembuku street of Penida Kelod village, Bangli, Bali. It’s located hidden behind hills. After hiking the tracks for several minutes from the village center, you can finally meet this beauty. All those hardwork of finding the village and going up the hill, will be worth it in the end.

3 – Hidden Canyon in Sukawati

The area of Sukawati is not only known for its art market. But, for you who have the spirit of exploring, you can find the other alternative from the market, which is this location in Guwang village, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali. This place is not that crowded with people because they still don’t know about it.

Its status making it better because it can stay virgin as is. You can use this opportunity to take a walk a bit to this canyon. It’s not hard to find it because the locals can help you to point out the way to this hidden canyon. Even though to arrive it you need to pass the hard routes like slippery dirt and small rivers, it would be one of the best experiences in your life.

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4 – Tukad Melangit

Well, people do exploring because of so many reasons. Aside from getting our from their stressful life, they can use the opportunity to blast their social media with the epic pictures of the attractions they’ve visited. If you’ve come to the island for that purpose, then Tukad Melangit can be the best location for you.

This location is known as a place for taking wonderful pictures, even though you need to be brave for the pumping adrenaline spots. The visitors will be provided with some kind of platform for taking pictures. There are also the local youths that always helping the tourists who want to take pictures at that spot, safely.

5 – Atuh Beach

One area that always mentioned by everyone who has visited Bali island is Nusa Penida. In this area, there are so many attractions that can be found within, like this Atuh Beach for example. Comparing to the others, it’s actually the small beach you can find in the area of Nusa Penida.

It offers a wonderful natural view for visitors. The landscape is really beautiful, especially when it’s not the tide, you can even see the colorful corals in basically everywhere. Usually, people spend their time till the sunset in order to get a perfect shot of Atuh Beach. If you want to try it, just come to Nusa Penida via Banjar Pelilit or Banjar Kelodan.

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6 – Angel’s Billabong

The place of all angels, Angel’s Billabong. It’s the natural pool that located still inside Nusa Penida of Bali. In here, you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, or any other things you want to do in a secret area in Banjar Sumpang, Bunga Mekar village of Nusa Penida. Mostly, people who coming in here are dominated by women.

Usually they just swimming in here, enjoying the water that’s one of a kind. The water is really crystal clear, inviting anyone to swim in. Sometimes, people are also bringing their own stuff like mini boat, and stuff. To get here, you need to take a boat from Sanur, then just straight to Pasih Uwug to find this location.

7 – Teletubbies Hill

Moving to the next attraction, we want to introduce you to the Teletubbies Hill. Sounds like way less scary doesn’t it? In Indoneisa, if people find a hill, that covered in perfect green grass just like in the television, they will call it as Teletubbies Hill. There are several hills that can be found in the country, including this one.

The location of this attraction is in Nusa Penida. From Sanur or Padang Bai port, you need to take a boat to Nusa Penida. Then after arriving, you should continue your trip by renting a vehicle to a village named Julingan. There you can find not only one hill but many Teletubbies Hills, as seen on tv.

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8 – Secret Gardens in Sambangan

There are so many secret attractions on Bali Island. If you got some time with you, it’s not a wasteful time to find some wonderful locations that still hidden from the reach of many tourists, like this one for example. In Sambangan, you can find a beautiful spot named Secret Garden. It’s indeed looks a bit mysterious.

Unlike the hidden canyon in Sukowati, this place is more hidden beneath the forest. The spot is actually covered with stones, a big stones that covered in green. Even though it does seem amazing, it’s not that easy to reach it. You need to do a trekking for about 3 hours to be able to enjoy its beauty.

9 – Peguyangan Waterfall

Next attraction on the list is the Peguyangan Waterfall. Unlike others, the location of this waterfall is unusual. If usually on an island like Bali the waterfalls usually can be found in forest area, you can find this Peguayangan Waterfall in a cave instead. The water is flowing from the top of the cave directly to the sea.

However, many people are calling this as the true natural spa. The visitors can enjoy the massaging done naturally by the flow of water from above. But first, they need to take a long walk from the top to bottom using the stairs available not far from the water spring. You need to be careful though, it’s really steep.

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10 – Marigold Garden

And finally the tenth location we want to tell you is the Marigold Garden. This garden is blowing the instagram recently because of the wonderful view it has. It’s not a usual thing to find a flower garden this wide in this country, especially on a tropical island like Bali. Its existence clearly makes everyone happy.

After taking a long journey exploring each nice spot of Bali, it’s always a good time to visit this garden at the end of the trip. It looks so peaceful and astonishing. The flowers usually colored in orange, but sometimes they can change to white. So it give an impression of winter season, despite the actual condition of the weather.

Of course, the ten locations above are not the only things that exist on Bali Island. As usual, we put the rest of them as recommendations in the section with the small list that containing the other attractions in Bali for adventurer.

1. Mount Batur

2. Melasti Beach

3. Little Cave in Undisan

4. Banah Cliff

5. Asah Hill

So that’s the topic about the attractions in Bali for adventurer. As you can see, Bali island is indeed a top location in Indonesia that you must visit at least once in your life. It has many kinds of natural attractions starting from the lakes, waterfalls, to the highest mountains. All are suitable for your adventure. They could be a wonderful experience of Indonesia. On the next article, we want to give an information about the cultural attractions. Not in Bali, but in the area far away from this island.

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