Get To Know About Sumba Island, Another Paradise in Indonesia

Sumba is an island located in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. It has four administrative regions; Sumba Barat (West Sumba), Sumba Barat Daya (Southwest Sumba), Sumba Tengah (Central Sumba), and Sumba Timur (East Sumba). The most advanced city in the island is Waingapu, in East Sumba. It has an airport and a harbour connecting Sumba with […]

17 Dazzling Natural Treasure in Indonesia

A treasure is what a person looking for. It’s shining beauty and unlimited value of it is hipnotizing everyone to get it. But, in these kind of modern years, the things like hidden treasure is slowly being forgotten in the name of walth and technology. See also : Endangered Animals in Indonesia Sumatran Rhinoceros Facts […]