6 Distinct Facts About the 2019 Indonesian General Election You Need to Know

Indonesia had just passed the “hot” atmosphere, especially in politics. In 2019, Indonesia held a general election which was run once in five years to choose a leader for this country.  In that year, the Indonesian people, not only the inhabitants of famous cities in Indonesia but also in other regions, voted for both presidential […]

8 Importance of Jakarta Declaration

The Jakarta Declaration is not only issued once or twice in Indonesia. It is the result of negotiations of several countries in the world that hold meetings to discuss important international issues. The last Jakarta Declaration was issued by the OIC Summit (Organization for Islamic Cooperation) 2016. At this meeting, one of the discussions by […]

10 Political Impacts of Deforestation in Indonesia

Regarding the wealth of tropical rain forest, Indonesia ranks third after Brazil and the Republic of Congo. As a contributor of 10 percent of the rain forest biodiversity from around the world, the Indonesian government targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 29 percent by 2030. However, the commitment seems to be confronted by the fact […]

10 Political Characteristics in Indonesia

Do you like politics? The topic of politics could not be separated from the daily life of the people today. Every crowds, students in campus, the people in the side of road, everyone start to talk about politic as the topic. It seems politics is everywhere. It was started when Indonesia has the big event […]

Indonesian Politics – History, Characteristics and Implementation

Indonesia is a very unique country since this country consists of many islands. Each island in Indonesia has its own culture, language, and way of life. Indonesia people also practice various religions and beliefs as well. Islam, Christian, Catholic, Buddha, and Hindu are some of major religions that can be found in Indonesia. This country […]