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8 Importance of Jakarta Declaration

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The Jakarta Declaration is not only issued once or twice in Indonesia. It is the result of negotiations of several countries in the world that hold meetings to discuss important international issues. The last Jakarta Declaration was issued by the OIC Summit (Organization for Islamic Cooperation) 2016. At this meeting, one of the discussions by the OIC is the conflict between Palestine and Israel.


Through the Jakarta Declaration, Indonesia firmly supports Palestinian independence.

In addition to these issues, there are several issues raised in the OIC so that several Indonesian ministries also issued the Jakarta Declaration. It is indeed important for Indonesia. Furthermore, here are the importance of Jakarta Declaration.

  1. Strengthen Indonesia’s relationship with international countries

As one of the independent countries in the world, Indonesia is entitled to establish relationships with other countries in the world as one form of Indonesia’s participation in the association of the world. Indonesia’s relationship with other countries is never bad.

Indonesia is a country rarely in conflict with other countries. With the Jakarta declaration, it will further strengthen Indonesia’s relations with other countries both bilaterally and multilaterally.

As you know, to produce a Jakarta declaration, first meetings will be held with the countries of the world. Here is how relationships with other countries will work for Indonesia. Of course, some of the benefits will also be obtained through Jakarta declaration.

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  1. Place of getting a solution for problems in the world

There are so many kinds of conflicts and problems of the world that can not be solved by some countries. This is where the Jakarta declaration becomes important in Indonesia. Through the Jakarta declaration, some solutions will be obtained to resolve some of the ongoing conflicts in the world. When some of the neara meet, they will discuss some of the world’s problems and find a good solution to solve them.

Automatically, this will be a very important outcome for the world and the conflicting parties. In this Jakarta Declaration, the role of Indonesia is needed to co-exist with other countries looking for solutions to problems in the world.

  1. Support economic growth in Indonesia

The Jakarta Declaration can support economic growth in Indonesia. This is because the Jakarta declaration plays a very important role for Indonesia’s relations with countries in the world. Before forming a Jakarta declaration, several countries will be gathered in relation to economic problems in their regions.

They will support each other and plan for support and even economic cooperation. This is what will then shape the economic rise in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a very potential country with its economic results. Many other countries will then be interested to invest in Indonesia. From here, the function of the Jakarta declaration works. Indonesia’s bilateral and multilateral relations will support Indonesia’s growth well.

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  1. Media of Voice of Indonesia’s opinion on issues in the world

The Jakarta Declaration is a medium of Indonesian voice delivery to the issues and problems that occur in the world. Through the declaration of Jakarta, Indonesia can determine what attitude and steps will be taken on international issues.

As a result of the Jakarta Declaration in 2016 the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that support to Palestine is an integral part of the mandate of the 1945 Constitution to abolish colonialism and to implement public order based on independence, eternal peace and social justice.

Indonesia’s support and contribution to Palestine is also demonstrated through cooperation and assistance to Palestinian governments and communities, including humanitarian aid of US $ 1 million.

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  1. Sharing Indonesia’s problems with the countries of the world

Before the declaration of Jakarta is produced, the state officials will first share the problems related to each country. They will be various sciences, looking for ways and solutions to keep everything in control. This can benefit Indonesia as a developing country to share the problems in Indonesia in the field of environment, economy, and social as well as get the solution.

The Jakarta Declaration is the result of Indonesia’s attitude and statement of a related issue in the world. For this reason, Jakarta’s declaration is more or less favorable to Indonesia in any field.

  1. Promotion event for Indonesia’s potential to the world

The Jakarta Declaration will usually be preceded by important meetings of various countries. This can be a big advantage for Indonesia. So far the outside country more familiar with Bali than Indonesia as a country. So this is important as well as national branding for Indonesia. Not only that, the impact to the economy and culture is also quite good.

In addition to being a promotional event of Indonesia itself, the meeting can also introduce the culture, culinary and tourism of Indonesia. Related to the development of government infrastructure, the Indonesian government can also invite other countries to work together to build Indonesia. This will benefit Indonesia for sure.

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  1. Strengthen Indonesia’s position in the world

Indonesia potentially has a major influence on the international level in the fields of international security, human rights, regionalism and international law enforcement. With Decalarasi Jakarta, Indonesia’s position is increasing rapidly.

In the field of human rights and democracy enforcement, Indonesia is seen as playing a major role in transforming authoritarian militarist Myanmar into a government that respects the aspirations of civil society.

In addition through the 2016 Jakarta Declaration, Indonesia also supports the independence of Palestine. This will automatically strengthen Indonesia’s position on the world. As Indonesia is becoming known to the world. it will be easier for Indonesia to gain access and assistance in international countries.

  1. Improving Access for Information on Air and Water Quality Pollution in Asia

Increased industrialization in Asia has created many challenges for people to protect themselves from pollution. Much of the government’s important information – such as the amount of pollution generated by nearby factories or the results of local water and air quality monitoring – is not yet available in a format that is easily understood by the public.

This situation prompted a group of government officials, NGOs, local community representatives, and academics to request the government to change the status quo. This declaration requires the government to improve access to information on air and water quality pollution in Asia – and offers a detailed road map on how to do it. Here is the function of Jakarta declaration created in 2013.

Those are some importance of Jakarta Declaration. Jakarta declaration is something big that has some beneficial things for Indonesia. That is why, it usually declared after the important meeting among the countries in the world.

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