10 Annual Indonesia Festivals You Should Not Miss

Indonesia is a big country with thousand cultures from many tribes and communities. Those communities usually holds certain ceremony to celebrate, commemorate, or honour something or someone important that contributes to the community in the past. Just look at some traditional ceremonies that’s held in Indonesia, they have holistic purpose that could be very important […]

15 Mosques Must Visit in Indonesia During Ramadhan : Islamic Religious Places

So, on the previous articles, we mainly talked about the religious places that you can find around Indonesia. With so many religions that we can find in our country, we can also witness so many heritages in the form of temples, churches, heritages from the ancient Kingdoms, and also the building structure for Muslims. Related […]

10 Most Visited Religious Tourism in Indonesia

The diversity of tourist destinations in Indonesia is not just natural beauty, cultural diversity, history, or culinary. There are religious tourisms that are also interested for the travelers from all over the world. It is not something rare that a place of worship became a tourist destination in Indonesia. In these places, you can feel […]