The 17 Memorable History in Indonesia During Ramadhan : Beautiful Things That Make You Miss It

The Ramadhan month is indeed very fun. Not only for the Muslims, but also for the others as well. We share interesting moments and experiences this month. Bringing happiness to all. Even though the month is part of Muslims life, but the ones who are having fun are all people in Indonesia, no matter what […]

The 17 Things You Must Not Do in Indonesia During Ramadhan

Ramadhan vibe is still on the air. Now, we’re entering the third week of this special month of the year. Like usual, people of Indonesia always do what they’re always doing during Ramadhan, like hunting takjil, waking people up for sahur, and many other traditions that we included in the previous article. Related topics: Unique […]

15 Mosques Must Visit in Indonesia During Ramadhan : Islamic Religious Places

So, on the previous articles, we mainly talked about the religious places that you can find around Indonesia. With so many religions that we can find in our country, we can also witness so many heritages in the form of temples, churches, heritages from the ancient Kingdoms, and also the building structure for Muslims. Related […]

The List of 14 Spiritual Places Must Visit in Bandung During Ramadhan

Still related to the holy month of Ramadhan, we want to give you another article related to Bandung city. As mentioned earlier on the previous articles, both the city and the month is actually a good combination. People can visit the malls and have some discounts for themselves. We can’t blame them, because discount is […]

Islamic New Year in Indonesia – Tradition – Celebration

Islam is the majority religion in Indonesia. More than 70% of Indonesia’s population is Islamic. For this reason, it is not surprising that the Islamic New Year in Indonesia is celebrated with a variety of different activities and traditions. The Islamic New Year which falls in the month of Muharam also coincides with the beginning […]

The List of Islamic Heritage in Indonesia

The entry of religion and Islamic culture to Indonesia directly or indirectly gave a big influence on the culture and way of life of the people of the country. The existence of this Islamization process brought impact and changes in all areas of life, ranging from the economic, social, political, educational, even cultural. As we […]

The History of Sufism in Indonesia

Sufism in this context are practiced as the true way to purify the soul and heart, draw closer to God and draw closer to His Paradise (away from the world). Sufi is a term for those who study the science of tasawwuf, the science that deepens the piety of Allah swt.Istilah Sufi [saints] finally used […]

The Brief History of Islam in Bali

This judgement tells that Bali is a world of Hindu. In fact, Islam has also grown there together with the development of Islam in other regions in Indonesia. How is the history of Islamic development in the pulp of a thousand temples? The dynamics of the development of Islam in each region is certainly different. […]

6 Most Popular Islamic Celebrations in Indonesia

The majority of people living in Indonesia is Muslim. Islam has the most following in the country in comparison to other religions. It is no wonder that many Islamic celebrations are carried out nationwide. Muslims across all parts of the country are always looking forward to these 6 Most Popular Islamic Celebrations in Indonesia. Learn all […]

Islamic Law in Indonesia – History – Development

It can not be denied that Muslims in Indonesia are the most major element. In the level of the international Islamic world, Indonesian Muslims can even be called as the largest Muslim community that gathered in a territorial border of the state. (See also : Largest Mosque in Indonesia – National library of Indonesia) Therefore, it is […]