15 Mosques Must Visit in Indonesia During Ramadhan : Islamic Religious Places

So, on the previous articles, we mainly talked about the religious places that you can find around Indonesia. With so many religions that we can find in our country, we can also witness so many heritages in the form of temples, churches, heritages from the ancient Kingdoms, and also the building structure for Muslims.

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Because of the majority in Indonesia is Muslim, we can expect to see kinds of mosque that spreading from Sabang to Merauke. Each building differs based on its location, area, or history. That’s why we can see not only one type of a mosque but many, which is really interesting to see. So what are they? Let’s see at the mosques must visit in Indonesia during Ramadhan below.

1 – Istiqlal Mosque

The first location that should be included inside the mosques must visit in Indonesia during Ramadhan is the iconic Istiqlal Mosque. This great mosque is located in Jakarta city. It looks so grand with its unique architecture. We should say thank you to the one who made it, Frederich Silaban, who’s not even a Muslim.

The building clearly shows how we can live in such diversity. Right in front if, you can also find the Cathedral Jakarta. During Ramadhan, this mosque is also giving so many Takjil for the people who need and want it, not only for Muslims but also for others as well. More and more people coming in to make the Ramadhan nuances in Istiqlal more lively

Location: Jakarta

2 – Rahmatan Lil-Alamin Mosque

This mosque is maybe really different from any other mosque you’ve seen before. The mosque, that was built by a grand architect, Dr. Abdussalam Rasyidi Panji Gumilang really stands for its name, which basically means mercy to all beings from God and Prophet. It looks so grand, and even magical at some point.

If you take a look at it closely, this mosque almost resembles a church-like structure with its strong and tall walls. It’s almost a building from hundred years ago because it looks ancient yet very strong. With its unique form and architecture of a building, this mosque also becomes a religious attraction of Indramayu.

Location: Indramayu

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3 – Dian Al Mahri Mosque

Next one is a mosque called Dian Al-Mahri Mosque, or mostly known by the locals and tourists as the Golden Dome of Depok.The reason behind that naming is pretty clear, you can see its golden crown that shines brightly even from far away. Dian Al Mahri is believed to be able to hold about 15 thousand people.

Aside from having a very wide area, sometimes, the locals are also greatly helped, especially in the economy, because of the tourists. They can sell their products near the mosque, like the traditional cuisines, accessories, or any stuff related to Islam. This can both increase their economy and helping the tourists at the same time.

Location: Depok

4 – Al-Akbar Surabaya

There’s one great mosque, and possibly the crowdest mosque in Surabaya city, the capital of East Java called Al-Akbar. Al-Akbar has a pretty unique look, different from the other mosques nearby. Just like all mosques in Indonesia, it also has a dome, colored in the combination of green and blue.

But, the shape of the dome is not usual. It looks like half of an egg. Aside from the dome, you can also see the four short towers with one high tower. Like many other mosques around Indonesia, Al-Akbar also gives so Takjil during Ramadhan. The number of it is also many for all the people who are visiting it daily.

Location: Surabaya

5 – Makassar Great Mosque

Next one in the mosques must visit in Indonesia during Ramadhan is Makassar Great Mosque. Back when Istiqlal wasn’t finished, many claimed that this mosque is actually the biggest and largest mosque in South East Asia region. And the news then spread by a foreign tourist who saw it for the first time back in 1949.

Almost 30 years later, the mosque got a big improvement in order to get rid of the problems. And now, it becomes one of the greatest mosques in Indonesia.

Location: Makassar

6 – Islamic Center Mosque Samarinda

This mosque is actually the second biggest mosque in the country. It has the name Islamic Center on it, it means that aside from being a place for praying, this mosque is also used for learning about Islam, so people who want to be a Muslim or becoming a Mualaf, they can come to this place.

However, thanks to its large size, this mosque can hold up so many people. Becuase it’s location near Mahakam River, it also becomes one of the attractions of Samarinda.

Location: Samarinda

7 – Baiturrahman

Are you familiar with the name Taj Mahal? That icon of love is located in India,famous for its small pond that looks like a mirror. You can actually find a similar looking mosque in Indonesia called Baiturrahman Mosque in Aceh. Even though the structure of the mosque is different, it has a similar looking square pond on the front side.

This mosque has passed many histories including 1875 incident when this mosque was burned during colonial invasion.

Location: Banda Aceh

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8 – At-Tin

The next mosque on the list is At-Tin, another unique mosque you can find in Jakarta. This mosque was built from the idea of family from the second President of Indonesia, Soeharto, to commemorate his wife, Mrs. Tien. The At-Tin mosque was inaugurated back in 1999, after her final moment.

Looking at it, the mosque actually has very contrast yet a good combination of modern and religious factors.

Location: Jakarta

9 – Al-Mashun

There’s also a mosque in Medan named Al-Mashun. This one mosque stands near the Istana Maimun or Maimun Palace, which considered to be one iconic location in Medan, a Royal Palace, but accessible to everyone. Al Mashun also looks really similar to the Baiturrohman in Banda Aceh.

After the mosque is finished to build, there’s an area located close to it, and it was named after the mosque, the Mashun city.

Location: Medan

10 – An-Nur

Taj Mahal is indeed an inspiring icon of the world. Aside from the Baiturrohman mosque that included in mosques must visit in Indonesia during Ramadhan, there’s also another mosque that was adopting the same architecture called An-Nur. An-Nur was built from 1963 to 1968. It also has the square pond on the front side.

Aside from being a place to pray, this mosque also has the other supporting facilities such as meeting room, hall room, and also education from preschool to high school.

Location: Pekanbaru

11 – Al-Irsyad

This mosque was mentioned earlier in our previous article. This is one of two main mosques built by recent Bandung Mayor, Ridwan Kamil. You can see his touch on basically everywhere. But the most notable one is the form of the mosque, which is actually far from normal mosque we find every day.

Al-Irsyad is shaped in cube. On each side, you can see the stripes that show the name of Allah. Those stripes are also served as natural Air Conditioner because the wind can easily go into the building.

Location: Bandung

12 – Jawa Tengah Great Mosque

If you look at the picture of a mosque at Masjidil Haram, you can find similar looks at this Central Java Great Mosque in Semarang City. Even though it looks so grand and strong, this mosque is actually considered as a young one, because it was built ten years later. It was started to build in 2001 and finished five years later.

In the main building, the dome is surrounded by four tall towers. There are some big automatic umbrellas in the park.

Location: Semarang

13 – Tuban Great Mosque

If you ever imagine a mosque being very colorful, then you can visit a mosque, A Great Mosque in fact, located in Tuban city. It’s mostly known as Tuban Great Mosque. The difference from this mosque and the others, which is very clear, is the color used for its domes, towers, and walls.

It not only uses one solid color, but many. For example, the dome and tower roofs are colored in blue, while the building itself has a combination of green, blue, yellow, white, and orange color.

Location: Tuban

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14 – Sumenep Great Mosque

You can also find a great mosque located in Madura island. The name is Sumenep Great Mosque. The mosque is also known by the name Jamik Panembahan Somala mosque. This Sumenep Great Mosque has a combination of many architectural styles. In one building, you can find the Madura, European, Chinese, and Javanese art style.

The mosque now exists thanks to the bright mind of Lauw Piango. He designed and finished to build the mosque in 1787, even older than Indonesian Independence day.

Location: Madura

15 – Tiban Mosque

And the last one in the mosques must visit in Indonesia during Ramadhan is Tiban Mosque. Have you ever visited Malang city before? If you go to South Side of Malang city, you can be able to reach the area named Turen, which is located around Malang regency. There, you should this shining bluish mosque called Tuban Great Mosque. The mosque looks really beautiful, especially because the ceramics are reflecting the sunlight.

This mosque is located inside Biharu Bahri’Asali Fadlaalir Rahmah, which is place to learn about Islam for teenagers.

Location: Malang