13 Common Scams in Indonesia

In this complex world, it must be admitted that there are people who live their livelihoods by deceiving fellow humans. Tips for Tourists in Indonesia This kind of person is cold and unfeeling, in the sense of not wanting to see the background of a potential victim before the fraud takes place. What he wants must be achieved, no […]

17 Scams to Avoid in Bali

As a famous tourist destination, Bali is home to many famous things in Bali Indonesia and experience to discover. But as the old saying goes in time, “behind every shiny glow,  lies a shadow. There are scams in Bali that travelers should know and avoid. Commision drivers Traveling in Bali means to rely on their transportations. There are drivers […]

30 Things to Avoid in Indonesia You Must Know

Every country in the world have different habitual like when you go to Indonesia, and you come from others country such as French, Italy, England, USA, Australia and etc. You’ll find many differences. It can be part of habit, rules, religion and regulation. There is something that you have from your hometown, and then you […]