17 Scams to Avoid in Bali

The Land of Gods as the Balinese believe that Heaven is Bali and that the island itself is Heaven. When you are going to Bali, you will explore the lush tropical vegetation, popular beaches, and authentic dishes.

As a famous tourist destination, Bali is home to many famous things in Bali Indonesia and experience to discover. But as the old saying goes in time, “behind every shiny glow,  lies a shadow. There are scams in Bali that travelers should know and avoid.

  1. Commision drivers

Traveling in Bali means to rely on their transportations.

There are drivers that you can find online or based on fellow traveler recommendations.

They provide transportation to your destinations. You may keep an eye out for bogus commissioned drivers. These drivers will bring you to places where they have an on-going deal with the owners, and get a commission.

2. Taxi rides in Bali

Taxis are a convenient means of public transportation in Indonesia to travel across Bali. However, there are some unscrupulous drivers that may take advantage of unfamiliar traveler and impose surcharges and rates.

Take extra precaution and pay attention to face and name of the driver. Moreover, you can take note on the taxi number and always ask surcharges when traveling long distances.

3. Money Changer

Some of the money changers available on the streets may indicate a high exchange rate on their whiteboard to attract victims. Some scams here are using smaller rupiah bills such as 10.000 rupiahs for your dollars.

You will probably get less that you are exchanging due to many circumstances. Read more about natural pools in Bali

Some of them include not focus while counting or feeling bad if suspicious of anything. One thing about Bali is always be aware of scams anywhere.

4. Tour guides

Popularspiritual tourist places in Bali such as Besakih Temple, and many more will be a few Balinese tour guides offers to guide you through the place.

Most of the time these guides will say that their services are free, later asked for a donation in a pitiful manner that makes it hard to refuse.

5. Balinese market

Bali has many must visit markets in Bali that worth to visit. It has long been a popular go-to location for tourists as well getting their hand on some interesting must buy souvenirs in Bali and Things you can Buy in Bali.

However, it has, unfortunately, turn into a tourist trap over time. The shops sell overpriced items for foreign tourist compared to the Indonesian ones. Don’t hesitates to bargains in every occasion.

6. Temple touts

Bali culture is known for their friendly social culture in Bali. There are many temples in Bali,there will be touts who try to earn some money with a myriad of ways.

They will charge high price and being pushy about it. Their reason for the overprice due to the religious ceremonies going on, even thoughsuch religious ceremonies happen daily.

7. Renting Sarongs

The Bali culture is modest and simple. Always dress appropriately when you visit a temple.

Temples are sacred spaces keep covered with modest outfits and avoid getting ripped off for renting sarong to get into temples with outrageous prices.

7. Touts at Beaches

Among the sandy beaches of Bali. there are touts lurking for making extra cash. Old ladies in the areas will offer to braid your hair, give you a massage or a manicure/pedicure with expensive prices.

8. Bali Alcohol

Trying traditional Balinese drink is not recommendable. More methanol poisoning happened due to consumption of arak.

This problem occurs because vendors mix methanol in the arak, as it is cheaper than alcohol. It is extremely poisonous and can lead to death.

9. Police Corruption

Traffic police always onthe lookout for tourists on rented motorbikes or cars. They will give a fine fora simple neglection as not wearing a helmet. If you dont follow the street rules, you can ended up with a huge fine.

10.Offers Things

Locals will than offer various things to tourist from a cheap viagra, a hostess anything. Be polite and refuse kindly. It is a costume of scams that can happen anywhere else.

11. Water

Unfortunately, there are some people making money by using dishonest way. There are people selling bottle water from unboind water. Only buy your water bottles from a reputable brand from a recognize supermarket.

12. Seafood

Often time tourist get sick in Bali and get the Belly Bali. It is a stomach issue due to bad food.

Seafood is among the worst and the easiest to go bad. There are many delicious authentic Balinese food. You can choose the popular and crowded restaurant and survive from any illness.

13. Free Hotel

There are people saying you get a free stay or a free something from a certain hotel. These are scams to avoid that try to attract tourist to stay in certain hotels. You need to do deep reaserch before making any bookings.

14. Rigged weight scale

Traditional market has its own attraction of the local ambiance. Buying exotic fruits seems tempting.

However, be careful of weight scale that has been tempted. You ended up paying with a less amount that you should have. Unfortunately, it is hard toavoid this kind of scams.

15. Minimarket overcharge

Scams can happen on the street but it also can happen in the more convinient stores. Read more about myths in Bali

It is better to check your receipt every time you make a payment. Beforehand, get familiar with the Indonesia currency to avoid getting scams while shopping or eating out.

16. Overprice and Over offered

Just being a foreigner in Bali means you will get a lot of offers, keep this in mind when traveling to a very popular place.

Sometimes you cant enjoy anything due to the constant offering. Moreover, you will likely get the “foreinger price” so it is double on anything. Bargain half on anything that you are going to pay.

17. SIM Card

Using the local simcards is the best way to communicate in foreign country. All tourist need to be careful and not to get scam while buying their SIM Card. Browse first on the average prices with the amount that you desire.

Traveling in Indonesia various island is a lot of fun. Although scams can happen anywhere else in the world. People traveling to Bali need to understand some scams do exist and avoidable.

Overall, people have a red flag in the back of their head, when they sense somethings is off, trust your instings.