Dani Tribes – Beliefs – Traditions – Cultures

The Dani tribe is a tribe that inhabits a region of the Baliem Valley that has been known for hundreds of years as a tribe that has skilled farmer and has used complex tools such as used stone axes, knives made from animal bones, bamboo and also spears made using well-known quarry that is very […]

Top 15 Largest Churches in Indonesia (#11 is Popular)

A church is a place of worship for many Christian and the availability of churches is important in keeping the balance of many faith in a certain area. The word church itself has many meanings. Although the main meaning is the “soul” or the congregation that is present in it, this time we measure the […]

Indonesian Air Force – History – Inventory – Strength

Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) is one of Indonesian Military power. Its a branch of the armed forces which is part of the Indonesian National Armed Forces. It is responsible for the air defense operations of the Republic of Indonesia. Indonesian Air Force was formed on 9 April 1946 along with the establishment of Indonesian Armed […]

Top 15 Indonesian Landmarks Lists (#11 is Best)

Landmarks are iconic construction that exist in a city based on its history. Then, its a heritage must be kept exist to remember the people of the past that involves in its construction. In each Indonesia province, there exist the most unique buildings regarded as tourist sites, Below are a few of the most famous Indonesian […]

Indonesian Language – Bahasa – History – Meaning

Indonesia is the fourth country with the largest population in the world.  So that Indonesia has the highest amount of languages are practiced. Indonesian refers to the official language of Indonesia. Commonly known as Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesia language is a member of the Malay-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family along with Malaysia and Philippines. Bahasa Indonesia is a standardized […]