Recognize Congklak, A Traditional Game From Indonesia

Indonesia has various kind of traditional games. It derives from generation to generation to teach children respect, togetherness, and kindness. Each of traditional game in Indonesia has its own philosophy. For example, Lompat Tali (Rope Jumping) teaches Indonesian children that life is full of challenge. Once you accomplish a level in rope jumping, another challenge […]

5 Reasons Why People of Indonesia Has Never Ending Friendliness

Indonesia is full of friendly people. They greet you in the morning, they talk to you in the noon, they accompany you in the evening, even at midnight. This close relation between one another has been Indonesian culture for more than hundred years. Since traditional society era, Indonesian people has certain culture that builds close […]

10 Examples of Traditional Games in Indonesia – Nearly Extinct

Indonesia is a country with thousands of cultural diversity. In addition to dance, music, and singing, Indonesia also has many traditional games. This game is usually played by children. Although not infrequently some adults also play this game. Unfortunately, the existence of this traditional game has started many abandoned by children in Indonesia. The game […]