8 Cities With the Worst Traffic in Indonesia

Traffic jam has been the most problematic issue in developing countries including Indonesia. It is not surprising because cities with the worst traffic in Indonesia are the capital city of each province.  A study held by Traffic Scorecard resulted in the traffic jam in particular times impact in different areas. Traffic jam on the whole […]

12 Terrifying Facts about Traffic Jam in Jakarta

Traffic Jam is often found in major cities in developing countries such as Semarang and Jakarta. Frequently, congestion due to the increasing number of motor vehicles, the number of vehicles passing by on the road, both private vehicles and public transport. No wonder the increasing number of road users who are increasingly day is not […]

10 Most Popular Streets in Jakarta

When visiting the capital city of Jakarta stuck in traffic jam on the streets there is a common thing. Not impossible, if in rush hour starting at 7 am-9 am, and at 4 pm-8pm, the highway in the capital is like the threat of death number two. Not infrequently, you will even get lost while […]