8 Cities With the Worst Traffic in Indonesia

Traffic jam has been the most problematic issue in developing countries including Indonesia. It is not surprising because cities with the worst traffic in Indonesia are the capital city of each province.  A study held by Traffic Scorecard resulted in the traffic jam in particular times impact in different areas. Traffic jam on the whole […]

The Evolution of Becak: A Unique Transportation in Indonesia

Indonesia has access to many public transportations. In ocean, it has ship to carry people from one island to another island. In sky, Indonesia has national and international aviation companies bringing and taking people from foreign country and domestic. In land there are more public transportation such as train, buses, travel, and motorcycle. But most […]

13 Best Off-Road Trails in Indonesia

Ever done or tried off-road? a very challenging and fun sport. Many people who like this activity may be you. Indeed, this hobby includes a fairly expensive category, but not for the lover. The definition of Off-road is driving a vehicle outside the highway, whether it is dirt, mud, sand, river, or rock that is […]

12 Most Tragic Indonesia Plane Crash

Traveling by plane is the most effective and efficient for some people. In addition to being fast and able to reach the whole world, airline flight booking tickets are also increasingly easy and practical. However, it is not impossible for us to be afraid of some bad news about flights. Accidents in any case and […]

14 Random Facts About Indonesian Railways

In Indonesia, trains become one of the most important and useful mass transportation tools. In addition to the cheap price, the train mileage is faster than using other fleets such as buses, cars, and motorbikes. So that workers who have solid working hours are in desperate need of this one mode as a practical transport […]

14 Interesting Facts About Indonesia Transport

Road chaos is a common problem in almost every major city in the world, especially in developing countries like Indonesia. The level of urbanization that far exceeds the growth of highways is claimed to be the main cause of this problem. Plus the ease of buying vehicles at this time due to the increasingly flooded […]

12 Facts of Indonesian Traditional Transportation Must Know

Modern times today, more and more are found in various advanced transportation in various countries. This is done so that people are comfortable using public transportation. However in Indonesia, it is still left behind in the appeal of other world countries that have sophisticated its transportation. Nevertheless, Indonesia has the privilege, because Indonesia’s public transport […]

The Brief Explanation of Train System in Indonesia

Transportation system in Indonesia can be said to have progressed very rapidly. This can be seen with the construction of transportation facilities such as bridges, ports, railways, and airports. In Indonesia, the train system is still under developed. If it is compared to other developed country that has maximized the transportation system, Indonesia is left […]

The Brief History of Train in Indonesia

Trains are one of the most favorite public transportation in Indonesia. In addition to the relatively affordable price, the train is the most historical transportation associated with Indonesia. Do you know that the existence of trains in Indonesia has existed long before independence? In historical records, trains have helped the mobility of people even since […]

13 Traditional Vehicles in Indonesia

Do you like going on vacation? It is one of the Daily Activities Indonesia so it is guaranteed that the answer is yes  because holidays can reduce the burden of mind after hectic schedule during the weekdays. You need suitable vehicles to accommodate your mobility around the vacation spot. Before you go on holiday to calm the […]