The History of Volcanoes in Bali – Eruption Record

Bali as the part of Indonesia couldn’t be denied that it is also an island with the high risk of volcano eruption. You might feel traumatic with the last eruption of Agung Mountain in Bali in 2017. Although it was not considered as the national disaster, for some people, the eruption was breaking their heart. […]

13 Causes of Earthquake in Indonesia

Earthquake is one of the natural disasters that can cause a lot of damage and even loss of casualties. If the earthquake has enough strength. Even earthquakes can cause other disasters such as tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and landslides. The greater the level of damage to the infrastructure that may be caused. See also natural disasters […]

The Reasons Why There are Many Volcanoes in Indonesia

Indonesian geography is dominated by volcanoes formed by a subduction zone between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate. Some of the volcanoes are known for their eruptions, such as Krakatau, whose eruptions were globally impacted in 1883, a suspected Lake Toba eruption eruption that occurred 74,000 years before now that led to a volcanic […]

10 Benefits of Living Near Volcanoes in Indonesia

Many people of Indonesia choose to live in the area of volcano, especially on the island of Java. It is not a few residents who live and depend on the life of the volcano. Although the great risks threaten the population when the volcano erupts, there are several reasons why they survive to live in […]

Top 17 Biggest Volcano Eruption In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with many active volcanoes. The phenomenon of a volcanic eruption is common in some parts of Indonesia. Some of the volcanoes in Indonesia are very dangerous as there are several volcanoes that have erupted. Based on recorded history, several volcanoes that erupted here have caused many lives and damage to property. […]