10 Benefits of Living Near Volcanoes in Indonesia

Many people of Indonesia choose to live in the area of volcano, especially on the island of Java. It is not a few residents who live and depend on the life of the volcano. Although the great risks threaten the population when the volcano erupts, there are several reasons why they survive to live in volcanic areas. Apparently, there are many benefits and benefits they get. Here are the reviews of benefits of living near volcano you have to see.

  1. The fertile land

When volcanoes erupt, it will release some material from inside the bowels of the earth, one of which is volcanic ash. Volcanic ash contains nutrients that are able to fertilize the soil, namely primary mineral substances in the form of magnesium, iron, aluminum and silica.

The nutrient elements can also be found in the soil around the volcano, so the plants that live near the volcano could grow well.

In addition, volcanic ash from the volcano also contains amelierons that function as a soil conditioner that has the same function as fertilizer. Besides, the area around the volcano is often exposed to rain. It is also a contributing factor why the area around the volcano is fertile soil.

  1. Experience trekking as much as you want

The last few years climbing the mountain becomes a new lifestyle for most young people in Indonesia. Every time towards the end of the week or national holiday, thousands of young people try to follow the trend today, trekking on the mountain.

It could be such a benefit for those young people who live near the volcano area. You could practice to do a trekking since it would not cost much money. You could experience to see the sunset or sunrise on the top of mountain as much as you want. However, don’t forget to notice trekking safety before climbing the mountain.

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3. The good view

The bonus for those who live in near volcano is the good view in around your house. In every time you open the windows, you would see really special scenery with the background of mountain. It is just like in a dreamland in a fairy tale.

The livings of the friendly environment and social would be the self-luck for your life. It is not like if you live in city, you would be free from the high building and traffic jam. You would not see anything like this in the volcano area.

4. Good for growing vegetables and unique flowers

Plants that grow near the volcano area are average include fruiting plants and vegetables as well. Plateau near volcano is very suitable to be used to cultivate these plants. In addition, plants that live in the highlands tend not to live well in lowland areas. Some of vegetables that grow in this area are potato, carrot, celery, and strawberry.

The most popular plant that can only grow in a mountain is edelweiss flower. It is called an everlasting flower which can grow for 100 years. This is a rare flower so it is not recommended to pick it even forbidden to bring it home.

Some other flowers that grows in mountain such as Cantigi flower in Java, Turuwara flower in Flores, Verbena flower in near Semeru, and Daisy flower in Dieng.

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  1. The free sand and stones for building a house

When volcanoes erupt, not only mountain lava comes out but there are many types of materials that are beneficial to human life such as: Sand, rocks, minerals and various other materials that can be used by humans to make homes and building. It could even be sold to the people who come from the far area from volcanoes.

  1. Good water reservoirs

The next benefit of living near volcanoes is the available of water reservoirs. When it rains the water that wets the mountains does not directly flow into the settlement of people who are located under the mountain but the water is absorbed first by the trees in the mountains and in the stream to the lower through the river and river in the soil so that residential communities located under mountains are not short of water for daily needs.

  1. A potential place for tourism area

Nature lovers tend to make a volcano as a tourism place, especially for young children who like the challenge. Volcano area would become one of the most favorite places to visit. Moreover, usually some lakes are formed by the eruption of volcano, such as Dieng crater, Lakeof Toba, or Ranu Kumbolo near Rinjani. Those lakes could add more options as the tourism destination to visit.

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  1. Various jobs are waiting

As the people who live in tourism area, you would have more option of some potential jobs. You could build a villa since there would many tourists visit there. If not, you could make a trekking equipment rental for people who are going to climb up the mountain.

You could also become a trekking guide for the beginner trekker. They would precisely need someone help who has known the mount area. The last option, you can make a food stall near the location.

  1. Beautiful skin through volcano ash and sulfur

Volcanic ash has a potent anti-bacterial content to treat skin lesions like ulcer. The germs don’t spread and skin diseases can dry quickly.

Therefore, the problem of itching can be resolved. If you have problems with blackheads, volcanic ash from volcanic eruptions can be used. Volcano sap contains high enough sulfur. Sulfur content is commonly used in skin care beauty product as the blackhead remover and anti-aging.

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  1. The air near volcano area is good for health

Currently, clean and fresh air is hard to find in urban areas. It would be a little bit difference while you leave near the volcano area. The clean air on the mountain makes you feel more refreshed when breathing.

The air near volcano is free from air pollution. Breathing of fresh air every day is certainly very good for health. This toxicity also minimizes the risk of stroke and heart attack. In addition, the habit of breathing fresh and pollution-free air will also improve the quality of blood and oxygen that is needed by the body.

Those are the benefits that you would get if you live near volcano area. However, the nature will not be friendly forever. There would be the time the volcano explodes and erupts. The potential disaster is threating you every day. That is why you should already have mastered the rescue and safety tips while volcano eruption occurs.