7 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in Indonesia

Known for the rich and diverse nature across the islands, Indonesia possesses a lot of spectacular views of nature where people can enjoy sightseeing. One of these breathtaking sceneries Indonesia has lies on the amazing waterfalls spread across the 34 provinces. With the smooth and cool running water and green spaces surrounding it, many waterfalls […]

13 Famous Waterfall In Bali With Stunning Views

Bali Island has many natural waterfall attractions that are very interesting to visit. Most of the tourist attractions in Bali are located in northern Bali, precisely in Buleleng regency. Most of the locations of natural waterfalls in Bali are still hidden though not all. In addition, to find the location of a natural waterfall that […]

13 Most Famous Waterfall in Bali You Don’t Want to Miss

Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of waterfalls? The rushing water that make their way down from the cliffs and rocks is a sight not to be missed in Bali. Sure, Bali is known for its night clubs and beaches. But connect yourself with its natural wonders by visiting one of the 13 Most Famous Waterfall […]