13 Best Meditation Places in Bali, Indonesia

Quoting Sri Chinmoy, an influential global Indian spiritual leader, Meditation is a form of dynamism of the inner peace. Meditation is very helpful to achieve anything good for human’s inner and outer life. One of the best activities to spend holiday is by yoga or meditation. Meditation is a meaningful activity to calm people mind and good for health […]

The Amazing History of Yoga in Bali

Yoga comes from Sanskrit means “unification”, which means “union with nature” or “union with the Creator”. Yoga is one of the six teachings in Hindu philosophy, which focuses on meditation or what activity in which a person focuses their minds to control the five senses and the body as a whole. Yoga (meditation) in Hindu […]

15 Amazingly Spectacular Yoga Retreats in Bali

Sometimes, we want to be free from the stress that always haunts in almost everyday. Even though it’s easy to break it, some people need something fresh to make the mind more clear and steady for the next days. One of the anwers to release stress is doing some Yoga. Yoga is not a hard […]