15 Amazingly Spectacular Yoga Retreats in Bali

Sometimes, we want to be free from the stress that always haunts in almost everyday. Even though it’s easy to break it, some people need something fresh to make the mind more clear and steady for the next days. One of the anwers to release stress is doing some Yoga. Yoga is not a hard exercise and also a very simple exercise that effectively recude your stress level.

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So, some tourists started looking for this kind of exercise in som green countries, like Indonesia. Of course, you would go to the famous place like Bali, before having the other places to do Yoga. In Bali, the Yoga retreats are more developed to be as modern and comfortable as possible to suit the needs of the foreign tourists. For example, here’s some list of the perfect yga retreats in Bali that you should try :

1. Power of Now

The first place to seek the best Yoga session is the Power of Now in Denpasar Bali. Located in one of the busiest place in Bali, the Perfect Now is a great choice for you who want to take a little bit rest for a while before continuing your holiday.

You can notice this place from afar, with its local rattan architecture. If you want to check it out, you should find your place in the Mertasari Street in Denpasar City. There you can find so many people wih the same interest of seeking a little bit peace.

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2. Seni Village Resort

If you want to take the alone Yoga exercise, you should treat your self with some of the best services in Seni Village Resort. Not like the ordinary resort, this one has some of the best traditional compositions on the environment. There you can find the Indonesan house building and so forth.

Complete with the perfect green scenery, make your morning Yoga session more comfortable wth the sounds of winds and birds around you. Even though it requires a bit of money to get one, you can get one of the best times of doing Yoga in this resort. You should check the area of Cenggu to book one now.

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3. Ashtanga Yoga

The next wonderful Yoga retreat in Bali is the Ashtanga Yoga, located just in the Ubud city of Bali. The best thing about this place is the trainers. Trainers in there will teach you the way of Yoga with the Mysore Program, the traditional Indian Yoga.

Beside that, the location itself is pretty much comfortable, with the wood buildings that will cool you off. Aside from there, you can also have the special session called Ayurvedic. It’s a consultation about the nutrition and spiritual need for your mind.

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4. Jiwa Bikram Yoga

Another one, is the Jiwa Bikram Yoga in Seminyak Bali. It’s located a few kilometers from Denpasar City, you should definiterly check it out in your spare times. Unlike the locations above, in this place you’ll have to do some Yoga in a studio, with a bit hot temperature.

This hot temperature will heat your body more and make you sweat a lot. It’s good for your body though, to release some toxin out and also to calming your mind in the same time. You can also have some of the best food Jiwa Bikram Yoga prepared for you.

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5. Fivelements

Beside the good one in Seni Village Resort, you can also have the bliss of Yoga in this special resort called Fivelements. The name is pretty unique, the combination between the word Five and Elements. Well, the developer combined the five elements of life pretty well.

Starting frm your own room, you can start to put mat on there to help you doing some Yoga. Outside your room, you can have this small thub and a little chair and table. You can also do a Yoga on the outside, in the night, accompanied by the sound of crickets and some illuminating candles.

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6. Soulshine Yoga

You can seek the other alternative of the Yoga retreat that doesn’t have much fee in this Soulshine Yoga. Located in one of the famous spot in Bali, Ubud. In there you can find the wood building aga, and some mats there used by some people for Yoga.

The place is prety simple, and really focusing on a quiet place to do Yoga, because you can’t find so much noise from outside, even the place itself is not far from the outdoor. The place is really good for having a good chat with participants after exercise.

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7. Abing Terrace Bali

The next resort that serve as the best Yoga retreat in Bali is the Abig Terrace. The location of it is so special, just located in some hilly and forresty areas. You can also have some good times in here by enjoying the borderless pool or maybe some tanning.

But beside that, in the morning you can have your special session of Yoga just beside the pool. It’s a bit more satisfying to do some Yoga on the outside when the weather is still fresh rather than in your own room. You can do both of them though.

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8. Uluwatu Yoga and Surf

Even though Uluwatu is known as the best spot to do some enjoyable night life and party all the time, this spot called Uluwatu Yoga dan Surf has some of the good places for you to do some Yoga. In the morning, the place is not so crowded than in the night or evening.

You can use this best chance to do a Yoga, in first thing first in the morning. There you can also mee some partners to do Yoga together in a calming musics or tunes. Surely it will be a great time to peace your mind and having some good relations.

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9. Kura Kura Yoga Retreats

Another affordable Yoga retreat in Bali s the Kura-Kura Yoga Retreat. You’ll do a Yoga with some people in a room here. The rom will have all the windows openes, to bring the fresh wind in. Usually the class will be held during the morning until afternoon comes.

The location itself is pretty simple, the place is having this kind of Yogyakartan architecture with the woods and all rather than Balinese. That’s giving the participants a bit strange few, but positive. The place creates the calm feels without having any illuminating features or anything. And that’s good.

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We can not avoid to tell you these beautiful yoga retreats in Bali. To seek the perfectness f a Yoga, you can try the specific places mentioed below :

  • Floating Leaf Eco
  • Bagus Jati
  • Naya Ubud
  • Azadi
  • Sukhavati Bali
  • Como Shambalah

So those are our best Yoga retreats in Bali. You can see that Bali has so many choices of Yoga retreat, you can pick the modern place, the most cozy ones, or you can lso take the place with the green natural scenery to perfected your Yoga session. But wherever the place you choose, ou should pcik the one that really fit you, in the cost and also the coziness. Because you need a perfect Yoga exercise out off that busy thinking about something else. Just calm your mind, and feel peace.