13 Telephone Manners in Indonesia

Telephone manner is a way of communicating through telephone media that is done properly. When having a phone call calling some of you often neglect the manner that must be done. Telephone manner is aimed so that when you call someone, he or she would know what you mean. Then, they can send feedback according to the topic of the conversation. The different country has the different manner. Here are the telephone manners in Indonesia.

  1. Answer the telephone as soon as possible

This manner applies when you are not in a meeting or working.  When there is a phone call, don’t waste the time to answer it. Don’t let the caller wait too long, maybe it’s an important call.  If it is not possible for you to hold a hand phone, make it in a ring mode. Once there is an important call, you would not miss a call.

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  1. Greeting first

Once you accept the telephone great the caller first. Give them the greeting such as: “Selamat siang, Selamat pagi, Selamat sore.” Especially if you accept the phone that the number don’t existed in your phone contact. Greet the caller as friendly as possible with the soft tone of your voice. (Read also: Indonesian Greetings and Phrases)

  1. Saying “who is speaking?” in Bahasa Indonesia

In English, you have been familiar with the expression of “who is speaking”. The expression is actually used while you don’t who the caller is. While in Indonesia, you could say “Maaf, dengan siapa di sana?”.  After you ask his/her name, it would be clear to whom you are speaking. So, there will be no misunderstanding. (Read also: Characteristics of Indonesian Language)

  1. Use the formal language to the caller that you haven’t known before

Using the formal language is important while you speak. Moreover, if you have a phone call with the person that is older than you, fellow, operator, hotel staff, or someone you haven’t known before.  While using the formal language, you would be considered as polite. However, you might use the informal language with the people that you are really closed with.

  1. Phoning manner while in a meeting, important event, or dining table

While you are in a meeting or important event, don’t forget to ask permission to the host or the people around you. Don’t directly pick your telephone up and speak in front of them unless you would be judged as impolite person. Even while you are at the dining table, you could stop the chewing activity and ask permission to the people around. Then, pick your telephone up in a quiet area. (Read also: Dining Etiquette in Indonesia)

  1. Give the space between your cell phone and mouth at least 5 centimeters

While having a call, try to give the space between your mouth and telephone. They must not too be so closed since it would trigger the unclear voice. If the talk is not too clear, it will lead to many misunderstandings. The message that you want to speak will also undelivered. That is why managing the space between the mouth and telephone is important.

  1. Mention your name as clear as possible and spell it!

While you get a telephone from an operator or Hotel customer service, they would probably ask your name. Here, you need to mention your full name as complete as possible which fits with your ID card. It usually happens while you want to book a room in hotel. To avoid the mistake, you could spell your name as clear as possible. Don’t be angry if they get a mistake in mentioning your name. Just give them the spelling of your name.

  1. Don’t have any phone call while driving

Don’t use your phone while driving, although you use an earphone or headset, it is still considered as dangerous in Indonesia. Once you get a phone call while driving, you could park your car or motorcycle for a while. Then you could pick your phone up after it. In Indonesia, there is at least 27% the cause of accident is the driver using the mobile phone while driving.

  1. If the caller leaves a message, note it!

There will be a condition in which the caller entrusts a message to you to forward to someone else. Make sure listen the message carefully or if necessary note the message. Perhaps the message is very important and should be delivered well. Especially while you couldn’t memorize well the message, just make a note of it.

  1. Speak with the medium voice, don’t be too loud.

Don’t speak with the load voice. All people around you would judge you as old-fashioned and noisy. That is why you just need to use a medium volume of your voice, but keep it clear. Don’t be shouting at telephone. Even while you want to laugh, don’t be too loud. The caller might be disturbed by your loud voice.

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  1. Give a chance for the caller to say goodbye and close the phone first.

While you are accepting the telephone, don’t be so rude by close the phone in the middle of conversation. It is impolite. You could give a chance to the caller to say good bye first. Then let them to close the phone first. It is the form of that you honor the caller. Make sure to answer their greeting well.

  1. Give the caller a nice good bye

Before closing the phone, you could confirm that the conversation is clear enough. Give the interlocutor a nice good bye and say honestly that you are going to end the conversation. You could say, “Saya tutup dulu ya teleponnya.”  (Well, I’m going to close our conversation). And let them to answer your greeting.

  1. Don’t forget to say thank you

Saying thank you is the most important thing while you want to close the phone. You could say it with “Terima kasih untuk waktunya.” (Thank you for your time) or “Terima kasih atas informasinya.” (Thanks for your information). In manner saying thank you is the powerful word that can change everything.

Those are the telephone manner you should know. Some of them might be useful while you visit Indonesia. For further information, you could read Communication Etiquette in Indonesia.