13 Things You Should Never Do in Bali Indonesia

Bali is one of the world’s most enjoyable tourist destinations, many tourists choose the island of Bali as a place to vacation, honeymoon, prewedding, relaxing, business trips, seminars and so on. Apart from that, Bali is indeed a city filled with natural, cultural, traditional charms and a beautiful and interesting place. Apart from that, the […]

Is It Safe To Travel Alone in Indonesia? 15 Correct Answers For You

Indonesia has so many beautiful and awesome place that can not be missed if you have a plan to stay in Indonesia for a long time. Indonesia is a large and growing country. Indonesia’s natural wealth always be interesting thing for foreign tourists. This country has many great places to visit. Indonesia is one of […]

13 Example of Corruption in Indonesia

What is the most phenomenal thing in Indonesia to this day? The answer is of course about corruption. Almost a routine we see the suspects of embezzlement and money launderers caught by the KPK. Suspects of corruption are dominated by state officials, ranging from Ministers, Board Members, Governors, Regents, Mayors, Heads of Service, private developers […]

13 Telephone Manners in Indonesia

Telephone manner is a way of communicating through telephone media that is done properly. When having a phone call calling some of you often neglect the manner that must be done. Telephone manner is aimed so that when you call someone, he or she would know what you mean. Then, they can send feedback according […]

13 Unique Eating Customs in Indonesia – Habits

Each country must have its own characteristic of each culture. There are even a variety of unique customs that done by the community. Custom is part of the culture that shows how community doing something. As the example is eating custom. Indonesians have a unique custom of eating. You would see the average Indonesians who […]

40 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Indonesia

When living inside a particular country, there is always a certain set of rules and laws that you must obey. Indonesia is no exception to this. There are some basic etiquettes and behaviour that everyone have to follow through. Read these 40 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Indonesia to ensure blending in with the public […]

13 Smoking Rules in Indonesia You Must Obey

Smoking is said to bring pleasure to those who smoke cigarettes. It’s a habit that is hard to kill even though there are many risks and diseases in Indonesia link to it. There are people all over the world who smoke cigarettes. Every country has their own set of rules for smokers to follow through. […]

13 Smoking Rules in Bali You Must Obey

Bali is famously known as the Land of the Gods. It has attracted many tourists to every inch of its area. This means that there are more and more people in coming into Bali. These visitors and tourists come into Bali with their own specific habit which could be in the form of smoking. That […]

13 Cultural Norms in Bali

There are cultural norms in Bali that the locals carry out in their daily basis. These cultural norms are highly regarded among the people as it also serve as a representation of the people in Bali. This article will tell you about the 13 Cultural Norms in Bali. When you come to Bali, you may […]

13 Ways How to Make Friends in Jakarta

Making friends can be fun especially when you are living in Jakarta. Jakarta is the capital city in Indonesia. It’s a huge city, packed with a lot of people. Having many people in the area may seem like a good thing because there are more potential friends. But the truth is that it can get […]