13 Most Spoken Languages In Indonesia

Language is a reflection of a nation as a cultural and cultured benchmark, many languages are spoken both verbally and orally. In this case, Indonesia as a pluralistic nation, consisting of thousands of islands and languages rich in its characteristics and uniqueness. 

Each island and region that has different characteristics, a daily language used is also different. The example though still in one area of Java, the use of Java is different. There are Java language Pantura, Javanese Language. there is also Java language mixing Sunda. That’s just one area, then what about the other regions ?.  Which is still within the Republic of Indonesia.

To find out what popular languages are commonly used in Indonesia, here are the explanations:

  1. Javanese Language

The Java island lies between the island of Sumatra and Bali. Although the language attachment used is different, the Java language that consists of the ancient Java language and today has their own uniqueness. Between Pantura Java, Central Java, West Java, and East Java have different languages. You may want to read about Fascinating Facts about Java Indonesia

The term is a coarse language and subtle language. To learn this language we have to study by an institution and self-taught. Java province is divided into middle Java, Jogyakarta, and East Java. Starting from Banyumas to Solo including Java, which distinguishes a unique and diverse language.

2. Aceh Language

Aceh language is one of the regional languages in the province of Aceh. Aceh is one of the languages with a large number of speakers. The Aceh language use area covers almost the entire east coast of Aceh province from Langsa to Banda Aceh on the northern edge. You may want to read about Family Norms in Aceh

The number of Acehnese speakers in the West Coast of Aceh is also no less. Starting from Lhoong up to Blang Pidie. Therefore, it is natural that the language of Aceh dominates in the acquisition of community language in Aceh.

3. Batak Language

According to Batak people’s belief, their ancestors originally named Siraja Batak. Carving Batak script to be able to write Batak language. Siraja Batak is not aware that there are other languages other than his mother tongue. Then,  after Batak people spread to the village na uwalu, they know that there is still a regional language other than Batak language. You may want to read about Interesting Facts about Medan Indonesia

This fact they know after coming sibontar mata (a foreign nation), then followed Batak War and Padri War. They open that there are still many languages that they meet outside Tano Batak.

4. Malay Language

Malay, as a large language, has a long history to become Malay as it is today. Malay is derived from the Austronesian language family when the Austronesian language is derived from the Austronesian language family. In addition to the Austronesian language family, Austro-Asian languages and the Tibetan Chinese language family.

5. Minang Language

Minang language or nine languages are also better suited to the Malay language of slaughter and Kampar in Riau or the language of a marriage of Minang Language with Malay. The closeness between the dialect of Negeri Sembilan and Minangkabau language can be understood because most of the people of Negeri Sembilan are descendants of Minangkabau people. You may want to read about Largest Ethnic Groups of Indonesia

Minangkabau or Minang tribes (often called Orang Padang) are tribes originating from West Sumatra Province. This tribe is famous for its matrilineal, although the Minang people are very strongly embraced Islam.

6. Sundanese Language

Sundanese is a language created and used by Sundanese in their various communication needs. It is not known when this language was born, but from the written evidence, which is the oldest description, the inscription is derived from the 14th century. Sundanese is the second most spoken language in Indonesia after the Java language. Language is considered the most important bearer of a Culture. You may want to read about  Famous Sundanese Food in Bandung

7. Balinese Language

The development of Balinese language cannot be separated from the spread of script from India. Because of the spread of Hinduism and Buddhism in Indonesia, including in Bali, followed by the spread of language and script. There are three levels of Balinese language used, what are the three levels?

a. Balinese Alus Singgih (ASI), Alus Balinese is usually used for formal speeches, for example in official meetings at the village level, marrying women, or talking to people who have a certain position. Alus language is also used when talking to a pastor. You may want to read about Unique Celebrations in Bali Indonesia

b. Balinese Madya / Sor (ASO), Bahasa Bali Madya is used at the community level. Commonly used when talking to parents or teachers. This language is also commonly used when we are new to people. Read more about Fun Activities to Do in Bali Indonesia

c. Balinese language Kepara, Balinese language is used in association with ordinary people or fellow friends. This language is sometimes referred to as rough Bali language so it is not very recommended using. However, in some are, s the use of this language is a symbol of intimacy. You may want to read about Amazing Types of Balinese Masks

8. Makassar Language

The origin of Makassar’s ethnic tribesmen who are ethnically on the southern coast of the island of Sulawesi, and became a tribe known as an oceanic jogger. Makassar itself in the local language is called, “Mangkasara” which means “those who are open”. While the language with Makassar is a language spoken by the tribe of Makassar since centuries ago, sentence sentences used in daily conversation of this society is considered still related to the language of Bugis and Mandar.

9. Bugis Language

Bugis is one of the tribes that exist on the island of Sulawesi. The Bugis belong to the Deutero Malay tribes. The word “Bugis” comes from To Ugi, which means Bugis. The naming of “ugi” refers to the first king of Chinese kingdom in Pammana, Wajo district today, La Sattumpugi. Consonants in Ugi are also recognized as Lontara based on Brahmi’s writings. The letters used are Lontara script, a letter system derived from Sanskrit.

10. Madurese Language

Madurese is the language used by the Madurese. The language is centered on Madura Island, East End of Java Island or in the area called the Horseshoe. Meanwhile, the areas extending from Pasuruan, Surabaya, Malang, to Banyuwangi, Kangean Islands, Masalembo Islands, to Borneo Island. The language of Madura is much influenced by the Javanese, Malay, Bugis, Tionghoa, and others. The influence of Javanese language is felt in the form of language hierarchy system as a result of Mataram occupation of Madura Island.

11. Rejang Language

Rejang is one of the oldest tribes on the island of Sumatra in addition to the tribe of the Malay, this argument is reinforced that the Tribe Rejang has had its own writing and language. The language dialect used by Rejang speakers is much different from that of Malay and other regional languages in Sumatra. Rejang language is the language used by Rejang Lebong community as spoken language to convey intentions and purposes both at home and outdoors and in daily interaction.

12. Banjar Language

The Banjar language is a language spoken by the Banjar tribe in South Kalimantan. This language is also spoken in other areas such as Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, and Indragiri Hilir Regency, Riau. Abroad, the language of Banjar is also spoken by the Banjar tribe in Malaysia. This language is heavily influenced by Malay, Javanese, and Dayak languages. See more about Dayak Tribe

13. Betawi Language

Betawi is the language spoken by Betawi people in Jakarta area. This language is a child of Malay language. Betawi is a creole language based on Malay Market plus Sundanese, Javanese, Balinese, Southern (mainly Hokkien), Arabic, and European (mainly Dutch and Portuguese). There is no standard structure in this language that distinguishes it from Malay because it develops naturally.

Those are complete explanation about most spoken language in Indonesia that you can learn to be adapted with Indonesian society.