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13 Interesting Facts about Raja Ampat Indonesia

by Tri Setiya

Raja Ampat is located in West Papua of Indonesia. This tourism is very popular with the beautiful natural views. This region is stealing the world’s attention through its natural landscape on land and sea. Until finally this area is named by The Last Paradise on Earth. Many local tourists and foreign tourists like to visit this place.

Some of foreign tourists even dedicated Raja Ampat as a mandatory place to visit every year. However, there some facts about Raja Ampat that not many people know. Here are the lists of them.

  1. Found accidentally

A Dutch diver named Max Ammer visited this area in 1990. His original purpose was to trace the existence of ships and planes used in World War II that were suspected to be sinking in the Raja Ampat region. While diving, Max Ammer is fascinated with the diversity of biota in the venue. Now, it is called Raja Ampat.

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  1. The best place for diving

Well, for those who like diving, Raja Ampat is a paradise that located in under the sea with some varieties of beautiful coral reefs. In the Dampier Strait, most of them have the excellent view. You need to dive there.

There are many popular diving spots in Raja Ampat, such as Manta Point, Mike’s Point, Sardine Reef and Shark Point. Semasing point has its own advantages. For example, at Manta point, Manta fish can be easily found with a diameter of 9 meter pacing around you. In the vicinity of Kaboei Bay Rock islands there is one bay beneath which is a coral reef tunnel.

  1. Designated as the Best Destination for Adventure

Indonesia received the award of The Best Destination Adventure category for Raja Ampat at Matka Nordic Travel Fair 2015, Helsinki, Finland, on 15-18 January 2015. The awards were awarded by the Finnish tourism magazine Mondo Travel Magazine (MTM) at the largest tourism exhibition in Northern Europe and The Baltic. Underwater natural beauty and natural island groupings in Raja Ampat, as one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia, rated by MTM is the best in the world.

  1. The coral reef is endangered

A bad news comes from Raja Ampat. The coral reef here is known as the most Popular Coral Reefs in Indonesia. Its beauty of biodiversity in Raja Ampat has made itself in a threat of damage. It can be seen from the damage of coral reefs and forests. Damage to coral reefs is generally due to unfriendly fishing activities such as bombs, cyanide and bore roots (liquids from processed root of a kind of tree to poison fish). That is why the status of coral reef in Raja Ampat is endangered. (Read also: Facts about Coral Reefs in Indonesia)

  1. The access to Raja Ampat is actually not so difficult

Visiting these islands is not too difficult though it takes a lot of time and money. It is recommended using airlines from Jakarta or Bali to Sorong via Makassar or Ambon and Manado for approximately 6 hours flight. From Sorong, there would be a fairly large city with complete facilities. To explore Raja Ampat there are two choices, touring with pinisi boat or staying at the Raja Ampat Dive Lodge resort.

  1. The place of living for unique species. 

Unique species that can be found at the time of diving are several types of sea horses, wobbegong, and Manta stingrays. There is also the endemic fish of Raja Ampat, namely Eviota king, which is a kind of gobbie fish. At the Manta point located in Arborek Dampier strait, you can dive accompanied by some tame manta rays as you dive in the Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan. Meanwhile diving in Cape Kri or Chicken Reef, you can be surrounded by thousands of fish. Sometimes you would find a collection of tuna, giant trevallies, and snappers. (Read also: Rare Fishes in Indonesia)

  1. Sometimes has the strong current of wave

Because Raja Ampat has many islands and narrow straits, most of the dive sites sometimes gives the strong current. But, don’t worry. It is still possible to do drift dive. It is a dive by following a strong current with very clear water through the collection of fish. It would give you a wonderful experience.

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  1. Visited by famous people in the world

Some of popular persons in the world have visited this place for having Christmas Holiday. One of them is Sergey Brin, the CEO of Google. Sergey claimed to enjoy the natural beauty of Papua. Obviously, because Raja Ampat is basically a National Park, the government would limit the number of visitors due to the preservations of the place.

  1. The top ten of most visited destinations in the world

Since Raja Ampat Islands is the largest marine park in Indonesia, it is no doubt that many foreign tourists are interested to visit this place. Moreover, Raja Ampat is one of the best spot of the world diving. Tourists dive almost daily because the dive sites are very wide and various. Most tourists come from Europe. Diving fans even feel at home for weeks or even months in Raja Ampat. They claimed really enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat.

  1. The Number of Visitors is Limited

The number of tourists visiting in Raja Ampat is very limited, especially in certain times. The love of the environment from the surrounding community is the reason. They are ready to do anything, including limiting visitors who want to stop there. The most Visitors to the island of Raja Ampat are foreign tourists. No wonder that Raja Ampat is known as one of the top ten diving sites in the world. Even Raja Ampat Regency is known as the richest tropical natural power in the world.

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  1. The local people of Raja Ampat are friendly

If you have been to Raja Ampat, you must know that the fact is that the local people of Raja Ampat  is one of the most hospitable people. It is so far of most people think that people living in Papua are rude. They are very friendly to every guest who comes to this island. This is also reflected their custom who take the octopus with bare hands to make life in the sea always awake. They are so stunning, right?

  1. The incredible history behind the name of Raja Ampat

In ancient times there was a legend that gave the name Raja Ampat became the name of this island. They are 4 Kings. Formerly, Raja Ampat is divided into several islands, they are Waigeo, Misool, Salawati, and Batanta.

It was told that there was a husband and wife who found 6 dragon eggs, where the eggs suddenly hatched 5 of 6 dragon eggs found. Uniquely, the eggs hatch 5 humans with 4 men and 1 woman. Then the girl was killed by four boys who hatched from dragon eggs which later became king in 4 those islands, namely Waigeo, Misool, Salawati, and Batanta.

  1. Inhabited by 12 tribes of Raja Ampat

There are at least 12 indigenous tribes that currently inhabit the Raja Ampat archipelago. Characteristic of indigenous people of Raja Ampat archipelago is like the people come from Papua land that has black and curly hair. As a resident inhabiting a marine area, their main source of livelihood is to cultivate a variety of natural resources derived from the sea.

Raja Ampat always never fail to make you feel gorgeous. Click this video below.

Those are the facts of Raja Ampat. In conclusion, the limitation of Raja Ampat visitors is not only an issue. So, while you want to visit Raja, it would better to search some information first. For more information, you could see Facts about Papua Indonesia.

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