14 the Most Crowded Chinese New Year Tourist Locations in Indonesia

If we talk about holiday destinations, there are so many locations that we can visit. Every location definitely has a uniqueness and special characteristics. This matter can be said as the reason why every people have different favorite locations.

It is not rare that somebody will arrange and analyze holiday activities in detail and even this has been done before holiday comes. If discussing a few holidays in Indonesia, Chinese New Year is part of those holidays. When the holiday arrives, it is time to prepare and plan the various tourist destinations which make interesting and certainly does not dull.

Now, we would like to talk about some popular Chinese New Year tourist locations in Indonesia. A few of those locations are part of tourist attractions in Indonesia which never empty of visitors. There are some tourist locations that we can visit when Chinese New Year holiday arrives. Those locations will not make our holiday to disappoint. A few locations that we can visit are:

1. Semarang

The first Chinese New Year tourist destination in Indonesia that will be discussed is one of the cities in Central Java, this becomes a very popular tourist location. Who does not know about Semarang? a city that is very close to Chinese culture. If we talk Chinese New Year celebration in Indonesia, Semarang is a location that does not be missed.

There are so many crowded tourist attractions in Semarang and this location also becomes the central place of Chinese New Year celebration. Sam Poo Kong temple is one of the important temples in Semarang. It can also be said as the central location of Chinese New Year celebration which is attractive in this city.

When Chinese New Year celebration comes, the visitors who visit Sam Poo Kong temple are not only from Chinese people but, domestic tourists from the various areas even international tourists also can visit in order to see its festivity. In addition, there is a lot of performance which you can find such as rousing lion dance performance also some other performances.

2. Surabaya

If discussing Chinese New Year in Indonesia, there is a popular city because of its festivity. This city is Surabaya that is one of the cities in East Java. Chinese New Year celebration can be said one important thing in this city. This matter since the number of Chinese people is big in this city of hero. One of the tourist attractions in Surabaya and also as the central location of Chinese New Year celebration is Hong Tiek Hian temple.

Hong Tiek Hian temple is the oldest temple in Surabaya so, it does not wonder if this temple becomes the popular center of Chinese New Year celebration. Moreover, there are so many festivities and Lion Dance performance which we can find at this temple. Besides, there are also other locations that we can visit.

For instance, famous Chinatown in which there are night markets when Chinese New Year comes. Even, we will often find a few of culinary that is very typical this celebration. If you are looking for an interesting location for Chinese New Year holiday, this Surabaya can be as your options.

3. Singkawang

Singkawang is a city in Indonesia that is quite far from Java island. We will visit one of the popular tourist attractions in West Kalimantan. If we talk about Chinese New Year celebration, it can be said no one can compare the celebration in this city. Furthermore, Singkawang is one of the cities as central Chinese New Year celebrations and the biggest celebration in Indonesia. Even, the celebration which is held in this city is also the biggest in Southeast Asia.

This matter is not an impossible thing since not only the temples that hold the celebration but, one city of Singkawang also makes it so rousing when Chinese New Year celebration arrives. There are so many tourist attractions in this city that is never empty of visitors. In addition, people who come to this celebration are not only Chinese people but, Dayak tribe also participates and celebrates this rousing Chinese New Year parade. During Chinese New Year Celebration is ongoing, there are a lot of festivities and they definitely will not disappoint.

4. Solo

Solo is a city that has a lot of popular tourist destinations. This city is more famous because of the typical java culture. Moreover, Solo also can be said one of the popular cities with Chinese ethnic. The most rousing activity when Chinese New Year celebration is Grebek Sudiro.

The celebration which is held in this location is a merging between Java culture and Chinese culture. Chinese town or Sudiroprajan area is the central area of Chinese New Year celebration in Solo city. When Chinese New Year arrives, there are so many locations that are never empty of visitors. A variety of attractive decorations and also very Chinese typical can be found at the central shopping places in this city. You can make sure that Solo city can be as one of an interesting city for celebrating Chinese New Year.

5. Tuban

Perhaps, Tuban is still sounded very rare for some people but, talking Chinese New Year celebration in this city is quite rousing.  The center of Chinese new Year celebration In Tuban is located at Kwan Sing Bio temple. The location of this temple can be called so easy to find. The one thing makes this place popular is its location exactly which is on the edge of main highway and on the coastline. Besides, there is a replica of the big crab statue at the main gate and it makes more attractive.

When Chinese New Year celebration comes, Kwan Sing Bio temple area is always crowded with the visitors. People who come to this temple are not only from Tuban but, people from the outside of Tuban also want to see and feel the festive celebration in this coastal city.

Then, there still some other locations which we can visit besides the examples above, such as:

6. Medan

7. Palembang

8. Jakarta

9. Tegal

10. Yogyakarta

11. Bangka

12. Bogor

13. Depok

14. Lombok

Anyway, that is all a few cities which can be the places of Chinese New Year celebrations. Every city has the uniquenesses that certainly makes us interested. Nevertheless, those places will show the rousing festivities of Chinese New Year and it will not be missed. At last, hope this information useful for you.