16 Exotic and Unforgettable Beaches in East Java Must be Visited

When we talk about tourist destinations, there are a lot of locations that we can find. In addition, If we discuss the location of tourist attractions in Indonesia, we will never run out of the topics certainly. One of the locations or tourist attractions kinds which are often visited from many various locations in Indonesia is the beach.

Just mention a few hidden beaches in Indonesia are still not known by people or some beach names that are not only popular in the local but also, they have been popular in foreign countries. If talking about beach tourism so, it will not be a strange thing that Indonesia is one of heaven beach tourism.

We can find out plentiful beach tourisms that spread out every province of Indonesia. One of the interesting beaches is a few beaches in East Java and they are looked very tempting. There are so many beach tourisms that we can find in East Java. Some of them have been known but maybe some have been unknown yet such as;

1. Papuma Beach

East Java is one of the provinces which keep considerable the beauty of nature. From the number of tourist attractions in East Java, beach tourism is one of the popular locations. If discussing exotic beaches in East Java so, Papuma beach must be written on the list of this category.

Papuma Beach is also a part of tourist attractions in Jember that has been popular because of its beauty. This beach is the beauty result from combining between the stretch of white sand and some coral reefs. It does not wonder if Papuma beach area becomes a destination from tourists. For those who love photography, this location offers charming landscapes. The facilities near this beach are also complete enough by providing some lodgings. Therefore, do not say a ‘disappointed’ word when you are visiting and enjoying the beauty of Papuma beach.

2. Pulau Merah Beach

Now, we move a little bit towards the east end of the province of east java. A tourist attraction that will be discussed especially about a beach is a part of tourist attraction in Banyuwangi. The name of this beach is Pulau Merah beach. Pulau Merah beach makes proud enough since this beach is not only popular around local tourists.

But, we also find a few international tourists who come to enjoy the beautiful views from this beach. This matter because the area of Pulau Merah beach has been famous as one of the world-class surfing spots. Furthermore, somebody mentions that Pulau Merah beach as Kuta beach from East Java. If we want to reach Pulau Merah beach, it will need approximately three hours away from Bayuwangi downtown. Although, the journey maybe take a long time and feel tired during a trip. It will be paid off when arrives at this beach. If you want a calm atmosphere at Pulau Merah beach, you should come on a weekday.

3. Banyu Tibo Beach

Unique, beautiful, and attractive are three words to describe this exotic beach from East Java. Banyu Tibo beach is one of the popular tourist attractions in Pacitan. This beach is different from other beaches. This matter because Banyu Tibo beach has a waterfall and near seashore.

The existence of this waterfall as the reason why this beach is called Banyu Tibo beach. The name of this beach is very general to be found and known by almost all of Pacitan people. Besides, the area of Banyu Tibo beach ordinarily becomes a tourist destination in Pacitan on the Eid Mubarak holiday.

People who come to this beach are not only limited to domestic tourists but also, we find a few tourists from outside the city. If you have an opportunity to visit Pacitan so, this tourist attraction must be visited in order to get a completed tour.

4. Sempu Island

Perhaps, some of you ask the reason why Sempu Island is included on the list of exotic beaches in Indonesia. The simple answer is because Sempu Island keeps an interesting beach. Basically, the area of Sempu Island is a natural reserve so that, in order to get into this tourist attraction can be said quite hard.

Nevertheless, Sempu Island as one of the tourist attractions in Malang has been very popular. The name of Sempu Island has already been popular among nature lovers. The area of Sempu Island surely can be said very natural by natural scenery which really tempts. This matter creates the reason why the beach area of Sempu Island to be quite famous. Besides, Segara Anakan beach inside this island makes Sempu Island like exotic islands that we can find out in various countries of the world.

5. Klayar Beach

If you hear the name of Klayar beach, do not sing yet especially for those who love traditional Java songs. This beach is one of the tourist attractions in Pacitan city. As one of the exotic beaches in East Java, Klayar Beach definitely has a beauty which is not inferior to other beaches. It can be said that Klayar beach is the mainstay of tourist attraction in Pacitan area.

Klayar beach has a beautiful stretch of white sand. Besides, the rock structures that exist at this beach get more lovely and charming. If you want to reach this beach maybe, we need a long time due to the distance quite far from downtown. However, it will be paid off when we see the view of Klayar beach so beautiful.

There still some other tourist locations besides the example above such as;

6. Buyutan Beach

7. Goa Cina Beach

8. G Land Beach (Plengkung)

9. Tiga Warna Beach

10. Teluk Hijau

11. Balekambang Beach

12. Pelang Beach

13. Srau Beach

14. Sukamade Beach

15. Coro Beach

16. Watu Ulo Beach

Anyway, that is some destinations of exotic beaches in East Java which must be visited. Every the location of beach certainly makes your holiday to get more fun and exciting. At last, hope this information is useful.