12 Things To Do in Bali For Young Adults

BalinesiaYou are on vacation on the island of Bali, there are some interesting things that can be done to satisfy your curiosity in traveling.

Some entertainment locations are amazing and can make you feel happy to linger there.

The age of adolescence is an age where curiosity about anything is very large, so it is not satisfied with that one. Hence the best thing that you must do in Legian Bali.

Well the following, there are recommendations for some things to do in Bali for young adults, of course, will be memorable and make your holiday, even more, love the island of Bali. To know what these are, here’s an example below:

1. Waterboom Bali

Waterboom BaliNow you want to feel the excitement of vacationing on the island of Bali. Then no greetings trying to play in various amusement rides in Waterboom, Bali.

There are many types of exciting water games, not only suitable for early childhood but also teenagers who want various rides. You can play skating, wave pools, swimming, massage and spa treatments, restaurants and so on.

To be sure you will be at home for long playing water in this place. The location is on Jalan Kartika, Tuban, Kuta, the price starts from Rp. 265,000 for small children up to Rp. 300,000 adolescents and adults. Things that wonderful and must See in East Bali.

2. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach, BaliFurthermore, things to do in Bali for young adults are playing and relaxing on Kuta beach.

There are several playgrounds for you who want to know about the beauty and games in Kuta.

You can enjoy a relaxing bike, swim, banana boat, play kites or just enjoy the sunset.

Which is certainly fun and exciting, there are also available hawker centers, restaurants, hangouts and so on. The location is on Jalan Kuta, Bali along the way you can find interesting and fascinating things.

3. Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot TempleSpeaking of beaches in Bali, it is indeed impressive and also interesting. One of them is a beautiful and charming location, Tanah Lot, where you can vacation with family, friends, and colleagues.

You can take pictures, with exotic natural scenery. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of Balinese specialties while walking around looking at nature and looking for something you have never felt before.

The most comfortable if you visit in the afternoon because the atmosphere is increasingly cool and calm plus the beauty of the beautiful sea scenery. Amazing things that included in must do in Bali bars.

4. Tanjung Benoa Beach Tourism

Tanjung-Benoa-Beach-TourismVacation activities to the turtle island of Tanjung Benoa are exciting and challenging activities, you and your family can enjoy the atmosphere in the middle of the sea, around 300-500 meters from the beach, by motorized boat.

From under the boat, there is clear glass so that you and your family can see the depths of the ocean and its inhabitants such as coral reefs and various kinds of ornamental fish.

If you travel in large quantities, then there are a number of activities recommended for visiting the tourist attractions of the turtle island of Tanjung Benoa Bali, because the charm of glass bottom boat and turtle island tour activities is so amazing.

5. Bali Safari Marine Park

Bali-Safari-Marine-ParkYou who like entertainment venues in the form of zoos, then things to do in Bali is visiting Bali Safari Marine Park.

In this place, you can enjoy understanding the collection of wild and tame animals.

Besides in the morning, you can also enjoy a tense night safari. Besides animal collections, there are also amazing animal attractions.

Like tigers, dolphins, birds, elephants and so on. You will not be disappointed as long as you enjoy the atmosphere in this place, the location is on the Bypass road Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km. 19.8, Gianyar. Finding the interesting must do in Canggu Bali.

6. Jimbaran Bali Beach

Jimbaran-Beach-BaliAnother beach that you can also visit while you are on holiday in Bali is Jimbaran beach.

There are lots of fun activities done here like swimming, relaxing, sunbathing, driving around on bicycles and many more.

In addition, you will enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the beach because there are several exciting hangouts around the beach.

You can taste traditional Balinese menus, or delicious western food and the price is quite affordable.

The beach is indeed a pleasant vacation choice, you will definitely feel at home, especially your accommodation is quite comfortable to see the stunning scenery of Jimbaran beach.

7. Dreamland Waterpark Pecatu

Dreamland-Waterpark-PecatuYou who like to play water, then you can try doing water play activities such as swimming, wave pool, bathing or skating.

All recreational water you can try one by one, which is definitely fun and fun.

If you go on vacation to this place, then be ready – ready to bring replacement clothes because when playing water, of course, it will not feel like walking.

Because when you enjoy the atmosphere and the surrounding scenery that is cool, you want to visit this place so the location is on Jalan Uluwatu, Pecatu, South Kuta. The following the best meditation places in Bali, Indonesia you must try.

8. Bali Zoo Gianyar Bali

Bali Zoo Gianyar BaliOne of the zoo attractions in Bali, which combines the zoo with water rides is the Bali zoo park Gianyar.

You can see various collections of animals ranging from reptiles to mammals, in this place will also be shown some attractions of these animals. There are shows from animals and you can also play water at this location.

You just have to choose which vehicle we want to try, the location is on the highway Singapadu Seseh Batuan Sukawati Gianyar. Our interesting activities we bathe and also feed elephants and other animals.

9. Upside Down World Bali

Upside Down World BaliThe things to do in Bali that are no less exciting are upside down world Denpasar Bali.

A place that is a photo studio that can take pictures that are produced looks unique as seen walking on the ceiling, looks like flying and so on. There are many collections of images with beautiful and cool paintings.

You can come to the location on the Ngurah Rai No. Pass road. 762, Pemogan, Denpasar. You can also invite friends and colleagues to do holiday activities in this place, which must be very fun and enjoyable holidays on the island of Bali.

Apart from being a fun place, there are various other complete facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and souvenirs that you can buy. The way how to prevent getting sick in Bali, you should take care of it.

10. Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey ForestIf you want to vacation in a different atmosphere, such as calm, beautiful and calm atmosphere, then you can take a vacation to Monkey Forest, Ubud Bali.

In this place, the atmosphere is so calming and you can directly interact with the watchman there, monkey.

There are many wild monkey animals that you can meet, but the thing that you should pay attention to when visiting there is not to bring excessive food and drink. Or if you want to feed animals there, then use a safe plastic container. Because the monkey there is quite ignorant to find various foods and drinks.

The location is on Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud. So, you can walk around while enjoying the beauty of nature as well as the cool surrounding scenery.


In addition to things to do in Bali for young adults, other interesting things are as follows:

  • Omnia Dayclub Uluwatu, is a beautiful place that is used as a tourist for teenagers, hangouts, take photos or spend time just eating and talking with colleagues. You have to visit the natural wonders in Bali Indonesia, so amazing view.
  • Pod Chocolate Shop & Cafe, a restaurant and hangout for young people, with a high caching appearance, this place provides a variety of processed menus from chocolate in addition to an attractive and comfortable building.

So are some examples of things to do in Bali for young adults. Hopefully, it becomes your recommendation for a vacation and choosing the best tourist location during your vacation in Bali.