Amazing Things That Included in Must Do in Bali Bars

Now, as you may know already, within this week there are two main holidays that we can’t miss. The first one is Christmas Day, a day of merry and jolly where people are celebrating with cosplaying as Santa Claus and giving the kids candies. After the Christmas Day, one thing that surely can’t be missed is the New Year’s Eve. On Bali island, this special time usually use for partying all day long.

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That’s why many bars around Bali are usually booked long before the last day of December. Mostly, people are coming from the countries outside Indonesia such as Japan, America, European Countries, and many others. By seeing all the excitement on the internet, they want to fell the New Year Celebration right on this heavenly island. So, one thing that we’re gonna talk about is the must do in Bali bars. We want to provide the information about the bars and also activities that you can do in them. Let’s start with the first one.

1 – Omnia Day Club

For the first one inside the must do in Bali bars, you should visit one of the best one called Omnia Day Club. In this mansion-like bar, you can have a wide are with a building that mostly decorated in white. The palm trees are always the nice touch of this place, which is blending in the white color that this place has.

This club is actually still young. It was first opened back in the start of 2018 and becoming the attraction of the Uluwatu area. It’s located inside the Alila Villas Uluwatu. That’s why mostly the visitors are coming from the villas that located nearby. During the day, people can enjoy a nice cocktail, fancy foods, and also the refreshing swimming pool.

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2 – Mirror Lounge and Bar

Moving from there, we’re going to a unique one must do in Bali bars called Mirror Lounge and Bar. How creative the owner’s mind of this place. Somehow, the classiCal gothic theme can be combined with such a common location like a bar. Located in the area of Seminyak Bali, the place is highly inspired from the interior of a catherdral. You can see the tall windows, and an altar-like platform on the center of it.

Because of the location that is right behind the Gardin Bistro, which is one of the famous cafes in the location of Seminyak. That’s why spotting this bar is really easy. However, even though the theme is really classical, but they combine it with the lasers, everywhere. The lasers can give the different mood from the wall colors.

3 – The Bus Telegraph Pub

For the Australian feels, everyone can visit the authentic The Bus Telegraph Pub. With a theme from Australia, anyone who comes from that very country can feel that this place is just like home. The walls are decorated with animals head. And on the front, you can also take some pictures with a crocodile. At least, it’s not alive.

To enter this pub that’s full of adventure, you can go to one famous area in Bali, which is Kuta. The pub is also completed with the additional things that can make it more memorable, such as the country music, cold beer, and also some of the Australian foods such as Steak and Grilled Tuna. Without preparing any visa, anyone can visit this “little Australia”.

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4 – The Melting Pot Saloon

Friends are a must thing that you should have when visiting a bar, especially if you want to release the stress and just having all the fun all night long. You can visit one fun place called The Melting Pot Saloon, which is the place where people from all over the world gathering to spend times together in a very friendly environment.

On the walls, you can see the national flags from many countries around the world. All put into one wall background, resembling the unity. However, in this place, there are two main screens that usually showing International football matches. That’s why, in the special times like the world championship, this Melting Pot Saloon is always becoming the most crowded place.

5 – Vin +

Now, from the crowded bar, let’s go to more quiet one that suitable to enjoy the night exclusively. In the area of Seminyak, there’s a place named Vin +. This place is really easy to notice. Anyone can see the tall bamboo architecture that becoming its main gate. Inside, the visitors will be more comfortable with all the bamboo walls and ceilings.

For a romantic dinner, this place is really suitable. Especially because of the fact that the Vin+ has collections of labeled wine. The Vin+ is also a restaurant that has the most labeled International Wine in this world. The fact itself shows the quality of the place. With a very comfortable place, high-quality wine, and also love in the air, this Vin+ can always be an oasis for two.

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6 – La Favela

Even though the Bali island is included as one of many tropical islands in Indonesia, there are people out there that Bali island is not as “tropical” as they imagine. That’s why we want to tell you that there’s a place that even more tropical called LA Favela. With a combination from both vintage and tropical theme, the club is indeed very instagrammable.

Little vertical gardens also added inside the club to bring the theme up. In this unique place, the visitors can also enjoy the menu, other than its physical appearance. However, the club also opens on the day time, making it suitable for both lunch or dinner. During the day, the lamps still look beautiful and as comfortable as in the night time.

7 – Double-Six Club

Of course, in the special night with your friends, you’d like to enjoy a place that is really nice, entertaining, and also fun. The perfect place is none other than Double-Six Club. It’s located in the Double Six Hotel in Seminyak, Bali. If the hotel is known to be one of the best, then the club’s reputation is even better.

The Double-Six Club is actually the biggest rooftop bar in the country. With wide about 1.700 square meters, surely it surpasses the other contenders. The place is usually crowded during the night when the DJs are bringing up the music to make all of them act on the dance floor. Aside from the music, the place is also known for its cocktails and the floating pods.

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8 – Karma Beach Club

Karma is indeed a real thing. In Bali, you can even have a drink inside it, in the Karma Beach Club. Even though the name of it is a bit mythical, but the actual place is so far away from that. The club even the best one of all clubs on the island. Located in the hidden part of Bali island, Karma Beach Club can always be a stunning beauty.

You can’t find all the modern buildings here. But instead, you’ll find the huts with beautiful chairs and umbrellas. Things will change during the night time. There will be a DJ who will give music to warm the night. Also, don’t forget to visit it during the Monday night, because there’s always a public theatre that held on this place, showing the famous movies for all the visitors.

9 – Frankenstain’s Laboratory

If you wonder is there any club in Bali that has the unique theme other than the ones that already mentioned above, the answer is a yes. There’s a place that looks horor, even though they are not open during Halloween. The place is Frankenstain’s Laboratory. Yep, even in Bali, you can enter his favorite place.

This one is actually the first bar that used Zombie and Halloween theme. So, they are like cosplaying all day long with their own uniform, which is the clothing of many mythical characters. Sounds fun. However, this bar that located in Seminyak also have the unique sets of menu like Dancing Dead Cabaret for example.

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So, aside from the nine amazing bars above, you can also visit the other ones in the list of the must do in Bali bars below. Even though the info is not as complete as the other nine above, but surely you can have a lot more choice, such as :

1. Ku De Ta

2. Pretty Poison

3. Cocoon Beach Club

4. W Retreat and Spa

5. Akademi

6. Rock Bar

7. Baker Street Social

The article about the must do in Bali Bars ends here. So, those bars are always having their spectacular aspects that anyone who visits Bali should experience. Even though some of them are considered as expensive ones, but surely behind those high prices there are high qualities of many things contained. So, enjoy your holiday and happy new year!