7 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in Indonesia

Known for the rich and diverse nature across the islands, Indonesia possesses a lot of spectacular views of nature where people can enjoy sightseeing. One of these breathtaking sceneries Indonesia has lies on the amazing waterfalls spread across the 34 provinces. With the smooth and cool running water and green spaces surrounding it, many waterfalls […]

12 Things To Do in Bali For Young Adults

You are on vacation on the island of Bali, there are some interesting things that can be done to satisfy your curiosity in traveling. Some entertainment locations are amazing and can make you feel happy to linger there. The age of adolescence is an age where curiosity about anything is very large, so it is […]

Is It Safe To Travel Around Indonesia? 13 Proper Answer for You

Indonesia is an archipelagic country. Indonesia is at the encounter of the earth’s plate. So Indonesia naturally has many volcanoes. The existence of these mountains make Indonesia has many beautiful places. Such as highland tourist areas, waterfalls, craters, and so do not exist in other countries. In addition, because Indonesia is an archipelago country, then […]

Is It Safe To Travel Alone in Indonesia? 15 Correct Answers For You

Indonesia has so many beautiful and awesome place that can not be missed if you have a plan to stay in Indonesia for a long time. Indonesia is a large and growing country. Indonesia’s natural wealth always be interesting thing for foreign tourists. This country has many great places to visit. Indonesia is one of […]

25 Local Economic Impacts of Dragon Tourism in Indonesia

There’s a famous dragon tourism in Indonesia that is gaining a lot of attention from all over the world. This dragon is the endangered Komodo that lives in the Komodo Dragon Island. There, only a handful of Komodos are left to live in the wild. Tourists are able to see what these animals are like […]