9 Romantic Honeymoon Place Recommendations in Bali

To decide honeymoon places is certainly written on the list of planning for the new couples who will get married. Bali Island definitely is one of the places which still become favorite for honeymoon. It is not only for holiday at the end of year in Bali but also, this Dewata island is always crowded […]

7 of the Best Hangouts in Bali for Celebrating New Year

We should not go far or abroad for celebrating new year even, you can enjoy the festive celebration in Indonesia such as in Bali island. To celebrate new year in Bali, it can be as a special moment especially, if we celebrate it together with close relatives. Not only domestic tourists assume Bali which is […]

11 Fascinating Places to Visit in Ubud to Heal Your Soul

Ubud and Kuta, two popular destinations that you can find in Bali, Indonesia. The difference is Ubud has more traditional sentiment instead of Kuta. While Kuta has more modern approach such as restaurants, hotels, and some beaches located near street, Ubud offers some natural and traditional way in offering the visit. You can find traditional […]

Best Snorkeling in Bali Indonesia – The Exclusive Locations You Should Visit

After we telling you so much about the best surfing locations in this country, we want to encourage you to visit other places that really suitable for doing this special watersport called snorkeling. Snorkeling is an activity that can be enjoyed by everybody. Unlike surfing, which requires bravery and skills, snorkeling is considered to be […]

12 Things To Do in Bali For Young Adults

You are on vacation on the island of Bali, there are some interesting things that can be done to satisfy your curiosity in traveling. Some entertainment locations are amazing and can make you feel happy to linger there. The age of adolescence is an age where curiosity about anything is very large, so it is […]

13 Common Streets to Avoid in Bali

Going to Bali is such a traveler goal. There is a diverse popular culture in Bali making it a must go to destination and for a good reason. But sometimes you just want to experience things you can only find in Bali area like a local and dodge all the tourists. This can be almost impossible […]

13 Things To Do in Bali With a 4 Years Old

Many interesting things can be done at the time of the holiday season. For example, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, there are lots of special locations for vacationing with a family that you can spend together. Flights to the island of Bali greatly increased significantly. If you do not order tickets from afar, […]

14 Areas to Avoid in Bali

There are many popular famous destination in Bali and for many good reasons. However, sometimes you just want to experience the area like a true local and dodge all the tourists. This can be almost impossible with a constant wave of international travelers. Nevertheless, there are a few hidden natural wonders in Bali that haven’t been tainted […]

13 Ways on How to prevent getting sick in Bali

Rushing to the bathroom with an upset stomach is not how you want to spend your holidays. You can get sick anywhere, but there is some illness that often happens to people traveling to another country. Your body is getting used to the weather, food and the habit. This also can happen to you when […]

13 Famous Park in Bali You Must Visit

Bali is famous for its global tourism. Many people know Bali because of its beautiful culture and beaches. But not only the beaches, mountains and rivers are instagenic, parks in Bali also offer unparalleled beauty. What are the famous parks in Bali? Here are some Famous Park in Bali : 1. Taman Nusa Sidan Taman Nusa […]