15 Common Work Values in Indonesia You Must Know

You may wonder, what is it like to work in Indonesia? To know the answer, you have to familiarise yourself with the Indonesian work culture. The culture might be a totally different experience from other countries and so are the values. There are 15 Common Work Values in Indonesia You Must Know in order to get an idea of how workers carry out their jobs at companies. You can read all about them here to give you more insight about the work environment and the expected values that workers must have to work in the country.

1. Disciplined

Workers must maintain discipline at all times. They have to follow through all the regulations in their workplace. Some examples of showing it include keeping their work spaces clean and taking care of the office supplies. By being disciplined, their works will become more effective with good results. It’s also a way of Indonesian workers to show how much they value the company that has provided them with jobs.

2. Able to Work in Teams

For most of the time, workers in Indonesia are expected to be able to work in teams. They are still given the freedom to work individually but when the time comes for some group efforts, they must be able to handle it. A workplace will demand workers to get along with with each other. They have to have the skill of adapting with new people or environments.

3. Good Communication

A good communication between workers is a value that a workplace often upholds. Without any sort of flowing communication between workers, there could be mistakes and misunderstandings. They may even cause conflicts that should not be there in the first place. For instance, saying “excuse me” while passing through other people is a common communication etiquette in Indonesia. However, it shows a lot of character for the one who is doing it. When doing such a thing, a worker is considered as polite, respectful and humble. Workers can get along fine with each other when communication is there.

4. Honest

Honesty is a must when you work in Indonesia. Companies respect workers who are honest. Honesty is a great value that a worker can have. It makes other people to trust their ability in doing their works. Moreover, honesty means that a worker values the company and the people they are working for. A dishonest worker is shady and no company would want them. They may cause the workplace to have an ineffective work flow as people are uncomfortable in their working environments.

5. On Time

Indonesians are known for their tendency to be late. Most people often underestimate time and do not arrive at the correct hour. However, there is a strict rule for workers to always be on time. It’s even better when workers arrive earlier than when they are supposed to as that will reduce their chance of coming in late. Workers that do not waste their time are seen as more serious and professional.

6. No Corruption

Workplaces have no tolerance for corruption. It is forbidden for workers to commit corruption within the company there are working in. A corruption case can definitely ruin a company’s reputation and the workers will be terminated immediately. More and more companies are aiming to be more transparent in Indonesia. Workers must obey the rules as the country’s current mission is to demolish any form of corruption.

7. Respectful

Inside the workplace, workers must give respect to everyone there. Those that may have lower job status are given the same amount of respect as anyone else. However in Indonesia, a worker must show more respect towards their superiors. Bosses or supervisors must always be regarded in the best way possible. In case there is a meet up among each other, those with high job status must be greeted first. It is one of the business etiquette in Indonesia.

8. Professional Behaviours

Workers in Indonesia must display professional behaviours. This include handing in works on time, focusing on task and helping your co-workers who might need your help. Some unprofessional behaviours would be stealing your co-workers ideas without giving them any credits. That is a big no and it will cause co-workers to hate each other. Another unprofessional behaviour is being unprepared for meetings. Workers must try their hardest to be prepared for anything at their workplace.

9. Adaptable

Being adaptable is a good quality in workers. It can greatly help them to adjust with their ever changing work environments. Those who find it very hard to adapt may find themselves quitting their jobs to find other works somewhere else. The dynamics or the rules of the workplace can change overtime and workers must have the skill to fit into the vision of their workplace.

10. Trustworthy

Another work value that is expected in Indonesia is being trustworthy. Workers must prove themselves worthy enough to earn the trusts of their bosses and co-workers. People can’t fully work around each other if the trust isn’t there. In Indonesia, a trustworthy person is judged from his actions and his words. If a worker can do his jobs correctly with honesty then he is considered as someone that can be trusted. You may also want to read negotiation styles in Indonesia.

11. Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is always welcomed in the Indonesia work environments. Positivity will give the workplace a good vibe for people to work in. Workers will become more motivated to finish their tasks with the best results. Happy workers mean that there will also be a rise in the amount of productivity. Companies do not like it when their workers are being negative and lazy. They will only slow down the work progress.

12. Loyal

Being loyal to a workplace is an admirable value. Although most companies want all their workers to be loyal, some may find that hard to do. When workers are loyal to their workplaces, they continue to work through the the good and the difficult times. They do not badmouth their own company and always look forward to make impactful contributions that will make the company even more successful.

13. Serve the People

For workplaces that focus on giving the best service to their customers, workers must always strive to serve them with the best experience. They must always listen to their customers and help them out when they run into troubles. When the service is good, customers will appreciate the company even more. In return, workers will also be awarded for their great work in improving the reputation of the company.

14. Committed

Workers must always be committed to their works. In Indonesia, companies appreciate workers who are willing to take that extra mile to reach a certain goal. They might even have to work beyond the typical work hours in Indonesia. Even if workers stumble upon failure, their commitment won’t cause them to quit. In fact, workers should use that failure as a stepping stone for better improvements.

15. Responsible

For this, responsibility is a value that has to be carried out in the workplace. Each worker has to be responsible for his or her own action. In case a worker commits a mistake, he or she must own up and take responsibility for it. A worker is not encouraged to blame others for his or her own mistake. That would be a shameful behaviour in the workplace. Workers will lose their trusts and respects for one another. The whole situation may cause a workplace to fail.

So those are the values that workers must have in Indonesia. Workers must display these values if they want to keep working and improving their companies.