14 What to Experiences in Indonesia

Do you put Indonesia to your bucket list as a must-visit country this year or for upcoming year? How prepared you are to spend your time? Or do you have to go to Indonesia but unfamiliar with the country? Do you still get confused what to do Indonesia? Read 15 Enchanting What to Experiences in Indonesia to give you an enlightment, for both tourists and locals.

  1. Take your chance to see the beauty of the Nature by travelling around Indonesia

 Pamuteran, a region in Bali took seventh place as 10 best excursion country in Asia. Pamuteran is claimed for having the cleanest village in the world and one of the divers’ heaven with the richness of coral in the world.

However, Indonesia still saves its beauty in the other areas. For example, Bunaken National Park, which located in Manado, North Sulawesi is one place to see underwater treasures.

You prefer mount or hills, zoo, lake, and others than beach and sea? Indonesia has a long list about those things. Not only tourists adore Indonesian natural view but also the locals.

  1. Spicy and Strong Flavor is the typical of The Culinary

Every city has culinary signature but in common, lot of cuisine add coconut milk as their ingredients, and many seasoning such as hazelnut, chili, ginger, galangal, sugar and tummeric.

Cooking techniques have similiarity with Arabian and Eastern country style since the ingredients are brought from there. In Indonesia, there is a tradition saying you have not eaten yet if there isn’t rice on the plate. You can read more about 20 Heavenly Yogyakarta Traditional Foods,  Appetizing Traditional Food From Sumatera,  Famous Local Foods in Bali with Incredible Taste, and  Indonesian Vegetarian Food.

  1. Say “Terima Kasih” instead of Thank You in your interaction with locals

It will be a plus point to a native speaker if you can interact with them with their mother language, Bahasa Indonesia. Besides, you can easily get a friend by speaking with Bahasa Indonesia.

If you stay for three or four days, the basic is enough, like greeting words. While spending two until three weeks in Indonesia, you better add some conversational material, especially travelling vocabulary. Read more about  How to Greet in Bali 

  1. Tribes’ Traditions are ready to amaze you!

Imagine a country with more than 300 tribes, and each tribe has unique cultures, it definetely brings a memorable experience if you can join some of them.

Lots of the traditions deliver messages mostly about life philosophy such as birth and death. They also send friendship and peace counsel. Read more about Acehnese in Indonesia,  Most Famous Tribes in Indonesia, and  Indigenous Tribes of Indonesia.

Commonly, every tradition has a history behind that later become the tradition itself. This is the interesting part.  You should take your time to hear those histories from chairman in the village.

Tourists and even locals considerably often get amused by the stories and feel the sensation to learn more about the tradition.

  1. Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, and repeat: Enjoy the Tropical Climate

If you get used to winter season and regularly lights up fire, you will skip that routines. You can’t have a view to see falling leaves, nevertheless.

Indonesia only has two seasons, wet and dry. A high intensity of rain is the clearest mark of tropical country, so does Indonesia.  When dry season comes, and you are in Central of Indonesia such as Kalimantan, you better buy a sunblock to protect your skin. Read more about Kinds of Weather in Indonesia You Must Know

Then, some cities are covered with mild air, and there is no  significant changes there. One of them is Brastagi, Medan.

  1. Lets take a look to The Historical Place & Building

History noted that Indonesia has ever colonized by some countries. Japan invaded Indonesia for about 3 years and Netherland was the prior to take control Indonesia land.

Whilst 1945 has been a year to declaring Indonesia’s Independence day, many legacies remain good and treated by government to become a memorial for the nation. Usually, many sites are free to be visited. Read more about Rules When You Visit Indonesian Museum

Lots of historical place and building are in Jakarta, but it is also a good option to go to Surabaya, as it is the city in Indonesia that named as Heroes City. The museum of Heroes is situated here.

  1. See the Flora to find a rotten flower!

Indonesia gains a lot advantage from its geographic position. The types of the flora reflects the combination of Asian and Australian species.

Indonesia is home for the biggest flower in the world, Rafflesia Arnoldi. It also has a horrible odour, just like Amorphophallus titanium, and Indonesian, especially students are often to think they are the same flower. Read more about  Interesting Plants in Indonesia.

In fact, they are from different division. Both of them can be found in Bogor Botanical Garden. Amorphophallus titanium has higher height than people in common, it can be grow more than 2 meters tall while Rafflesia Arnolodi does not grow as the rotten flower. Read more about Rafflesia Arnoldii Flower Facts (The Largest Flower in the World)

  1. Komodo belongs to rare species from The Fauna in Indonesia

It seems incomplete if Fauna doesn’t show up to prove the huge biodiversity in Indonesia. This has been an attention for government to preserve the animals.

It divided into three varieties; Asiatic, Austral Asiatic, and Australic types, Indonesia appear as one of the main destination for research and conservation action. Read more about The Komodo Dragon Island in Indonesia

There also animals only found in Indonesia, such as Komodo which is mentioned as biggest primordial lizard live in Flores, Anoa in Sulawesi, and Jalak Bali Bird. Those are counted as near-to-extinction animal.
You can have more complete information by reading Endangered Animals in Indonesia

  1. The Diversity lets you know there are 10 tribes in only one province!

If flora and fauna are never enough, Indonesia would like to present a diversity image in its society. With high mobility, you can meet a lot of different tribes in some cities, l

ike Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogjakarta. Living in the diversity may be hard, but it also useful for people to understand a peaceful life can be maintained among the differences.

Read more about Diversity in IndonesiaCultural Diversity in Indonesia, and Religious Diversity in Indonesia

  1. Make your own souvenir before come back home: The Crafts and National Heritage

In its development, we can easily see Batik wore by models in Fashion Week. At start, Batik is used in a limited circle.

It is used in Javanese Palace family, but after a long time, the palace prominent person brings Batik to outsider people cause them to learn making Batik.

There are three types of Batik in its development: Batik tulis, batik cap, dan batik lukis. Based on the making process, batik tulis is claimed as the hardest Batik to made. Read more about Importance of Batik in Indonesia.

Nowadays, many schools are applying making Batik as local lesson. Not only Batik, you can bring, or even make silver craft in Indonesia. Well-known place for this craft factory is in Kota Gede, Yogyakarta.

  1. Indonesia attracts investor with The Natural Resources

Welcome to the country with almost complete natural resources. You can get gold, tin, bauxite, nickel, copper, silver, brimstone, iron, mica, diamond, marble, gasoline and so on directly from the source. Read more about Most Imported Products From Indonesia

These are things that support economy system in Indonesia. Some use from them are for jewelries making and building material. Others like nutmeg and coconut oil are used for food commodity. Read more about Indonesian Nutmeg

  1. Does Siroktabe island sounds strange? It’s The Indonesian Rimland and Remote Island

A different idea for your activities in Indonesia. If you get bored easily with crowd in popular places, and prefer to see the untouched places, or discover another side of Indonesia, the Indonesia rimland is a solution.

You can consider some of these beautiful remote island: Morotai Island in North Maluku, Mentawai in West Sumatra, and Kanawa in Nusa TenggaraTimur.

Extreme choices? Try these 4 challenging islands. Thinking about visit area to see inland tribe and doing humanity action? Lebak Banten, Gorontalo, and Papua are some good options for you, there you can meet ‘different’ tribes. As an example, Kombai and Korowai tribes in Papua are said as canibal society.

  1. Reveal Indonesia in the past by knowing The Traditional Heritage

The changing era change young generation’s attitude about their concern to local culture. They tend to like pop culture, which is K-Pop, J-Pop and Western culture. Wayang show is start to be forgotten by youth nowadayss.

The continuity of traditional music instrument is now been worrying by elderly generation because of teenager’s lack of interest in learning. The peculiar sound from Angklung, Sasando, and Fu is not loudly heard by society in this modern area. Read more about Indonesian Angklung Facts

If you are in Bandung, you may go to Saung Angklung Udjo to see a performance from kids to adults creating harmony from Angklung.

14. The Religious Places assure you Indonesia is really rich!

A belief identity is a must in Indonesia. The Indonesia Govermant recognized 6 different religion from Sabang to Merauku, and citizen must belong to one of these; Moslem, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddha, and Konghucu.

Majority of the citizen are moslem but every religion always has worship place to be proud of. Being the minority is not make the Budha has ordinary viharas or pagodas. If you are curious, browse Pagoda Taman Alam Lumbini to see its beauty, or Pagoda Avalokitesvara. Read more about Largest Mosque in Indonesia

Temple is mainly located in Bali as Hindu become the majority of Balinese religion. Standing as heterogenous country, you can see tolerance by visiting Istiqlal Mosque and Cathdreal Church builded side by side in Jakarta, Agung Jami mosque and Immanuel Church in Malang, but the most famous site is in Bali where Kompleks Puja Mandala become a place to five religion to worship.

Do you have other opinion that should be add to these 15 Enchanting Experiences You Can’t Miss in Indonesia? Don’t hesitate to share!