12 Tips How to Live in Indonesia as an Expat

An expatriate or expatriate in English means “someone who lives temporarily or permanently outside the country where he was born and raised”, or in other words, a person who is an Indonesian national living in Indonesia because of a state duty or because he has a job in Indonesia requires that they stay here for […]

10 Modern Jobs You can Do in Indonesia

Working in Indonesia will never get wrong. There have been many people from outside Indonesia decided choose to stay in Indonesia for a w while to build a startup or even just making some business. If you are a person that was born around 1990’s and more, you can be categorized as millennial generation. In […]

A List of Benefits of Working in Indonesia

As you may know already as the basic instruction of living, we need to work to get some money for living. Days passing and the prices of many important stuff like rice, cooking oil, meats, or even vegetables increasing through years based on the country’s economy. If you think that your country couldn’t give satisfaction […]

13 Most Common Jobs in Indonesia You can Find Everywhere

Struggling to get a job in Indonesia is not easy. Although Indonesia is rich country, but unemployment rate can still be considered as high. After graduating school, many young people have trouble finding work because of limited skills. There are many older workers in Indonesia. Some of the people of Indonesia prefer to work as […]

Is It Safe To Work In Indonesia? 13 Answers for You!

As a country that often gets visitors from abroad, Indonesia is famous for its tourist beauty. Indonesia offers Bali, Dieng, Raja Ampat, Sulawesi Marine Park, and many more places that do not exist in other countries. But have you ever thought about going to work in Indonesia? It will be fun to work in Indonesia […]

15 Common Work Values in Indonesia You Must Know

You may wonder, what is it like to work in Indonesia? To know the answer, you have to familiarise yourself with the Indonesian work culture. The culture might be a totally different experience from other countries and so are the values. There are 15 Common Work Values in Indonesia You Must Know in order to get […]

12 Ways How to Work in Bali as Foreigner

As one of the world’s tourist destinations, Bali is an open area. There are many visitors or foreigners that want to stay in Bali for a while. Even, there are also a number of foreigners who wants to work in Bali for some period of time or permanently. If you do so, you should notice […]