20 Business Etiquette in Indonesia

Business ethics is a way to conduct business activities, covering all aspects related to individuals, companies, and society. Business Ethics in a company can shape the values, norms, and behaviors of employees and leaders in building a fair and healthy relationship with customers/partners, shareholders, community. Business Ethics can be the standard and guidance principle for all employees including management and make it a guideline to carry out daily work with a moral based on a noble, honest, transparent and professional attitude.

The company that believes in good business principles is regarded as an ethical business company, a business with superior performance and sustainable run by obeying the rules of ethics in line with applicable laws and regulations. Business ethics is part of the Code of Conduct of a business entity. Government agencies may be considered here as business entities, providing services to the public in the form of public policy products as well as public goods/services. In the Code of Conduct there listed ethics values as one of the implementations of Good Governance rules.

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In creating business ethics, there are several things to note, among others are:

1. Development of social responsibility

Businesses here are required to care about the state of society, not just in the form of “money” by way of donating. For example, in the opportunity of a business to sell at a high price level during an excess demand, it should be a concern for the business by not taking advantage of this opportunity to reap higher benefits. Thus, in a state of excess demand, the business person must be able to develop and manifest the attitude of responsibility towards the surrounding community.

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2.  Creating healthy competition

Competition in the business world needs to improve in efficiency and quality, but the competition must not be severe, there must be a close relationship between big business and middle-class business, so with the development of large companies then they are able to provide multiple effects on the surrounding development. For that in creating the competition, there need to be balanced forces in the business world.

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3. Avoiding Corruption, Collusion, and Nepotism

That is, if the business is not fair to accept credit (for example) because the requirements can not be met, do not use nepotism from connection and presenting with wrong data. Also, do not force yourself into “collusion” and give “commission” to the parties concerned. If a business has been able to avoid such an attitude, we are sure there will be no more so-called corruption, manipulation and all forms of fraudulent activity in the business world or cases that defame the nation and state.

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4. Implementing the concept of sustainable development

The business world should not think of profit just now, but it needs to think about how it is in the long run. On the basis of this, it is clear that business people are required not to “exploit” the environment and current circumstances as much as possible without considering the harmful impact it might present to the environment and circumstances of the future endeavors even though now is a right opportunity to gain big profits.

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5. Growing mutual trust between strong entrepreneurs

To create a “conducive” business condition there must be mutual trust between the strong entrepreneurs and the weak entrepreneurs in order for the weaker entrepreneurs to develop along with other large and established entrepreneurs. What has been believed to exist only between the strong parties, now it’s time to give the opportunity to the middle class to grow and to also take part in the business world.

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6. Consistent with the rules of the game

All the concepts of business ethics that have been determined will not be accomplished if everyone does not want to be consistent with the ethics. If all the business had been agreed upon, then while there was a person involved, those entrepreneurs and others tried to cheat by violating the system for personal gain and this must be prevented to create a fair business practice for all person involved.

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Another Business Etiquette that Needs to be in Place (7-20)

On the other hand, there are other etiquette when you want to doing business in Indonesia, as follows:

  • Prevent companies from getting legal sanctions: Companies imperatively need to apply business ethics in the complete conduct of their business to prevent so as not to get legal sanctions from the government for running their business unethically.
  • Maintaining identity value: It’s not that business ethics is anti-information and technological development, but the information and technology should be utilized to raise awareness for the weak and not lose the culture possessed by the transformation of information and technology. ( read also: Flag of Indonesia )
  • Mention the full name: In business situations, partners should mention their full names when they get acquainted. But if the name is too long or difficult to say, it would be better to shorten it when you present yourself.
  • Stand up when introducing yourself: Standing while introducing yourself will confirm the presence of partners. If the condition is not possible to stand up, at least move the chair backward, and slightly bent so that others will judge positivity for your politeness. (read also: Wildfire in Indonesia )
  • Say enough thanks: In a business conversation with anyone, boss or company partner, you just need to say thank you once or twice. If it says too much, other people will see that their partners desperately need it and need help.
  • Send thanks via email after a business meeting: Once the partner completes the business meeting, then send a separate thank you to your business partner’s private email. Email sending is highly recommended, considering the arrival time will be faster.
  • Do not sit with cross-legged: Not only women, men were happy to cross their legs when sitting. But in working conditions, this sitting position tends to be rude. In addition, sitting position like this can have a negative impact on health.
  • The host has to pay: when inviting business associates to eat out, then the host who must pay the bill. If the host is a woman, while a business associate or client is a male, then she still has to reject it by saying that the company paid it and not from personal money. ( see also: Trade in indonesia)
  • Hospitality: Friendliness is not a tactic just to entice customers, but it’s the core of business life itself because hospitality is essential to every relationship between people. After all, business has a service aspect towards fellow human beings.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty means that employees do not work solely for salary, but also have a genuine commitment to the company. He is part of a company that has a sense of belonging to the company where he works.
  •  Avoid abuse by employees or competitors: For example, the crime of money theft of the company by the owner and the head of the company is the main cause of corporate bankruptcy than other factors combined. As explained above that honesty is the main thing in everything. (see also: Rafting in indonesia)
  • Improve the Company’s performance: A study by the US government shows that there is a significant relationship between corporate controls that emphasize the application of ethics and responsible behavior, with the good financial performance on the other. (see also: Indonesian Education System)
  • The autonomy principle: The principle of autonomy is the attitude and ability of a human being to make decisions and act on his consciousness of what he considers good to do for others. (see also: Weaving in Indonesia)
  • The Role of Management in enforcing Ethics: The important role of management in shaping ethics in the workplace provides a deep sense of fairness to the employee with honesty that can build employees’ sense of trust to the company that is responsible for and has treated employees appropriately.

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Ethics plays an important role in a business, whether it is a business that is done in a corporate scope and public sector (government). The existence of ethics is expected to be a barometer of measurement of moral values, especially the policies generated in the business. Today the business is only made into a tool to achieve profit only. The phrase business is business certainly need to be eliminated in the minds of entrepreneurs. There are more important things that need to be the attention of entrepreneurs and the public sector alike in addition to personal gain.

In principle, business activities are implemented and directed by and for humans. Then, of course, there are required a set of rules that set clearly in advance so that people do not become victims of such business activities. The ethical standards set out in the code of conduct must be a common awareness for the business. Within the framework of law in Indonesia that’s inevitably these tools must become a necessity to be implemented and finally, both policies produced in Indonesia and international level are policies that have become a kind of international standard.

Finally, those are complete information about the proper way to do business according Business Etiquette in Indonesia. Hope it can increase your knowledge. thank you.