13 Activities In Ubud Indonesia

The charm and beauty of the Ubud village in the Gianyar regency of Bali is no doubt. With beautiful natural landscapes, combined with local wisdom that is closely related to art and culture, making Ubud a tourist destination in Bali that is favourited by local and foreign tourists. If you have plans to visit Ubud, there are at least 13 activities you can do along Ubud.

1. Taste authentic Balinese cuisine

In addition to the beautiful atmosphere of Ubud and relax your mind, Ubud can also be a great culinary destination.

You can visit famous culinary spots such as Warung Babi Guling Bu Oka who want to taste authentic Balinese flavors.

If you can’t eat non-halal food, Ibu Mangku’s Soybean Chicken Rice, and Ubud’s Bebek Bengil restaurant can be your best culinary choice while in Ubud.

2. Play at the Monkey Forest

There are thousands of monkeys in Monkey Forest. Nobody knows for sure the number of monkeys in the Monkey Forest.

Besides being unique, visitors can interact directly with monkeys who sometimes behave quite nosy.

This place always become famous icon for Ubud. When we talk about Ubud, then we remember about this place that have many monkeys. See also best breakfast in Bali Legian.

3. Travel around the museum

The tight arts and culture of the people of Ubud are also supported by the existence of various museums related to art and painting. The most famous museum in Ubud is the Puri Lukisan Museum which is claimed to be the oldest art museum in Bali.

Inside you can see a collection of traditional and modern paintings, as well as carvings, and wood from the time of the Balinese kingdom, to the time of Indonesia’s independence.

Besides the Puri Lukisan Museum, there are still many museums that you can visit such as the Neka Art Museum, Rudana, Agung Rai, and the Antonio Blanco museum which is quite legendary.

4. Shop for items at the Ubud Art Market

Vacationing to Bali is incomplete if you don’t buy souvenirs from local handicrafts.

In Ubud, a shopping location called Art Market must be visited before returning to your hometown.

Various handicrafts are sold there, ranging from woven bags, fabrics, sandals, and other unique knick knacks. You may see also best sea food in Bali Jimbaran.

6. Take Cooking Lesson

Want to test yourself the ability to cook?

In Ubud you can learn to develop these talents in many hotel and restaurant locations spread throughout Ubud. The cooking lesson themes range from traditional to international cuisine.

Interestingly, the whole cooking class is open to all people and age. Read also best foods in Ubud Bali

7. Exercise Yoga and Cycling

The beautiful atmosphere of Ubud and the fresh air is certainly very supportive of body movement.

For those who seek tranquility, yoga classes for all people are widely available in various hotels in Ubud.

And for those of you who want to do more activities, the choice of cycling along the edge of Ubud rice fields can be an exciting experience while you are there.

8. Watch the attractions of the Kecak Dance

The traditional attraction of the Kecak Dance is a pity to miss if you are visiting Ubud.

The dance that is usually performed every night tells the story of the Ramayana performed by 50 to 100 male dancers.

You can see the Kecak Dance at Pura Dalem located on Jalan Raya Ubud. Read more about Popular Leisure Activities in Indonesia

9. Rafting on the Ayung River

You can also find challenging experiences in Ubud. Just try to visit the Ayung River located in the village of Payangan Ubud. Here you can play water sports like Rafting along the Ayung River.

Rafting in this location will certainly be presented with a view that will be unforgettable with a stretch of rice fields, shady trees and rock cliffs filled with reliefs of Ramayana reliefs.

10. Visit Nyuh Kuning Village

Nyuh Kuning Village is one of the villages in the Ubud area that still adheres to traditions and customs.

So, you can see the real Balinese life there. The location is quite strategic because it is right behind the Monkey Forest.

With natural conditions that are still very beautiful and cool, Nyuh Kuning Village is also cool to explore by bicycle.

11. Chat with Ketut Liyer

Remember the Hollywood film titled “Eat, Pray, Love” played by Julia Roberts? In that film, the figure of Ketut Liyer was believed to be a divination expert who turned out to be the real profession of Ketut Liyer. There is no special time to visit Ketut Liyer’s house in the Pengosekan Ubud area.

Take a swing at an altitude with a panoramic view of the Ayung River: Zen Hideaway Located in the traditional Balinese countryside about 20 minutes from the center of Ubud, this accommodation offers an unparalleled stay experience, as far as the eye The only thing that looks like is Ayung River, waterfall, rice fields, and Mount Agung that stands gracefully.

Made from 150-year-old teak wood, Zen Hideaway is deliberately designed for those of you who want to fill a holiday with tranquility and peace while breathing fresh Ubud air, because almost the entire room was made semi-open.

12. Petulu Bird Watching

Every day before sunset, thousands of kokokan birds (a type of stork) fly from all over Bali to Petulu Village and display a truly unique natural phenomenon. A view that is too dear to miss.

The peak, between 17:00 and 18:00 in the evening, you can see about 20,000 kokokan birds perched on the tree tops in Petulu Village, as if watching the movements of all the residents below.

After that you will find a building resembling a small wooden house located in the middle of a rice field managed by a mother of soft drink vendors. From here you can clearly see thousands of kokokan birds coming.

13. Huddle with spoiled sun bears: Pod Chocolate Factory and Cafe

Yes, sun bears are actually wild animals and it seems almost impossible to hug them. But nothing is impossible at Pod Chocolate Factory and Café, including hugging with a sun bear!

This chocolate factory was built by an Australian national, Toby Garritt, with the aim of creating the best quality chocolate in the world. Slowly but surely, his dream seems to be realized, especially now more and more positive reviews about the quality of chocolate made.

If you visit a chocolate factory located in the elephant camp area, you will be invited to take a tour while explaining the process since the cocoa beans are harvested to be made into chocolate that is ready to eat. Even if you want you can mix your own chocolate!

Thats all 13 activities that you can do in Bali. See also popular foods to eat in Bali and History of tourism in Bali

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