12 Recommended Places for Best Breakfast in Bali Legian

Legian is the main road connecting Kuta with Seminyak in Bali. The street is filled with shops, bars, hotels and clubs. Due to the number of night entertainment and its location close to Kuta Beach, make Legian Street become one of the popular tourist destination among tourists in Bali.

Legian Street is often misunderstood with Legian. Whereas actually Legian Street is a liaison between the Kuta area with Legian. So Legian street actually means a link to Legian Village, not the whole of Legian itself.

In Legian you can find several restaurants with various dishes served. For breakfast, you can find several places for best breakfast there by following these paragraphs.

  1. Sisterfield

It is located on Jalan Kayu Cendana opposite Seminyak Village. Sisterfields is always crowded visitors to the breakfast. In addition to tourists from Jakarta and Surabaya, the Australian tourists are also very hobby here.

Probably because this group from Sisterfields already exists in Australia, even reportedly a row of cafes in Kayu Cendana have their group; Bikini, Expat Coffee and Bossman. You can enjoy breakfast that may be friendly on your tongue. You can enjoy pancakes, smoothie bowls and the most famous is Sisterfields Breakfast which contains eggs, bacon and bread-rotian.

  1. Nebula Petingetet

Switch to Jalan Lebak Sari, you can find a place that is cozy and really fresh for breakfast that is nebula Petitenget. This place is almost the same as other breakfast places, offering healthy menus like, smoothie bowls, acai heaven, and other breakfast menu like bread, rice / fried noodles and so on. Make you who are staying in Kuta area also you can still try Nebula this is in Gang Poppies 2 No.8. Prices offered range from IDR 35,000 to 75,000.

  1. Watercress

Passing the outer side of Seminyak, precisely at the edge of Betu Belig street, you will find a small cafe, Watercress, built in a brick rustic ornament that looks beautiful from the outside. This cafe is a paradise for vegetarians, because here you can enjoy a variety of delicious salads and vegetarian food. Do not worry for those carnivores, you will also be tempted by the cuisine here.

Here, you can also choose your food with a aka tuding system pointing to the food that is on display along the glass table.

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  1. Canggu

Canggu is one of the rising areas in Bali with a variety of small hip cafes. One of them is the Crate Cafe in Berawa that is never empty of customers. Do not be fooled by its shape just like this eatery because you will find one of the best breakfast and coffee in Bali!

Although impressed with the simple cement wall, but this place has a unique aura that will make you feel at home dining at the Crate Cafe. The diverse menu choices also make us want to keep coming back again.

  1. Habitual, Umalas

Located in a fairly quiet area of Umalas, Habitual Quench & Feed is one of the cafes you should visit while on holiday in Bali. Breakfast and brunch menu is quite diverse already many thumbs up by some food bloggers both from Indonesia and abroad. The Habitual Cafe was very homey, as if eating in the dining room of the house itself! Added by a touch of vintage rustic is guaranteed this place is worthy of your instagram addict.

  1. Betelnut Cafe, Canggu

Betelnut Cafe located in the Canggu area, and not too far away from Crate Cafe, is also one of the brunch places that are hits in Bali. Many people recommend Betelnut because of its fresh menu menu (suitable for vegetarians) and also a friendly price in the wallet.Betelnut Cafe is a cafe / simple shop that looks striking from a distance because it is decorated in striking red color.

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  1. Nasi Men Wati

This is one of Bali’s most sought-after culinary specialties in the morning, from the name of course you can already guess that Men Weti rice sells traditional Balinese food. Located on Sanur Beach, Men Weti rice hunters are usually people who like to jog in the morning.

Not only that, lovers of rice Men Weti also willing to come all the way to enjoy it. This can be an alternative for you to find breakfast in Sanur. You can come early to enjoy the sunrise and then get ready to queue to enjoy a serving of Men Weti rice. Rice Men Weti consists of chicken, vegetables, pindang egg, chicken skin chips, peanuts and sambal.

  1. Espress

For you coffee lovers, Espress is ready to start your day with various types of coffee. Not only coffee, Espress also provides breakfast like muesli, crepes, porridge, toast and many others. You can enjoy breakfast in a quiet atmosphere. This place is also decorated with a mural that can be a photo spot. Do not forget to visit this cafe for breakfast at Jalan Dewi Sri No.101, Legian, Kuta. Usually, it’s open at 7.30AM – 11PM.

  1. Bali bakery

Bali Bakery is a bakery and cafe suitable for hangout in Kuta and suitable for breakfast. This place also provides a delicious breakfast menu, coffee, various types of bread and desserts and other menus. The location is not too far from Berry Glee Hotel. Bring your family and friends to enjoy breakfast together here. The pastry shop that dwells on Jl. Raya Kuta No. 65, Kuta is open at 7.30AM – 10.30PM.

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  1. Monsieur Spoon

If you want to enjoy breakfast with a variety of French style bakery, you can come to Monsieur Spoon. It is a comfortable place to relax while enjoying breakfast. Monsieur Spoon also provides a typical French coffee that you can enjoy without the need to go all the way to the country. You can visit this bakery at Jalan Petitenget no. 112-A kerobokan Kuta every 7:30 AM – 6PM.

  1. Nasi Jinggo

As is known, jinggo rice is one of the typical fast food in Bali wrapped in banana leaves or oil paper. Usually people in Bali enjoy jinggo rice as breakfast. One serving of jinggo rice consists of white rice that is pulen, chicken meat, sambal tempe or tahu, and sambal. You can choose for the main dishes like chicken, beef, liver, and fish. You can find easily jinggo rice around Berry Glee Hotel.

  1. Bemo Corner Coffe Shop

This is one spot coffee shop in Kuta suitable for you who want to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. In addition you can enjoy breakfast while browsing with wi-fi access here. Sweet drink lovers can taste frappe, smoothie, and fresh juice as a breakfast companion. Breakfast is also egg and bacon, sandwiches, choice of cake or cake, smoothie bowls and pies. Located at Jalan Pantai Kuta No.10A, Kuta, you can come there from 8AM – 9PM.

Those are the best places for breakfast in Legian. If you have a vacation i Bali and stay in Legian area, it could be good options for having breakfast in one of the restaurants above.