13 Best Outdoor Activites In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that has a large population density. Especially on the island of Java, especially Jakarta. This population density requires the government or the private sector to build buildings even houses in the form of floors. Almost all activities of people in Indonesia are indoors.

For example the office and house in the form of the apartment. In addition, the heat of the air in Jakarta is also the reason why people enjoy doing indoors rather than outdoors. But there are some activities that Indonesians still like to do outdoors. What activities are they? These are 13 Best Outdoor Activites In Indonesia :

1. Playing soccer

Soccer is a sport that uses balls that are generally made of leather and played by two teams, each of which has 11  core players and several reserve players. Entering the 21st century, this sport has been played by more than 250 million people in 200 countries, making it the most popular sport in the world.

Football aims to score as many goals as possible by entering the ball into the opponent’s goal. Football is played in an open rectangular field, on grass or artificial grass.

2. Play volley

Volleyball is one of the sports in the big ball game. This sport is in great demand by students and the Indonesian community.

Because volleyball games are indeed one of the alternative sports choices that are quite easy to master.

In addition, this sport does not require expensive fees to be able to play it, and master all the basic techniques. You can see also best sport in Indonesia.

3. Playing basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world.

The dynamic physical activity of basketball sports brings its own health benefits to the body. In addition, basketball helps to keep the body ideal due to calories wasted while playing basketball.

Basketball is a favorite sport for junior and senior high school students when they are at school.

4. Cycling

Cycling may not be a common thing in big cities in Indonesia. However, this activity is still a mandatory activity for people living in rural areas. Many villagers still use bicycles to do their activities, work or school.

Cycling is also now starting to become a trend again in big cities. Generally people cycling on weekends as an alternative sport.

By cycling, we can exercise while walking around to see the atmosphere of the city. Usually cycling is done in the morning around the housing complex.

5. Gardening

Gardening can be started from simple things. Start watering the plants, weeding dried leaves, cutting the leaves, and applying fertilizer to the plants. Gardening is a favorite activity.

So that it can’t be done by everyone, especially people who aren’t gardening hobbies. Gardening can be done at home. Generally Indonesian people water the plants in the afternoon or in the morning. While the maximum treatment at the weekend.

6. Sail

Not everyone has the opportunity to sail.

Sailing is one of the outdoor activities for Indonesians, especially fishermen. Fishermen sail at night to fish by using the sea breeze.

They will land during the day with land winds. Fishermen do this every day to fulfill their needs. Read also hidden beach in West Java Indonesia

7. Surfing

Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of many oceans. It is undeniable that Indonesia also has various types of beaches.

The country has a variety of beach and wave models. The waves on the southern beaches of Java are the best waves for surfing.

Many people visit the beaches in southern Java to surf. Even international surfing festivals are often held in Indonesia. See also best beach for surfing in Indonesia.

8. Camping

Camping is an overnight activity in the wild. For example on a mountain, in the forest, even on the beach. This activity is usually done by Indonesian youth to spend holidays.

Many good camping spots in Indonesia. For example Ranu Kumbolo in East Java, mountains in Java, and many more. Beaches in Pacitan city are now also a favorite place for camping.

The city has a beautiful and unspoiled beach. Camping is usually accompanied by barbeque.

9. Rock climbing

Rock Climbing is one of the many outdoor sports and is one part of mountain climbing that cannot be done by walking but must use certain tools and techniques to get through it.

In general, rock climbing is done in contoured areas of rock cliffs with slope angles reaching more than 45 ° and having a certain degree of difficulty. Indonesia has many places for rock climbing, artificial or natural.

In 2018 Asian games Indonesia won a lot of medals in this sport. This shows that rock climbing has become a common outdoor sport in Indonesia.

10. Jogging

Jogging is the most simple outdoor activity that can be done by everyone. For the sake of maintaining body fitness, many people take time to jog.

They usually jog in the morning before starting work or school activities. Jogging can also be an arena for socializing. Many associations of jogging lovers usually gather on weekends. Generally they are office workers who work Monday to Friday.

11. Fishing

Fishing is usually done by men. Unlike other outdoor activities, fishing is usually done by men who are aged. They usually fish in places that have been reserved specifically for fishing.

But many are still fishing in rivers or lakes. Fishing can be a hobby or a way to find fish to eat.

Fishing is a fun activity if done in the wild, while pondering during the weekend. You may see also popular rivers in Java Island Indonesia.

12. Diving

Diving when vacation to Sulawesi is a pleasant thing. Not only Bunakan Sulawesi, which is a favorite diving spot, but there are still many others in Indonesia. That’s why diving is an interesting outdoor activity in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s marine wealth presents the beauty of underwater scenery. Coral reefs and marine life will spoil your eyes when diving.

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13. Take a morning walk

Morning walks are typical activities on weekends in big cities. On Sundays there is usually an area in the city that is free of motorized vehicles. That is why there are Sundays in many places in Indonesia.

In the Sunday morning, the sellers held their wares on the roadside. So that pedestrians can see various interesting merchandise and buy them.

Morning walks are healthy for breathing because the air is still free from pollution.

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