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The 15 Best Sundanese Restaurants in Bali : Wonderful Ones You Should Visit

by Yoga Adi

In the previous article, we mentioned the best restaurants where you can have yourself the nice menus of Javanese meals in the best Javanese restaurants you can find on the Godly island of Bali. As you can see, finding the things that are common in Bali is indeed really possible, even though they can be a bit unpopular.

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Aside from the wonderful Javanese restaurants who can give a different touch to the Balinese culinary, this time, we also want to share things related to Indonesian meals, the Sundanese restaurants. Is it possible to find one on the island of Bali? Let’s take a look at these best Sundanese restaurants in Bali.

1 – Ikan Bakar Cianjur

The first one on the list of best Sundanese restaurants in Bali is Ikan Bakar Cianjur. In the previous article of Sundanese restaurants in Jakarta, we also mentioned this restaurant. On Bali island, There are two branches of Ikan Bakar Cianjur. One is located in Kuta and the other in the area of Denpasar Bali.

Both of them are great actually, especially because there’s no big difference between those two. Just like its name, this restaurant has its own signature dish, which is Ikan Bakar or Grilled Fish. You can also enjoy the other menus such as Nila Pesmol, Nisa Bakar, Ayam Goreng, Gurame, and also a beer.

2 – Warung Parahyangan

The next one is Warung Parahyangan. This restaurant is one of those authentic Sundanese restaurants that have great Sundanese meals with such an affordable price. Almost everything in here is less than twenty thousand rupiahs. From the menus, you can pick the Shrimps, Fishes, Soups, Squids, or even the simplest one like Karedok.

However, aside from serving the Sundanese foods, this restaurant also has a list of Chinese meals such as Cap Cay, Cah Ayam, Cah Udang, and also Fu Yug Hai. If you are interested, come to the Cemara st. in Sanur Bali. It opens every single day starting from 9 am to 10 pm. Warung Parahyangan also serves the breakfast menus.

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3 – Pawon Pasundan

For the casual dining, we would recommend one restaurant located in Kediri st. 2 of Tuban, Bali called Pawon Pasundan. If you directly translate it, the meaning of Pawon Pasundan is Sundanese Kitchen (Pawon). So, you may expect to find so many Sundanese meals inside, which are great and always affordable.

This restaurant has a free wifi connection and added with the outdoor seating, suitable for relaxing during the day. About the menu, you can choose between the packages ones or separated one. If you order a package, you’ll get rice, main dish, and also side dishes. You should pick the separated one if you want to combine things.

4 – Bumbu Desa

As mentioned earlier in the article before, we also included the name of Bumbu Desa in the best Sundanese restaurants in Jakarta. In Bali, you can find the branch in the area of Pupuan st. of Denpasar, Bali. You can expect to see a huge mass of customers when coming during the day. It’s a recommended restaurant for all tourists basically.

However, the restaurant itself opens from 10 am to 10 pm every single day. This one is also considered to be one of the most affordable restaurants in Bali because the average price for two people is only less than two hundred thousand rupiahs. Most customers always feel comfy because of how wide the restaurant is.

5 – Kedai Surabi 16

If you happen to be familiar with the land of Sunda or West Java, you should know that there’s a traditional snack called Surabi. It’s a sweet but also a filling snack that usually decorated with toppings. However, on Bali island you can try the best Surabi you can get to this cafe called Kedai Surabi 16.

Aside from enjoying the Surabi, you can also order the other traditional snacks.

6 – Dapur Jojo Bali

The next restaurant on the list is Dapur Jojo Bali that located on the street of Mal Park 23, on the third floor in Tuban, Bali. Dapur Jojo is known for having this delicious chicken. The chicken has this kind of crispy spices that bring its delicacy to a whole new level. You should try it when coming to Tuban.

Dapur Jojo opens from 10 am to 10 pm from Monday to Sunday.

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7 – Saung Wangi

Another one in the best Sundanese restaurants in Bali is Saung Wangi. You know, when talking about the Sundanese restaurants, we always imagine the traditional houses or architecture from Sunda. This architecture is mostly known as Saung. Saung Wangi is a house for Sundanese meals in Kuta Bali.

It has a lot of Sundanese meals to pick, and also refreshing drinks to enjoy.

8 – Bakul Kauman

If you happen to pass the By Pass Ngurah Rai in Jimbaran, Bali, make sure to visit a Sundanese restaurant called Bakul Kauman. This restaurant looks very simple on the outside, more in the inside. This simplicity also reflected from the prices of the foods. Most of them are affordable.

But, even though the prices are cheap, the taste of them are heavenly.

9 – Dapurku Sedaaap

We still in the area of Jimbaran Bali to visit the next restaurant on the list called Dapurku Sedaaap. Yes, it doesn’t have a one “a”. Instead, it has 3 a(s), showing that this restaurant is capable to serve the most delicious meals. Dapurku Sedaaap is a restaurant located in a small and long building in Jimbaran.

There are many variants of foods starting from Indonesian to some Chinese foods.

10 – Sunda Pisan

If you want to visit a restaurant that is quieter than others, then Sunda Pisan might be the best possible choice for you. Sunda Pisan is standing in the street of Pengosekan of Ubud, Bali. This restaurant is also included as a buffet-type that completed with alcoholic drinks like vodka or beers.

It usually opens from 10 am to 10 pm and serving foods from Fried Chicken, Duck, Grilled Seafood, and also the Sundanese pancakes.

11 – Warung Makan Nikmat Kuta

Another one in the best Sundanese restaurants in Bali is a restaurant located in Bakung Sari st.  of Badung, Kuta, Bali. Even though it does look so simple, Warung Makan Nikmat Kuta is always recommended by the tour guide as an affordable place for eating. No wonder that so many foreign tourists also come to this restaurant as well.

A price for a portion of meal is about twenty to thirty thousand rupiahs.

12 – Bebek Tepi Sawah Kuta

Do you like ducks? Do you like a traditional view of rice terraces? If both the answers are yes, you should come to a place located in Kartika Plaza st. of Badung, Bali. Just like its name, this restaurant has the most delicious fried and grilled duck in all Bali. The place is in fact always crowded that they also have a reservation service.

The ducks here are fried or grilled than added with the special Balinese sambals.

13 – Ayam Plengkung Resto

If you prefer to eat chickens, the name of Ayam Plengkung Resto is a must to include in your bucket list. This restaurant is located in Kuta Highway number 90 in Kuta, Badung, Bali. Even though it has the name Ayam Plengkung in it, this restaurant also sells types of seafood that fresh from the ocean.

Usually, both the seafood and chicken are added with Plecing Klangkung or Sayur Asam.

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14 – Bakso Bandung

Any worker should wake up in the morning not late for their daily routine. But they always need a carbo to be able to start the day with full energy and spirit. There’s a small restaurant that serves breakfast menu consists of Bakso Bandung. You can have a bowl of meatballs with the addition of some side dishes for more carbo.

You can easily spot teh Bakso Bandung vendor in Gelogor Carik st. of Kuta, Bali.

15 – Warung Sunda

And the last one in the best Sundanese restaurants in Bali is Warung Sunda. The Warung for all Sundanese meals that you’ve always wanted. The location of this Warung Sunda is Sanur, Bali. As you may expect, the crowd area of Sanur always brings more customers every single day.

The place looks simple and rich of foods. They are surely delicious and really affordable.

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