The 13 Beautiful Words in Balinese Language : Phrases of Heavenly Island

So what do you think about our previous discussion about learning some of the beautiful and meaningful Javanese words? Are they interesting enough for you? Or you want to finish just now? Hold your horses. In Indonesia, there are many islands still to explore. About the West side of Java, you can meet the possibly most beautiful island in the country, Bali.

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Usually, people are coming to Bali island in order to spend their days vacationing in such a refreshing tropical island. Some would love to spend their time learning about its history and culture also. But how about the language? Just like Javanese, Bali also has some wise words that sound and feel important. Let’s see them in the article of beautiful words in Balinese language below:

1 – Titiyang Tresna Sareng Ragane

In the first one of the beautiful words in Balinese language, we want to mention the romantic words that usually used for showing love or affection to someone. And those words are Titiyang Tresna Sareng Ragane. This sentence contains three important words, Tiyang, Tresna, and also the last one Raga.

These words alone mean, I, love, You, maybe the most powerful words to say to your loved one to show your love, care, and affection. However, even though in Bali island there are so many tourists who also indirectly influencing the people of Bali to speak in English, but the usage of these words is still pretty common.

2 – Titiyang Duka Sareng Ragane

However, on the other side of Love, there’s always a Hate. But what do you need to say when you want to be apart from someone who always makes you angry? I Hate You, right? People in Bali also have the Balinese language to show hate to others via a sentence “Titiyang Duka Sareng  Ragane”.

As you can see, the sentence also used the same elements as the first sentence above, which is Titiyang or Tiyang and Sareng, which means you. But in between, the Love is replaced by Hate, or in the Balinese language is Duka. Even though Duka means Hate in Balinese, it also means sadness in Bahasa.

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3 – Rahajeng Wanti Warsa

From the third and fourth points of this article, we want to mention some beautiful Balinese words using the element “Rahajeng” or means “Selamat” in Bahasa. Usually, you use the word Selamat for greetings such as Selamat Pagi (Good Morning), Selamat Siang (Good Night), Selamat Tinggal (Goodbye), or Selamat Ulang Tahun (Happy Birthday).

In Bali, people will use the Balinese words Rahajeng Wanti Warsa, which is the Happy Birthday in Balinese. As you can see, it has Rahajeng in it. Aside from celebrating birthday party to the person, they can also wish the best fortune for him/her. Having good things around them also.

4 – Rahajeng Memargi

As sad as a meeting, there’s also a time for parting. The next word in our list is Rahajeng Memargi. This one means Selamat Tinggal in Bahasa or Goodbye in English. If you happen to have a family there, both your actual family or the group that you consider a second family, they will certainly tell you these words.

But, you can’t expect to think that all people in Bali will say this when saying to someone goodbye. Some of them tend to use English as well, or maybe another language based on your nationality. They can use basically any known language in this world, so you may expect them to say goodbye in your mother language.

5 – Punapi Gatra

Still related to the fourth sentence above “Rahajeng Memargi”, we want to introduce you to the next one, “Punapi Gatra”. When you are missing someone out there and happen to have a communication with them, you’ll probably say “What’s up?” or “How it’s going” to open up a conversation.

In Indonesia, to say that kind of thing, you just need to say two different words, “Apa Kabar?”. Some famous actors or actresses who are visiting Indonesia also say these words to greet their fans in the country. While in Bali, there are also two words to say, which is Punapi Gatra. You can answer it back with English.

6 – Matur Sukseme

And the next one in the beautiful words in Balinese language is the humblest words in human language, “Thank You”. This is one of many words that are included as the nicest things on Earth. All the regions in this world even have their own ways to say Thank You, only for this one sentence.

However, people in Indonesia use “Terima Kasih” to show their gratitude to someone. But people in all islands of Indonesia have a different way to say it. In Java, they will say “Matur Suwun” or “Matur Nuwun”. In Bali, people will say “Matur Sukseme”. You can answer them back with “You’re Welcome” or “Suksma Mewali”.

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7 – Dwi Tunggal

As you may know already, Indonesia is a country with diversity. All people with the different places of birth, born with a different type of culture, and grow with their own religions can live happily and peacefully without any conflict for such long years now. The symbol of this Nationality is Dwi Tunggal.

Dwi Tunggal is a term to show the unity of Indonesian people despite having a difference in almost everything. Even though they are Dwi (Two, different) but they are still Tunggal (One).

8 – Sing Kasar Sing Akrab

Well, these words clearly show how we behave with our best friends. Just like having really close friends, sometimes there’s no boundary between us. We can make fun of each other, throwing bad words or even curse words to others without hard felling at all. This is what Sing Kasar Sing Akrab means, being “rough” to our close friends.

This term is the thing that can be found only in the area of Buleleng, Bali. It’s one of those unpopular yet meaningful phrases.

9 – Cara Kebo Membalih Gong

The next one in the beautiful words in Balinese language is actually a metaphor. The full phrase is Cara Kebo Membalih Gong. If you familiar with the name of animals in Indonesian, you should know that Kebo basically means buffalo. Buffalo in general, is considered to be brainless, spending their days sleeping and eating but working only for a while at the morning.

The phrase above tells us about clueless people who don’t know the condition or situation around them. Just as buffalos, they only drop their jaws in confusion.

10 – Sampat Lidi

In Indonesia, there are also some phrases about Nationality. Most of them were born during the years of Indonesia’s Independence in order to bring and deliver the heroism and nationalism to all people in Indonesia. One famous phrase is “Bersatu Kita Teguh, Bercerai Kita Runtuh” or “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.

The Balinese people make the same thing with their own language. Thus “Sampat Lidi” was born. It has the same meaning, just like both phrases mentioned above.

11 – Tulis Gidat

All people have their own destiny. All of them also have their own time of life. Even though there’s the smartest person on Earth, no matter what he/she is, they would never be able to decide about any human’s life. That’s what the phrase means “Tulis Gidat”. In Indonesia, it’s translated into “Tulisan Di Dahi”, “Written on the Forehead” in English.

It’s not about a birth mark or anything. But, it shows that all people have their own fate written. Invisible letters that can never be seen by anyone but God Himself.

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12 – Om Swastiastu

As you may know already, Bali is dominated by Hindu people. All Hindu temples can easily be seen on each corner of the cities. They also use some of the phrases Hindu in their daily life, including the most common one, Om Swastiastu. It’s a Hindu phrase that means as a greeting to all.

Om Swastiatu is also a prayer for all living beings on Earth.

13 – Om Santi Santi Om

And the last one in the beautiful words in Balinese language is also a phrase from Hindu religion, “Om Santi Santi Om”. If the phrase on the 12th point above is about greeting, Om Santi Santi Om is rather used at the end of a meeting or to say goodbye basically. Usually, they rather use this than the usual “Sampai Jumpa” in some of the Hindu channels in Bali.