The 16 Interesting Places in Bali to Find Inspiration : Locations of Peacefulness

In the last article, we mainly talked about the legendary island in Indonesia, Komodo Island, where you can see the living legends. There’s also an island located nearby, the island you all know, an island that has the title of Heavenly or Godly island by some, Bali island. Have you ever visited this gem of Indonesia?

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Bali island is most famous for its tropical attractions. Years by years, the tourists are coming in and spreading out like a moss. A location that once emptied, is now filled with people around the globe. But sometimes, quiet places are the most interesting. Places that can bring you peace and calm in mind, and possibly can give you some inspiration on the way. In this article, we’re gonna mention some of the interesting places in Bali to find inspiration, such as :

1 – Belayu Florist

The first place on the list of interesting places in Bali to find inspiration is a flower garden named Belayu Florist. It’s not that common to find a flower garden on the Bali island, especially because the tropical condition can harden up their growth. However, somehow the flowers in Belayu florist can survive.

You can see the beautiful sunflowers here, with the color of red and yellow. They grow in line, creating a wonderful gradation of both colors. They also add some photogenic spots around the location. Simple stuff like the small windmills, and wooden structure. The place is not that crowded now, so it must be good to stay in here for a while.

Location: Batannyuh, Tabanan

2 – Kanto Lampo Waterfall

You can also calm yourself with the sound of nature that comes from waterfalls. The first one on the list, the most beautiful waterfall in Gianyar, Bali is none other than Kanto Lampo Waterfall. It’s really quiet in here. That’s why the condition of the environment is still really virgin, even though its location is not far from the city.

Kanto Lampo waterfall looks like a stair-type of waterfalls, having some levels on it so the water doesn’t only flowing from up to bottom, but it’s flowing through those stone levels or stairs. Aside from the waterfall itself, you can also have a bit of adventure activity by exploring a hidden cave nearby.

Location: Beng, Gianyar

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3 – Mende Hill

The quiet and calmness are not only found in low land locations. You can also do a trip to hike a beautiful location around Kintamani called Mende Hill. Even though the word “hike” seems to be a hard thing to do, the treks in Mende Hill are relatively easy. Even the tourists who don’t have any experience of hiking can reach the top.

Even though the tracks to reach the peak of Mende Hill are easy, this place still has a few tourists coming by every day. You can use this opportunity to bring inspiration by seeking a quietness on top of Mende Hill. Just make sure you bring decent equipment because the weather can be a bit random.

Location: Subaya, Kintamani

4 – Bandung Waterfall

You know there’s a waterfall named Bandung in Bali. The waterfall itself not located in Badung, it’s located in Gianyar instead. Aside from the naming, the waterfall is indeed wonderful. The locals, who also help to conserve the place, are also very helpful as well to the tourists.

They don’t mind to show the way to Bandung Waterfall, even with a smile. They also kindly warning the tourists about the depth of the river. 3 meters can be dangerous for people who can’t swim. That’s why the locals are also providing them with enough equipment to prevent anything bad.

Location: Siangan, Gianyar

5 – Tukad Cepung Waterfall

The next waterfall that looks so magical is Tukda Cepung Waterfall. This one is still a virgin, not that many people know about it. The main reasons are possibly about its hidden location and also how dangerous it can be, especially during the rainy season like this. That’s why you need to be prepared in the first place.

First of, you need to know the information about the water’s depth. Sometimes during this season, the water can raise up, way than its normal condition. This can make the water deeper and dangerous to explore, especially because there are stones here and there. The second one is the water condition is nice, is to bring special sandals that can prevent you from slipping.

Location: Tembuku, Bangli

6 – Marigold Field in Temukus

Another one of the most interesting places in Bali to find inspiration is another field of the flower. This one is the Marigold Field located in a calm village named Temukus. You can find a huge garden filled with the yellowish Marigold flowers or refer as Gemitir flowers by Balinese people.

Come here before the harvesting time, so those flowers as still there. If you want a different background, you can also visit a field that filled with Kasna flowers located nearby. The difference between them is the color. Kasna flowers are white, so you can expect this winter-like atmosphere when visiting it.

Location: Temukus, Bali

7 – Tukad Melangit

A place for finding inspiration and also taking some pictures in the process as well is the Tukad Melangit. It’s actually a name of a valley located near Banjar Antugan of Bangli, Bali. People are coming to this location in order to enjoy the scenery of the valley. With the help of wooden platforms, they can see the picture clearly.

Even though overall photo spots in this location are good enough, but it can be better, with an adrenaline-pumping location. The particular spot is actually a wooden platform that formed like a surfing board. You can just stand there, facing the Tukad Melangit, do all pose you want, and somebody will take a picture of you.

Location: Antugan, Tembuku, Bangli.

Other things you might want to know:

8 – Leke Leke Waterfall

The next location is also a waterfall. The name is really catchy and easy to remember. It’s Leke-Leke, which is located in an area named Batutiriti. The tracks for reaching this waterfall can be really tricky. You need extra stamina for passing the dense forest to be able to reach it.

But once you arrive, it’ll be a mind-blowing moment. The situation around is really calm and highly relaxing.

Location: Baturiti, Tabanan

9 – Angel’s Billlabong

Have you ever had a dream to enjoy a jacuzzi? Yes, it seems to be a usual thing to find anywhere else. But how about the natural one? Angle’s Billabong is a small location where you can actually feel the natural jacuzzis, for free. The location of it is highly recognizable, especially if looked from a hotel nearby.

Clear your mind and soak your body into refreshing ocean water. Sometimes people also bring their own floating mattress, just for enjoying the moment.

Location: Bunga Mekar, Nusa Penida

10 – Sukawati Secret Valley

Do you know the name of Sukawati Bali? You can also do a different trip to visit another place other than the popular Sukawati Market, a place that hidden far away from the crowd, the Hidden Valley. Just like its name, the valley is not usually recognizable. You need to take some steps down the road or asking the locals about the location.

The Sukawati Secret Valley also has a small waterfall in it, completed with a small river flowing from the top of the waterfall. The color of the water is dark blue that sometimes can change to light blue or even transparent.

Location: Sukawati

11 – Sambangan Secret Garden

Sumbangan is not the name of one attraction. Instead, it’s the name of a location that holds not only one or three different waterfalls, but seven. Yes, Sambangan as about seven different waterfalls, including the hidden ones. Some of them are also popular, like Aling-aling Waterfall and Canging.

Location: Sukasada, Buleleng

12 – Atuh Beach

Another one on the list of interesting places in Bali to find inspiration is a beach called Atuh beach. Beaches can increase the mood and inspiration sometimes, especially when you visit this particular beach. Facing directly to the ocean, you’ll be standing on a cliff. One special moment is when the waters receded, so the colorful corals will be visible.

Location: Pejukutan, Nusa Penida

13 – Teletubbies Hill in Nusa Penida

Do you know this iconic group, right? A group consisting of some colorful fluffy thingies live in our childhood memories. You can live them up by visiting the Teletubbies Hill in the area of Nusa Penida. It’s not the official name, but from the characteristics, you can see some similarities between them. The best time to visit it is when the rainy season is going because the grass will be green.

Location: Tanglad, Nusa Penida

14 – Peguyangan Waterfall

The next one in the 14th point is also a waterfall. But this waterfall is combined with some spectacular aspects as well. Entering the waterfall, you’ll be greeted with the cave’s stalactites that look so cool during the day. Entering a spot facing the ocean, you can feel the spa-like experience with the additional natural massage from the water.

Location: Nusa Penida

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15 – Mount Batur

The known location for looking peacefulness, Mount Batur. This is an iconic place in Bali where people usually come here in order to enjoy the scenery, the beautiful scenery it has. Some people are also building the tent in order to witness the wonderful and breath-taking moment of sunrise.

Location: Kintamani, Bangli

16 – Melasti Beach

16th or the last one on the list of interesting places in Bali to find inspiration is Melasti Beach. There are two Melasti Beaches in Bali, one in Tanah Lot and one in Ungasan. The one in Tanah lot is much crowded, so it won’t be good for looking for an inspiration. This quiet cliff area is the perfect one instead. Visit it during the evening for a better atmosphere.

Location: Ungasan