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30 Ways of Life in Bali and Its People

by Yoga Adi

Surely way of life for each people is really different. There’s one rule that can divide both of them. There’s one law that can make the other people live differently, and those things make Indonesia actually more rich by the diversity of its people.

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This time, we’re gonna talk about how the people, the Balinese people live. There are some things that can make them more different than the other people who live on some islands like Java, Sumatra, or even Borneo. So let’s take a closer look about 30 ways of life in Bali island.

1. People in there eat pork

First thing first, most people in there have Hindu religion. So, of course, the foods like pork is okay for them. This can be difficult for the muslim to find the halal restaurants for them. The Hindu people also can not eat cow meats, because they are considered sacred by them and shouldn’t be eaten.

2. But there are so many halal restaurants

But no worries, the muslims who visit Bali island can be relieve because there are some restaurant that can provide them with the halal foods that they can eat. These days, it’s not so difficult to find them, you can just identify them by looking at the halal logo on their names.

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3. Unlike Java island, Bali doesn’ have mosques on every corner

In Java island, the majority of people are muslims. That’s why, there will be a mosque on every spot you can gaze, especially if you living in a city. But in Bali, there will only be one mosque on one sub district, not as many as in Java island.

4. There will be “mixed” boarding house everywhere

If a person is travelling somewhere, or planning to live in someplace new, then renting a boarding house is maybe a great choice to save their money. In Bali, most of the boarding houses are mixed, so women and men live together in a house.

5. Balinese would like to talk fastly

Sometimes it’s hard to say what Balinese people talk about because they talk really fast! Because of that, people from aboard will usually ask them to said the things again in order to grasp what are they talking about. It’s one of a kind habbit that Balinese people have.

6. Their unique accent

Balinese people also have their own unique accent. The way they talk is rather different from the people outside like from Java or somewhere else. Especially when they talk the words that has an aplhabet “T”. They oftenly use it as “TH”, make it more unique but clear enough.

7. So many Putu names

The next way of life in Bali is the useage of Putu name. In Bali, you can meet different person but with the same name like Putu, or Made. This is can be confusing especially for the foreigners, because sometimes they can’t really remember how is the actual owner of that name.

8. The style of the girls

One that included in ways of life in Bali is the style. Teenagers are always have their own unique style, that sometimes, only they can understand it. Maybe because of the aculturation, the girls style in Bali also try to adapt with the life of foreigners. So sometimes, they wear like short pants in malls or restaurants.

9. You will see so many foreigners in there

Of course, as an island that famous for its amazing attractions, Bali island will likely to be filled with so many foreigners from other countries who want to take a look at those beautiful places that cannot be found in their own country.

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10. It’s like almost everyday there will be a traditional ceremony

People in Bali always respect the tradition and religion. Everyday, there are some little ceremonies that they will do, even from the start of the day. This habbit shows that Balinese people can be said as obedient people.

11. The nightlife

Not only enjoying the attractions, during the night, some people will spend their good times in several clubs in Bali. There are some of them that are famous, especially the ones that located near Kuta beach area, near the hotels.

12. People are more tolerant

The good thing about Balinese people are they are always try to be tolerant toward differences. That’s why we rearely see them being in a conflict because of something sensitive like religion or culture. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

13. and mostly they have very open mind

The visitors of Bali are not only came from the areas of Indonesia, but also for the other countries outside. There’s unlimited chance of who is going to visit Bali from any place in this world. So, people of Bali should understand how to react to all this differences with certian amount of understandings and open mind.

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14. Young couples in Bali would like to marry young

This is maybe some things in Bali that is not luster anymore, because teenagers these days would run to chase their career first before actually marrying somebody. Maybe this kind of thing happens in some villages in Bali.

15. Four kids

Having four kids is also one of many Balinese traditions, which is an optional for the parents. They have this believe that, the kids are representing the elements of life, which is water, air, fire, and earth. So, it’s kind of balancing things on earth when they have four kids, for four elements.

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16. Most of Balinese people stay in their village, helping their parents

Helping family business to grow is usual thing in a village. That’s why, some of the teenagers, who want to stay on the village, would like to help their parents doing some works like harvesting crops, and help them maintaining the condition of rice fields, etc.

17. Tourist industry is really huge in here

Of course, as a main industry of Bali island, the tourism industry can grow much larger in a scale and quality. The demands of the tourist for having a high quality tourist attractions must be fulfilled to maintain the numbers of visits each year.

18. Many Balinese work in tourist industry

This tourism industry not only giving revenues to the corresponding department or corporation, but also giving the opportunities for the locals to help them maintaining the locations. They can also get to know with anyone from foreign countries when working in a tourist attractions.

19. There are rice fields everywhere

Not only in several parts of Java island where you can see the rice fields everywhere, in Bali island many people growing the rice fields in such a large numbers. The main reason of that, is of course to provide foods, and also giving the nice environment view for anyone who visits the area.

20. Ducks can also be found near them, oftenly

Most people in Bali don’t use the pesticides or any chemicals to prevent the pests. Instead, they use the natural power of ducks. They usually take the ducks, large numbers of them, to the rice fields, and let them hunt those naughty pests.

21. Bali also has the other main industry

Tourism is not only the main industry of Bali actually, it has the other one in fishing. Even though it’s not a path to prosperity, there are some busy fish markets that can also increase the local economy in a way. One example is the Kusamba village.

22. Bali has some top crops

Beside the development of the rice fields, there are also some main crops that Bali island has like Coffee and cocoa, bananas, usual crops like potatoes, and also one unique fruit called snake fruit. It’s a bit scaly skinned fruit.

23. Public transportations are not so many

It would be best for the tourists for having their own rented vehicle in Bali for accomodation purposes. The number of public transporation is not so many in here, unlike in big cities in Java like Surabaya or Jakarta.

24. Balinese more likely to use compass points rather than just left or right when guiding people if they’re lost

Sometimes, the tourist can get lost. When they asking the Balinese people there, sometimes they will mention the compass points, rather then just left or right. So, don’t be confuse when someone says you should go to the East and then head to the North.

25. Balinese people always smiling

During the Japanese program air, there’s one social experiments of pranking the Balinese people. The result is making them drop their jaw, because everyone is smiling after got pranked. It’s totally different when they did it to the other foreign tourists, they just felt annoyed and choose to get away from the spot.

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And the others here are also some ways of life if Bali, here’s five of them left.

  1. Guest is the King
  2. Most Balinese have skill to talk in English
  3. Culture is really respected in here
  4. and they also ready to be a guide
  5. And for the last thing, Balinese people have the high taste in arts

So that’s the list about ways of life in Bali. Like you can see, all of them are very unique and making us to miss the personality, the humbleness of Balinese people. Let’s hope that in the next holiday, we can get the opportunity to go here again.

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