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12 What Not to Eat in Bali when Pregnant

by Tri Setiya

Bali is the island with a thousand of charming. That is why many people want to have a vacation in Bali. It is not for honeymoon couple only, Bali is also the destination for the baby moon couple. Bali is categorized as the safe place for pregnant women. However, if you are a pregnant woman, make sure that your pregnancy age must be above 4 months to have vacation. Then you have to considerate what foods that you may eat or not. In Bali, It had better to take care of what not to eat in Bali when pregnant.

  1. Salad

Salad is a mixture of raw vegetables is sold in many restaurants in Bali. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is healthy, but make sure the menu is cleaned first. Wash the fruit and vegetables under running water and gently rub to remove bad content on the surface. Also avoid the consumption of fruits and vegetables that have been slightly open, because most likely there are parasites or other bad bacteria.

  1. Soft cheese

Eating soft cheese can have an adverse effect on pregnant women. The possibilities in the cheese contain bacteria that cause infections called listeria. It is better not to eat cheese variants such as gorgonzola, Danish blue cheese, brie, goat cheese, Camembert, Roquefort, etc.

Better, eat hard cheese that has gone through the process of pasteurization (deadly harmful organisms such as bacteria). Consumption of parmesan and cheddar cheese can be an edible option during pregnancy.

  1. Sea food

Generally the sea fish is very good for health, including the health of your fetus. However, you must be selective because the type of fish that contains mercury is not good for your fetus. Fish that contain high mercury species are mackerel fish, swordfish, tile fish feared mercury content that will disturb the brain development and fetal nervous system.

  1. Babi Guling

Babi Guling is the traditional foods come from Bali. Pregnant women should not take in too much vitamin A. If a pregnant woman takes too much vitamin A, it can cause premature and make the fetus develop abnormally. As a result, it is enough to take in 400 to 1250 micrograms of vitamin A daily. Pork liver is mainly rich in vitamin A, so pregnant women should not eat too much. That is why it should be better if the pregnant woman should not eat Babi Guling.

  1. Raw Sushi

There are many Japan restaurants that sell raw sushi in Bali. Several types of sushi are served with raw materials such as fish that are not even frozen or through a special process to be safe to eat. This allows the sushi to contain parasites that can cause an illness to occur, even in pregnant women. Therefore, it is important to eat seafood or perfectly cooked meat to avoid it.

  1. Lawar

Lawar is a blur of Bali style. It is one of favorite traditional food in Bai. Inside the lawar, there are raw sprouts. Some types of sprouts such as touge, green beans, and radishes have many bacterial contents, especially in their seeds. For that, avoid consumption of raw sprouts either at home or while eating at other restaurants.

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  1. Raw Eggs

Some Balinese cuisine is mixing raw eggs into it. Raw eggs of any kind – in batter, sauce, cooked as eggnog or any other kind can cause infection due to salmonella. But you can enjoy this healthy food if cooked until cooked.

  1. Raw cooked steak

For meat, make sure it is cooked perfectly. If the red color is easy on the meat is still visible, need to watch out for the possibility contained bacteria and toxoplasma that can lead to infection.

Precautions also apply to sausages or similar meat preparations due to the presence of Listeria bacteria in them. These bacteria are also found in smoked fish, such as salmon or smoked tuna stored in a cooler.

  1. Sate Lilit Bali

Sate Bali is a very famous type of Balinese food. Usually, meat on satay Bali is only burned without processing it first. Better, avoid this type of food first because it can cause the risk of exposure to fetal bacteria from undercooked satay meat.

  1. High-mercury-contents on fish

In Jimbaran, there are a lots of sea food restaurant. For those pregnant women, it would be better if you are careful with the fish that you eat. Fish consumption is good, especially during pregnancy. But that does not mean every fish can be consumed freely. Types of fish such as swordfish, tile-fish, king mackerel, even sharks should be avoided by pregnant women. So as an option, salmon, tuna, and cod can be consumed, of course in a condition that is ripe.

  1. Young jackfruit cuisine

Some Balinese dishes like chicken betutu sometimes use young jackfruit cuisine as a complement. Young jackfruit should not be consumed because it contains a lot of sap.Jika not clean in washing and cooking is not right, the fetus and pregnant women will experience itching. Not only that the baby’s placenta also becomes sticky. But the benefits of jackfruit for pregnant women are also good but not excessive.

  1. Raw Shells

In Jimbaran, there are a lots of raw shells seller. Raw Shell is also a seafood that should not be consumed in raw conditions. Unlike the case with raw sushi and seafood, raw clams can cause pregnant women poisoning. It is caused as raw shells contain harmful viruses.

Those are the thing you should not eat in Bali for  pregnant women. It would be better if you take a good care of your baby by considering what you are going to eat,

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