13 Best Shopping In Kuta Bali – Recommended Spots

Talking about shopping or shopping is definitely not free from shopping places, aka malls or supermarkets.

There are many modern shopping places that are comfortable, comfortable and can also be used as entertainment venues to unwind.

Besides you can see various items offered, you can also enjoy the restaurant menu, watch favorite movies or just go around relaxing. What you must know about incredible facts of Nusa Dua Bali.

For those of you who currently want to shop and are on vacation on the island of Bali, there are several shopping center references that can be found.

In addition to the many products sold, there are also prices for items that fit your pocket. Here is the best shopping in Kuta, Bali that you can visit:

1. Legian Venue

Legian Street stretches from north to south along 2.5 kilometers. Along Legian Street, Kuta Bali you will easily find shops that sell a variety of merchandise, and most of them are souvenir items. Some luxury goods boutiques are also available along the road.

Legian Street will be more crowded at night, especially from 21:00 – 23:00. You can enjoy the shopping center on a leisurely walk, very beautiful when visited at night. For those of you who like the following hangout popular coffe in Bali to enjoy for all coffee lovers.

2. Beachwalk Shopping Center

One of the best shopping in Kuta, Bali is Beachwalk Shopping Center. The location of the Beachwalk Shopping Center is right across the Kuta Bali beach location.

At Beachwalk Kuta Bali you can find international products and local products. Aside from being a shopping center, it is also a center for children’s play areas such as Minneapolis and dining places on the 2nd floor are also available at Beachwalk Kuta.

You can enjoy various other facilities such as movie cinema, hawker centers and so on.

3. Discovery Shopping Mall

Shopping places in Kuta Bali that must be visited the most crowded with the visit of many Chinese tourists is Discovery Shopping Mall Kuta.

The location is in the center of Kuta tourism area, Most of the foreign tourists who visit Discovery Shopping Mall prefer souvenir shopping and all the prices of goods are at the right price. In addition to providing souvenir shopping, there are also restaurants, playgrounds, and hawker centers. You have to tray the references of delicious and popular foods to eat in Bali.

4. Lippo Mall Kuta

Another one of the best shopping in Kuta, Bali is Lippo Mall Kuta. The location is not far from the location with Discovery Shopping Mall.

In this place, there are also many international and local products offered. There are also many other facilities such as restaurants, children’s entertainment and many others. You can enjoy the atmosphere in this place because the access is close to Ngurah Rai airport.

5. Mall Bali Galeria

Bali Galeria Mall is one of the most complete shopping centers in Kuta. There are many types of goods offered, ranging from local producers to foreign countries with various well-known brand outlets. Equipped with department store outlets, cinema films, and souvenirs.

The location is on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Simpang Dewa Ruci, Kuta. You can enjoy many items that you want to find or buy. The top place for you to try is the tastiest and popular fruits in Bali.

6. Kuta Art Market

The location of the Kuta art market is at the heart of Kuta Bali’s tourist attractions. This shopping place is perfect for those of you who are looking for souvenirs, both typical of Bali or other regions in Indonesia.

In the Kuta art market more merchandise is available in the form of clothing, cheap accessories are also available such as silver rings, necklaces, and bracelets. To get a low price on the Kuta Art market, you must have bargaining skills and knowledge about the market price of the product to be purchased.

7. Krisna Sunset Road

Krisna shopping places typical Balinese souvenirs have many branches and the closest to Kuta Bali tourist attractions is Krisna Sunset Road. In addition, there are also KrisnaThe following is an example branches available in the Tuban, Denpasar and Nusa Dua areas. In this place, all the prices of goods cannot be negotiated because the price is right.

And very diverse products that you can find on the best shopping in Kuta, Bali. And you will also be spoiled with unique and interesting souvenir cake processing knick-knacks. The following is an example the most luxurious malls in Jakarta you have to visit it.

8. Park 23 Mall

The latest from other shopping places in Kuta Bali and which must be visited is Park 23 Mall Kuta. The address is at Jalan Kediri No. 09, Kuta.

Almost similar to other shopping malls at Park 23 Mall Kuta, the majority of International products are available such as Adidas and import eyewear centers. Park 23 Mall Kuta is also available food court like Betutu noodles, MM juice, and Starbuck and so on.

The main attraction of Park 23 Mall Kuta is because of its location adjacent to one of the family’s water park tours, namely Circus Waterpark Kuta.

9. Transmart Careffour

Transmart Carrefour is a large shopping center in Bali, has four floors of buildings. In this shopping place, you will find many types of retail stores that sell different products.

In addition to retail stores, you will also find Hypermart with a very large area with a very complete product selection. Transmart Carrefour also provides a complete dining area and has a car park area that is very spacious and easy to find. For your references best street shopping in Jakarta.

10. Lippo Plaza Sunset Road

One more the best shopping in Kuta, Bali is the Lippo Plaza Mall which is located on Sunset Road Kuta Bali. Lippo Plaza Mall has a different concept from the Mall in other places in Bali. Because it combines sports centers, Siloam hospitals, and shopping centers.

At Lippo Plaza Sunset Road, you can find restaurants, eating places such as MM juice, Chatime drinks and coffee shops. Finding car parking is also not difficult at Lippo Plaza Sunset Road, because the parking area is quite spacious and easy.


Apart from the best shopping in Kuta Bali above, there are still more such as below:

  • Bali Brasco is a shopping center that is quite comfortable and also complete. The location is on Sunset Road No.BB 8, Legian, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. You can find what items you want to buy.
  • Seminyak square is a fairly complete shopping place located in Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. This place is a fun place to relax with friends, relatives, and family. There are several products that can be found in this place and some places to eat. Hence recommended nightlife in Nusa Dua Bali you must try.
  • Another shopping center or the best shopping in Kuta, Bali is I Love Bali. A name that is not fun for tourists and the surrounding community. Shopping places that are fun to shop and also just look at the types of products there.

Such are some explanations regarding 13 the best shopping in Kuta, Bali. Hopefully, it can be used as your reference for visiting and enjoying a variety of local and international products in the place. See you.