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The 15 Most Luxurious Malls in Jakarta

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On every capital city in this world, there are some notable malls. During everyday on that city, you can see clearly some famous ones that always crowded with people who come there for entertainment purposes mostly.


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There’s no difference on Jakarta city. In the city, there are some malls that used by people for hanging out or refreshing either during free times or weekend. Usually, there are some malls that are more complete in facilities and entertainment than the others. And we picked some of the best ones in the most luxurious malls in Jakarta below :

1. Plaza Senayan

The first location is Plaza Senayan. This plaza is actually the highlight of around the business centre location in Jakarta, located right on the south point and near the street of Gatot Subroto and Sudirman. It has the high class architecture that looks very modern.

Because of its structure, many say that this plaza is actually a place for wealthy people. Not only for that reason alone, this classy plaza is also known for having so many branded stores like Guess, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci.

2. Pondok Indah Mall

Pondok Indah Mall or PIM is also one of the place that always visited by people of Jakarta during weekend. In fact, it’s the most visited mall out all malls around Jakarta. The reason is because of the strategic location in the Pondok Indah residents.

It has two main parts of the building, called PIM 1 and PIM 2. Each one has its own unique  stores. Also, there’s a street gallery filled with food stores. If you love coffee, there are up to four star buck shops that you can choose.

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3. Pacific Place

A mall that located around the central business district of Jakarta is Pacific Place mall. The mall is also being a favorite one because of the easy route it has and also supported by its location that’s so close with the business center.

Unlike previous malls, this Pacific Place has three parts of building, the Pacific Place Mall, Pacific Place Office Center, and The Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel, a place for spend the night. There’s Kidzania here, that always loved by all kids.

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4. Grand Indonesia

The next mall that included in our list of most luxurious malls in Jakarta is Grand Indonesia. This mall is actually the biggest one in Indonesia. It’s also included on the list of biggest malls even in Asia. The outer looks can give an impression that this mall is not that big. But once you enter it, you can easily get lost.

There are two parts of Grand Indonesia, which is the East and West buildings. The mall is actually built for elite people. That’s why it’s a common thing to see a Lambo or Ferrari on the parking lot. The strategic location of this place is the reason why people always like to visit this mall during their free times.

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5. Gandaria City

Gandaria City is one of the malls in Jakarta that is known for having a good points in entertainment. In here, the movie lovers can have a lot of fun by enjoying a a movie in the 3D cinema called IMAX 3D, which is large enough.

This malls has approximately seven floors, and three basement parking space. It also has about five shopping floors. There are some famous brand stores in here, like Cinema XXI, Amazing World, and also Gramedia.

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6. Kota Kasablanka (Casablanca Town)        

Next one is Kota Kasablanka. This mall is located in Casablanca Raya street, Menteng, Setiabudi, South Jakarta. The mall is having a stylish type of a building, just like the other new malls in Jakarta. Maybe the reason is because they were built by the same developer.

It has almost the same specifications as the Gandaria City mall above. The Kota Kasablanka has three basement floors for parking, and five floors for shopping. Included in the shopping floors are Kasablanka XXI, Toys Kingdom, and Sogo.

7. Kuningan City

The next mall is called Kuningan City. Just like its name, the mall located on the area of Kuningan, South Jakarta. Because how stylish and cool the looks of it, the mall is being a favorite place for hangout by the teenagers around Jakarta.

The next better point beside the design of the mall, is the design of the sidewalk. It’s large enough for people to walk on. And also, it’s reserved for walking only, so people with motorcycle can not use it as an alternative road.

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8. FX Sudirman

FX Sudirman is one of the best malls that located around the area of Jakarta. To be specific, it’s located on Sudirman area of South Jakarta. It has about eight floors, each one with different themes like beauty, business, or entertainment.

Not only for shopping, the mall known for its completeness with gym, swimming pool and also tennis field inside. Even though it’s not as big as the other malls, but with all the facilities, it’s so perfect.

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9. Lippo Mall Kemang

Kemang is an area that built as a place for hangout. That’s why you can find places like caffes, restaurants, or bars. In here, there’s one mall called Lippo Mall Kemang. It has the other name, the Kemang Village.

Beside having places for hangout on the inside, Kemang Village also has some famous brand vendors like T.M Lewin, New Look, and Victoria Secret. With its Singaporean style of building that combined with british touch, Kemang Village is like one whole different place that giving you an impression of a mall on foreign country.

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10. Ratu Plaza

Seeing the other malls on the list above, you can see that all of them has the shopping floors that filled with so many kinds of products starting from beauty to business. But if you’re looking for a tech product, then you can go to Ratu Plaza.

Most complete mall for technology is right here. You can find a gadget, laptop, or the other product with a specification and the prices as you desire. Hunting some tools in here is also can be done perfectly and efficiently.

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11. Senayan City

There’s another mall that located around Senayan area called Senayan City. It’s located on the opposite of the other mall, Plaza Senayan. Firstly built back in June 23rd 2006, it’s growing and now having a lot of shops inside, hundreds maybe.

In this Senayan city, you can fulfill your want for shopping and entertainment. As for shopping, there are some stores selling kinds of product like fashion, books, and even culinary. For the fashion, you can find the local brands up to the foreigns.

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12. Kelapa Gading Mall

The next mall is actually the second biggest mall in Jakarta named Kelapa Gading Mall. It’s has such a strategic location around entertainment center like La Plaza and Gading Food City. There’s a difference between this mall and the others.

It’s the zones. There are some zones in here, each one has different target. The New Catwalk, filled with batik shops.Fashion Hub, zone for teenagers and young adults. And the last one is Kids Safari, zone for kids.

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13. Central Park

Central Park is located on the area of Tanjung Duren, Jakarta. Many say that Central Park is one of the largest malls in Jakarta. If you notice, it’s actually located between Taman Anggrek Mall and Ciputra Mall.

The specifications are the same with the other malls except one thing, the Tribeca Park. This park is use a place for hangout by teenagers. You can also find some food vendors that sell kinds of meals and drinks for enjoying the environment around.

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The next two malls that will complete the list of most luxurious malls in Jakarta and also included as  the best ones than the other malls around Jakarta city are :

  1. Puri Indah Mall
  2. Taman Anggrek Mall

So there you go, the list of most luxurious malls in Jakarta for you. In Jakarta city, there are so many malls to visit. And with this list, we hope that you can find at least one that fit you the most with its facilties and kinds of entertainment.

Before visiting any mall, better you know about it in the first place before actually planning to go there. Because, there are some malls in Jakarta city that has best venues that are very exclusive. So, a little information wouldn’t be a bad thing after all.

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