11 Fascinating Places to Visit in Ubud to Heal Your Soul

Ubud and Kuta, two popular destinations that you can find in Bali, Indonesia. The difference is Ubud has more traditional sentiment instead of Kuta. While Kuta has more modern approach such as restaurants, hotels, and some beaches located near street, Ubud offers some natural and traditional way in offering the visit. You can find traditional […]

List of 17 Hangout Spots in Bali You Must Visit : Unique, Fun, and Memorable

So, let us continue our exploration to the island of Bali. Last time, we talked about the natural places, dominated with virgin and quietness, they are required to bring calm in mind in order to bring inspiration. But today, we’re gonna talk about something different, something relaxable as well, but way merrier, the hangout places. […]

List of 14 Best Javanese Restaurants in Bali : Heavenly Taste with Affordable Price

As the people in Indonesia, we also blessed with so many things we need to be grateful for. For example, we live in a country that has almost everything from the natural attractions to the growth of the economy, even though we need to be better at it. However, most people out there will be […]

The Types of Plants in Bali Indonesia

After talking about the Bali Island’s attractions, best accommodation, and even its traditional foods, now we want to approach with an information about a flora or the world of the plant that exists in Bali island. Now, if we want to talk about flora in Bali, is there any uniqueness of the plants in here? […]

17 Things You Can Only Get in Bali Island

Of course, like we always said in our articles, Bali can give you so much expectaion and joyful experiene when you finally decide to take your days off in this beautiful island. Beside having some beautiful attractions like the beaches for examples such as Kuta, Pandawa, Padang-padang, Sanur, and also Tanah Lot beach, you can […]

13 Things You Should Not Miss in Bali

Before you will decide to go on holiday to Bali, it would be nice to know what fun places to be used as a place to enjoy the beauty of the island of Bali. Make a list of places, locations, what types of activities you will do, so that your vacation can be spent on […]

15 Where Should I Stay in Bali indonesia

During your vacation on the island of Bali is certainly not difficult, there are many residences in the form of hotels, motels, places to stay or boarding that are offered at low prices. You just choose which location you like, as long as you are in Bali, of course, in addition to needing a place […]

13 Best Bars in Bali You Must Visit

You who are on vacation in Bali and want the atmosphere of the night with your partner or friend, there are many choices of entertainment places in Bali. One of them is an entertainment place, which is a bar, a selection of bar places that can satisfy you in a fun and interesting hangout. Find your […]

13 Best Shopping In Kuta Bali – Recommended Spots

Talking about shopping or shopping is definitely not free from shopping places, aka malls or supermarkets. There are many modern shopping places that are comfortable, comfortable and can also be used as entertainment venues to unwind. Besides you can see various items offered, you can also enjoy the restaurant menu, watch favorite movies or just […]

13 Best Beaches in Bali For Swimming – Recommended!

Talking about the island of Bali, of course, what you have in mind is the beach, temple tours, sunset, and its stunning natural beauty. The beaches scattered on the island of Bali are always an attraction when the holiday season arrives. I don’t know how many people vacation in Bali just because they want to […]