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Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Jakarta

by Yulie Kusuma

Jakarta has the best food in terms of taste, variety, and presentations. The authentic cuisine and natural resources have many vegetables in it. Therefore, you will find much vegetarian food in restaurants around Jakarta. In this capital city of Indonesia, you will find many culinary from around Indonesia with vegetable variation.

Your choices for a healthy green dish is quite variable. You can choose traditional authentic Indonesian dishes such as Gado-Gado, Karedok or Asinan. Or you can seek for International dishes for vegetarian food such as salad.

Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Jakarta

 1. SaladStop!

The SaladStop! Senayan has a four-step salad bar serves as a quick, easy and very healthy lunch. Jakarta really loves this simple stopping place. Costumers can choose any variation from their signature mixed salad recipes or create one of your own.

Popular dishes here is Gardens by the Grain, a warm bowl of quinoa with baby spinach, feta cheese, roasted veg, toasted almonds, and many more greens. A more authentic traditional dish is Go Geisha salad. A combination of raw cabbage salad infused with Japanese flavors and ingredients such as tofu, soba, edamame, and miso.


2. Loving Hut, Vegan

You can’t talk about Vegan restaurants without mentioning Loving Hut, the international vegan fast-food chain famous all over the world. It has more over than 200 outlets covering Asia, Europe, North America, Central America, South America, and Oceania.  It serves affordable meals for those looking for a great lunch or dinner.

Loving Hut available in several places in Jakarta, so you can’t really miss it. You can find it in Lotte Shopping Avenue in Ciputra World, Kuningan, or visit
Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur or another branch in Kemanggisan.

3. Burgreens

Another vegan restaurant is Burgreens which simple burger menu. They’re most well known for their vegetarian burgers that will turn an convert even the most stubborn of foodies. Anyone will surely love these burgers, even if you are not vegan. They also have a special section of the menu for raw vegan lovers.

Some of their vegan menus are raw vegan burritos, raw vegan pad thai which guaranteed fresh and tasty. Moreover, they also do delivery for lunches when you’re stuck in the office but crave for healthy food. Find this vegetarian restaurant in most big malls in Jakarta such as Pacific Place, Plaza Indonesia,
Pondok Indah Mall, and Union Yoga Dharmawangsa

4. Dharma Kitchen, Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free

This restaurant serves great selection from vegetarian to gluten-free dishes. Dharma Kitchen has been established as a popular vegetarian hangout in Jakarta for over 20 years. Almost 90% of their menu is vegan, and barely any dished contain any gluten. However, always ask and check with your server before making any order.

This place also serves sweet dishes for any sweet tooth vegetarian. The restaurant also carries an assortment of egg-less cakes in their Pluit bakery and cake shop, so make sure to check them out. You can find several of their branches in Jakarta, include in Central Park Mall and in Pluit, North Jakarta

5. Super Loco, SCBD

There is numerous International vegan restaurant in Jakarta. This Mexican vegetarian eating place surely worth trying. One of Jakarta’s newer vegan place, Super Loco, SCBD made some great impression for foodies in Jakarta. It carries an extensive menu of cocktails, with most of their menus are protein or vegetarian.

The most popular dish is the Huitlacoche Tostaditas, which consists of four bite-sized crispy tortillas topped with Mexican truffle, wild mushrooms, corn, salsa serrano, and goats cheese. A simple modest choice is Calabacin Ensalada, a vegan dish with grilled zucchini salad topped tequila-soaked raisins, almonds, queso fresco, lemon, and coriander. Find this vegetarian restaurant in Pacific Place.

6. Smoo Bowls

Smoo Bowls is one of the best places to have that healthy smoothie bowl that is of cour vegan. This authentic smoothie place it’s not a full-blown meal, even vegetarians need something to snack into. Smoothie bowl bars in Jakarta have been popping up recently and receive great reviews. If you’re not in the Cilandak area, there are other bars around town.

7. Nalu Bowls

This Balinese vegan restaurant finally opens branches in Jakarta. Nalu Bowls is finally in Kemang and Crumble Crew SCBD, Jakarta people don’t have to look far for these refreshing smoothie bowls. When you enter this cafe, you will feel the Bali vibes strongly. This International scale vegetarian restaurant can also be found in Portugal and Spain, how cool is that!


Another healthy vegetarian bar at Dharmawangsa is SNCTRY. This place serves dishes from local and fresh farms. It produced vegetables, fruits, and herbs to support the local farmer and community. There’s a lot of choices for vegan lovers in this sweet place. It also serves homemade dishes such as yogurt, smoothies, smoothie bowl, cold-pressed juices, salad, and in-house raw cakes. You can find this vegetarian restaurant in Pelaspas, Darmawangsa.

9. Publik Markette

A favorite vegetarian restaurant since its opening, Publik Markette, Grand Indonesia serves a consistently high standard of food. It is a great example of fresh fine dining. It serves vegetarian and also other menus. Most of their menu is in a rotation, make sure to ask about their special of the day. ANy costumer step foot in this restaurant can hope for great salads, vegetarian quiches, roasted vegetables and more.

A best popular dish in the menu is the Blonde Quinoa & Grilled Eggplant Salad or their famous Kabocha Pumpkin & Sage Ravioli.

10. Waytuki Vegetarian, Pasar Baru

You can tell that this is a vegetarian restaurant just from its name. Waytuki Vegetarian Restaurant is one of Jakarta’s well known Vegetarian restaurants that serves South and North Indian home cooking. Moreover, it’s a great place for true vegetarian food. Indian cuisine is well known around the world for being vegetarian-friendly. Moreover, they are quite a few of them in Jakarta and super easy to find. Even non-vegetarians can enjoy the food with their rich spices.



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